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Hello everyone this is the remake/recreation of To Be A Majin. The reason why I picked a title was, this is a more feel on Naruto being a warrior out from his world and into a other not by his choice though so bear with it if you don't like it or whatever. I've have taken a different path in this story. Hope you all will enjoy this, I will take down the Originally story on the 9th of April. Anyway enjoy everyone!

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Chapter 1-The Jinchuuriki Warrior Part 1

The battlefield that decided the fate of the world was today. The battle seems to be in the favor of both sides. The side of Ninja army and the side of Madara Uchiha, Naruto had display quite a show for Madara and Obito.

Madara was surprise the boy had such power. Thanks to the power of the Nine Tails Fox Kurama. Naruto had reached a new height of power. Madara could only smile at his young foe.

"Why do you smile?" Naruto asked the Uchiha.

"Why not you have entertained me Naruto I never thought the ninjas of this modern age could still remain powerful as those of my time. Well some of them that is." Madara chuckled.

"You shouldn't doubt what you don't understand." The Uzumaki told him.

"True, but unlike your friends or even Obito you are much more fun to fight. You remind me of the First Hokage." Madara said with an honest voice.

"You think I care? You're planning to brainwash the world enslave their minds in a fake world! How can that bring true peace when everyone is trapped?" He said to Madara. The elder Uchiha smile turned into a frown as he decided to explain to Naruto.

"The world will always have hatred and war. True peace can never be reached. Only way true peace to be reach is to force everyone to stop. But not everyone will listen, not everyone want peace, not everyone want to live a peacefully life. My goal, my plan is to bring peace to everyone even to those who desire nothing but war and death!" Madara explained. Naruto fall silence to the Uchiha's words.

"You are a Jinchuuriki Naruto. You were born but the cold reality of this world made you into what you are today. But think about it how would your life be if there were no wars no hatred. Wouldn't you want such a thing?" Naruto bare his teeth in anger.

"So you would rather live in a world of suffering and pain?" He asked the Uzumaki.

"NO! But even if your goal is for peace what you're doing is wrong, you cannot force everyone, and what about those who sacrifice their lives…" Naruto closed his eyes as he thought back to those who sacrifice their lives to bring this near victory at hand those who Naruto met, those who become his friends and those who gave up their lives, their dreams their future to make this victory even possible for Naruto. His parents gave their lives so he may live and Jiraiya gave his life to tell Konoha the secret of Nagato, everyone here was giving up their lives for Naruto and Killerbee sake and the world's future.

"I won't have you wash their sacrifice away for nothing. Their sacrifice won't be in vain for a fake world!" Naruto yelled at the Uchiha with hatred burning in his blue eyes.

"You can still dance? So be it. You may have killed Obito and somehow beaten the Juubi. But I will not fall so easily Naruto Uzumaki. Today is the day all of this comes to an end." Madara glare at Naruto with his Rinnegan eyes.

Naruto enter his Bijuu state and charged at Madara as Madara enter his perfect Susanoo. But suddenly the height of Susanoo suddenly shrunk down to Madara's height level. Madara was now wearing his perfect Susanoo as an extra armor.

"New trick huh?" Naruto said with a serious frown.

"Yes I call it Eternal Susanoo. This shall be our final dance." The two warriors dashed towards one another as they clash once again in battle.

The battle between Bijuu Naruto and Susanoo Madara lasted for hours. As the battlefield was nothing but ruins what use to be a destroyed forest. But however Madara gain the upper hand when he used his power to not transport not only Naruto but himself to the moon.

"Wait…I can breathe?" Naruto was confused.

"Thank your friend the Nine Tails for that. I am immortal I have no need for such air to survive. I thought would be a wonderful battleground. A fitting last zone if you will. Nothing to bother us, nothing to stop this battle well unless you run out of chakra that is." Madara chuckled.

"You bastard!" Naruto growls.

"I didn't lie when I said I enjoy fighting you Naruto. The threat of dying here doesn't it boost your chance of winning?" He asked the Uzumaki.

"No its boost my chance of kicking your ass!" Naruto perform a drive kick that went right through Madara's armor.

"What!" Madara looked surprise. Naruto went right through his Susanoo armor.

"How is possible you can break through?" He asked Naruto.

"I don't know about you but, your body is starting to crack." Naruto smile widely. Madara looked at his right hand to see the Susanoo armor had a large crack on it.

"What!" He yelled. Madara thought back as early in their battle Naruto used his Rasengan power nonstop. After all the effect of it doing nothing, it has finally made it mark. Madara started to chuckle and from his chuckle he let out a loud laughter.

