Disclaimer: I own nothing, so if you did sue me you would get nothing heheheheh

Disclaimer: I own nothing, so if you did sue me you would get nothing heheheheh.

Titanium: part 2

By: ZellyBaby

" Hurry Selphie, we need to hurry" said squall as he towered over selphie in the pilot's seat. They were all aboard the Ragnarok ready to find Titanium and kill her.

" Squall, shut the crap up already, I told you I'm going as fast as I can," said a very aggravated selphie as she lifted the Ragnarok off the ground. " I'm sorry squall I'm just so worried, you know, about our children, now that I think about it I understand how Sam feels, our children they have never dealt with something this serious" she said as she switched auto pilot on, and after doing so covering face with her hands. " I just don't know what to do, we never had parents to worry about us, we were always on our own, except for matron, but she's gone now" a single tear rolled down selphie's cheek.



Ring, ring, ring "hello" said squall. "Uh squall I don't know how to say this but I need you to be the new headmaster of garden, edea is very ill and I need to stay here and take care of her, so please except this responsibility, I need to stay with her, she may only have a couple of days left." Said cid.

*End of flashback*


Squall grimaced at the thought. " I'd rather not think about the day that I became a headmaster, and the day that we lost our treasured "mother" please lets not think about that now"



Ring, ring, ring, "hello" " Squall, Edea…..she…….she………..she has passed" on the other line the former headmaster broke into a fit of sobs. Squall hung the phone up and began to sob himself. The door to his dorm was open as Rinoa, Zell, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, and Quistis walked by happily chatting away, as they passed they seen squall sobbing as he sat on his bed he looked up when his eyes met his friends questioning looks. As he explained what had happened he tried not to make any eye contact, one by one they began to cry, everyone was crying except for Rinoa, who didn't have the mother child bond that the rest of her friends shared with matron. But when all her friends were crying she also began to cry.

*End of flashback*


Squall almost began to cry as he remembered that day, but he had no more tears left to cry. Edea had died suddenly, without an explanation, nobody could figure out what had struck her down.

" Selphie, I have to go speak with Rinoa, please excuse me" said Squall as he walked off

" Rinoa, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about letting our children fight against this sorceress" said squall

" But Squall, we have to, we can't just leave (whatever the ff8 world is called) to conquered by Titanium."

" I know that your right, but I'm so worried and its taking a toll on our friends too, first Sam, and then Selphie just told me that she was worried too"

" don't worry, we can do it, and I believe that our children will survive, when you accepted the mission of destroying Ultimecia you were only 18, and had only been a SeeD for awhile, don't worry they will make it out fine"

" I guess your right, we were only 18"

"Umm, mom dad, Samantha, we cant find her" Cynthia walked into the room with a worried and distressed look on her face.

"Oh shit"


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