"Using your chakra attack to weaken the parts of my Susanoo armor? Well I suppose that what I get for being careless. But you have made yourself quite the formable foe kid." Madara laughed.

"I told you, you doubt me without knowing what I can do." He chuckle at Madara.

"Let see if you're chuckling after this!" Madara surprised Naruto as he slash Naruto's left eye. Naruto screamed in pain from having his left eye cut wide open. Naruto held the left side of his face as he bled from his left eye. Naruto focus his chakra on maintain his Bijuu chakra mode then healing.

Naruto fell to his right knee as he started to pant hard from his wound. Madara walked towards Naruto looking down at him with his Rinnegan eyes.

"If you're getting down on your knees for the end come. That would be really a cop out if you ask me." Madara chuckled.

"I'm not…giving up." He told Naruto.

"Then what's wrong?" He asked the young boy.

"I have you right where I want you!" Naruto yelled. Suddenly a pair of golden chains came out from the ground and wrapped around Madara's body. The chain impale him in the chest, both of his wrists and his thighs and finally it wrapped around his neck forcing Madara to get down on his knees before Naruto.

Madara saw the chains had came from Naruto's back. Madara smiled on how well the boy was using his power to defeat him by any cost.

"Gotta hand it to you kid. You sure do know how to take the element of surprise well." Madara was capture yet he was very calm about Naruto gaining the upper hand.

"You're too calm even for a guy like you." Naruto didn't like the look of this.

"I've been in many battles I've seen things, things you never thought of seeing. When you see Hell, everything changes. You have won but you have yet to defeat me." He said to the Uzumaki.

"I'll seal you away." He told Madara.

"You seal me away?" Madara raise an eyebrow.

"I'm a Uzumaki. Uzumaki are sealing masters ya know." He said.

"When did you have the time to learn sealing?" He asked out curiosity.

Naruto remain silence for a moment but grew a smile. He smiled at his enemy which made Madara feel little worry.

"How or when I learn this. Doesn't really matter I have read many Ninjutsu books before, sealing was on page one of a book I found a little back. Before this war came, before you were revived. I found a book about sealing. This place is a fine place for your sealing. I figure somewhere down the line someone would try to revive you again. I'll seal you away with the last drop of my chakra!" Naruto looked serious he wasn't afraid to die at all.

"You're right you're immortal. But tell me Madara how do you wish to spend your immortality?" Madara started to struggle free from Naruto's golden chakra chains. But the more he struggle more chains came out from the ground to bind him more.

Naruto perform a ten hand sign jutsu before he placed his right hand on Madara's chest. Upon touch the chains that held Madara in place glow bright red before Madara was being slowly dragged down into the moon for sealing.

"You can dream you're so call world in your eternal slumber Madara Uchiha."

"This fight isn't over Naruto. We will meet again. With time every seal will break and I will finish what I started." He told the young ninja.

"I don't think we'll be meeting again." Naruto felt his chakra leaving him. Naruto felt himself returning to normal state with no doubt he'll die.

"No, Naruto we will meet again. I am sure of it. I've never had so much fun in battle. It would be a waste not to fight you again, such a waste that would be. As a reward for defeating me I'll give you a gift." Madara closed his left eye but reopen it to show his Sharingan.

Suddenly Naruto blinked once and in an instant he had a new eye. Madara's left Rinnegan eye.

"Use it well kid. We'll be seeing each other again very soon." Madara's left Sharingan flash red as a black hole appeared right behind Naruto and swallow him before Space claim Naruto's life.

Before Madara was completely dragged down inside the moon completely he smiled and at his last view of Earth and its beautiful view from the moon.

"To Be Continued. Then we meet again Naruto Uzumaki."

Unknown location:

Naruto slowly open his eyes to find himself in a room. Naruto got out of the bed to find himself wearing new clothed whoever dress him had somewhat good taste in style. Naruto wore black baggy pants with a white belt with a large golden symbol of a large M on it. Along with Naruto's new clothed was a black vest jacket.

Naruto saw a nearby mirror. Naruto looked at himself within the mirror and notice his new appearance. When Naruto looked at himself in the mirror he notice his left eye had the Rinnegan. That eye alone reminded him of his battle against Madara. Naruto didn't like this eye but it was a replacement for the one he lost.

Naruto wonder how on earth did he get here? Who brought him here and did they win the war, did everyone made it alright? Naruto shook his head twice he didn't know where he was or who brought him here but he only remember he was about to die if it wasn't for Madara. That alone bothered Naruto, if Madara saw Naruto as a bothersome towards his plans then why did he saved him? But whoever found him and brought him to their home, Naruto would have to thank that person.

Naruto left the bedroom only to go down a couple of stairs which sent him to a large a very large room. From Naruto's view it would seem to be a training ground for someone maybe the owner of this place he thought.

In the middle of the room Naruto saw a humanoid about few inches shorter than Naruto however this person wore the same type clothed as Naruto only he didn't wore the vest. The pink creature was on the ground it appears to be sleeping as a large bubble came from his nose follow by the mumbles he was making as well.

When Naruto took one step on the ground near the pink creature, the pink creature suddenly woke up only to see Naruto froze in his tracks. The pink creature got up and yawn loudly the iris of his eyes were red as the part that should be white of the eye was black. The creature grew a wide grin he was happy to see Naruto was awake.

The pink creature dashed towards Naruto only for the young Uzumaki to block the pink creature dash attack. Naruto wasn't sure what was going on here but this pink creature post a threat to him, Naruto could feel the dark aura around this creature.

The pink creature grab Naruto by the head and head butted him.

"Gah what the hell." Naruto rubbed his forehead. The pink creature laughed at Naruto's pain. Seeing Naruto growl at the pink creature made it smiled at him.

The pink creature came at Naruto again, but however this time Naruto dodge the incoming attack and counter with a roundhouse kick to the pink creature's head. The pink creature was knocked to the ground hard. But it quickly got off the floor and shift Naruto off his feet.

The pink creature grabbed Naruto by his hair with its right hand and began to punch Naruto's face with its left hand. Naruto took the beating well as he been through worst punches to the face. Suddenly Naruto surprise the pink creature by wrapping is legs around its neck and brought the creature down in enough to free himself from the pink creature's hold.

The two back away from each other. The pink creature couldn't help but laugh again. Which greatly bother Naruto on what the hell was going on here? Was this creature the one who brought him here?

"That's enough Majin Buu! That is no way to treat our guest especially since he's the one who helped in your creation." A voice called from behind the pink creature.

Naruto saw the pink creature took aside step as a person enters the room. The person was very short, his skin was green colored he looked very odd. He wore a dark helmet with the M symbol on it. To Naruto's point of view he looked like a cross between a bug and a humanoid.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked the short being.

"I am the great and powerful wizard Bibidi. And this is my greatest creation Majin Buu." Bibidi introduce himself and the pink creature to the young Uzumaki.

"What do you want? Where am I?" Naruto asked them.

"My, my, my you have so many questions. But I suppose so after all you ended up in my domain! You were lucky I was in need of an experiment otherwise I would have killed you." Bibidi chuckle as Naruto glare at the short wizard with piss glare.

"You have usually power. Your power and your form was very unusually to be but I've decide to change that in my experiment." The wizard again chuckle.

"What are you saying?" He asked the wizard.

"I need a right form for my creation to be complete. I couldn't find any life form close to it. Then you came along. For a mortal your form was just what I needed to finish Majin Buu." The wizard smiled at his creation.

"Speak clearly!" Naruto yelled.

"I copy you in order to create my Majin Buu. You and Buu are brothers. But however I couldn't make a complete copy of you to create Buu. But enough to give him life but Buu couldn't keep his form together so I've took step in order to keep Buu together." Bibidi grin at Naruto.

Naruto didn't say anything only listen to what else the wizard had to say.

"I use my magic to form a link between you and Majin Buu. You and him share this link. You are Majin's Buu life line if anything happens to you. Majin Buu will die. But don't worry this is only until Buu is strong enough to live on his own without this life line support." The wizard laughed.

"So you just made him huh?" He turned his attention toward the pink Majin.

"Yes only few hours ago. But I do say he did turn out well didn't he? Now I can rule over all!" Bibidi smiled.

"Like I'll let you and Buu thing destroy lives! I just went through a war and I won't let another evil like rise up!" Naruto dashed towards Majin Buu and Bibidi as the young Uzumaki quickly form his Rasengan.

"Oh no you don't!" Bibidi blast Naruto with a powerful spell blast. The blast froze Naruto in place as Naruto covered in a yellow crystal.

"That will hold him. Majin Buu lets go there are few planets in need to know who is the ruler of this world." Bibidi said as he left the room.

Majin Buu looked at the frozen Naruto. The pink creature stared at the very being that was use for his creation. As Bibidi said he wasn't a complete copy of Naruto, but why did Buu feel bit of saddest when he stared at him?

Majin Buu held his right hand out to Naruto and in seconds Naruto vanish before Buu's eyes. Majin Buu remain silence until Bibidi called out his name. Majin Buu left the room but not before he spoke.

"Later Nuu."

Naruto's Location:

Teleported to an unknown planet filled with life, Naruto remain trapped in the crystal. But he could hear voices.

"What on earth is this?" A young man's voice was heard.

"It's a crystal, a magic crystal but where did it come from?" An old man's voice was heard.

"Look there's someone inside it." A young woman's voice was heard.

"Look has the Majin symbol on his belt. He must be working for Bibidi we should leave him in there." The old man spoke.

"If he works for Bibidi then why is he frozen?" The young woman said.

"She does have a good point." The young man spoke.

"I say we free him and find out what he knows." A man's voice spoke.

"It's too risky what if it's a trap by Bibidi?" The old man spoke.

"We can never know unless we find out." The young woman said.

Suddenly a new voice joined in that caught everyone's attention.

"Free him I sense no evil from him. I can only sense rage but not a deep rage only pain and guilt. This one must have been through a lot before capture." A calm man's voice spoke.

Everyone remain silence for awhile.

"Free him we shall." The young man spoke.

The crystal that held Naruto Uzumaki was suddenly shatters by an unknown force. Naruto fell from his crystal prison as he fell to the ground.

"He's young." The old man spoke.

"He's really cute too." The young woman chuckled.

"He's been through battle. Bibidi didn't even bother to heal him. What should we do with him Daikaioh. Where did he come from?" The young man asked.

"When he wakes up he will tell what he knows." Daikaioh said.

As young Naruto Uzumaki had finish the fourth great ninja war but only to enter in another world filled with its own big problems. But the question is can Naruto be the hope he was in his world or become something else?

End of chapter 1

Hey again everyone, well i hoped you all enjoy the first chapter so far.

Anyway here are the few changes and errors I noted in the originally story.

1-I was moving everything a bit too fast, I wanted to get right to the end of the Cell game and not give enough time for Naruto to build his relationship with everyone or even give Naruto a chance to grow more and more. 2-I notced some error to most girls to be of Naruto's pairing since most were let say not 'in check' so I've decided to go back and change that. 3-New ideas for this story I can now use it.

Now for the change part now!

I plan to have Naruto meet the Kais early and befriend them and possible learn new abilities from them. Naruto is the strongest of his time after he beat Madara. But with new age come new strength and new threat. Naruto and Buu still sharing their link still stay the same as of the originally story. Majin/Kid Buu here is Naruto's brother but on awhole different level thanks to Bibidi he's been 'suit up' however he's a incomplete copy of Naruto thus he needs to share his life link with Naruto. The rest will be explain in chapter two.

Naruto still has Kurama but now he has Madara's left Rinnegan eye. Giving Naruto half the power of those who would have both giving Naruto half the powers of the Sage of Six Paths. I could have given Naruto both but decide to give him half and have new things happen on this idea.

Now the Pairing!

The women that Naruto will be with are! I'm going to restart on the pairing listed to everything can start off on a fair start on this remake.

Fasha-The female pure full blood Saiyan and one of Bardock's comrade and friends

Future Bulma-Future Trunk's mother-to me Future Bulma is more beautiful and less bitchy I just find her much hotter.

Future Videl-why not since there a future version of everyone in future Trunk's timeline.

Videl-possible what if Gohan and Videl didn't hit it off?

Zangya-The only female in Bojack's gang who was killed off by Bojack (coughtheassholecough!)

Future Chichi-From future Trunk's time, why I pick her-look at future bulma-

Future Android 18 or Android 18-It's a tie on the version I like

Western Supreme Kai-The only female Supreme Kai and guardian/watcher of the western quadrant of the Universe.

Now some of these women were the challenge part for me on the originally story Fasha and female Kai and Videl. I didn't want to ruin the canon feel of the story with Videl, but I remember there were a few girls that Gohan ran into and that liked him. So Videl or future Videl with Naruto can be a good either way. Since Fasha and female Kai were long dead before the DBZ series started and I wasn't on planning to do the revival jutsu there either.

So I thought why not make Naruto come into that time and make the differents happen but not a big differents that change the history of the cast of DBZ though but enough to fix some damage. You'll see in the next chapters I plan for this story.

Anyway for now pick your top four favorite women you want to be apart of Naruto's Harem in this remake of this story.

Anyway that's all for now later everyone!