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Chapter III-The Jinchuuriki Warrior Part 3

"MAJIN BUU IS YOUR BROTHER!" The Supremes Kais shouted.

Naruto sighed with closed eyes as he gave a nod.

"Explain yourself," Kita spoke.

"Majin Buu isn't my actually brother, more like…" He paused "He was made from me, that Wizard used my form and transform it into Buu." He explained to the Kais.

"I knew that Wizard's magic was powerful, but never thought it was this powerful. We have to stop this Majin Buu before it can get any worse." Minami spoke, the others agreed.

Nishi looked bothered when Minami spoke of how can they end Buu? The other Kais notice the worry look the female Kai had.

"Nishi what's wrong?" Shin asked. Nishi looked at Naruto before giving her fellow Kais her full attention.

"When Buu punched Naruto, he bled from the same area." She told them.

"Is it true?" Shin asked Naruto.

"Yeah," He nodded "Any that happens to me effects Buu, but I don't know how long this link between us will last." The Kais looked at each other with serious stares.

"I can guess what you're thinking, if I die so does Majin Buu." He sighed.

"No," Daikaioh spoke up which surprise the Uzumaki.

"You deserve a second chance at life. But we will need your help in this battle Naruto." He told him. Naruto wasn't sure on how they could defeat Buu without killing him.

"So what's the plan?" He asked the Supreme Kais.

"Majin Buu, can heal his wounds, even fatal wounds. There has to be a limit to his power even magic has its limit." Nishi said.

"I believe this can be solved very easily without killing our new friend." Minami said with a big smile.

"How?" They asked the tall red hair Kai.

"We end that Wizard's life. If he created the Majin beast it will surely end him. He may use Naruto's body to form the beast but it is his magic that gave him life." The tall Kai explained to everyone.

"It's worth a shot we need to stop them both." Naruto said as the other Kais nodded.

"But your training must be competed, Naruto. You saved Nishi that I am grateful and this Majin Buu may or may not attack us with his full strength with you at our side." Daikaioh said to him.

'I have a feeling this plan isn't going to end well.' Naruto thought to himself.

Sometime later:

While the Kais were busy training Naruto in order for him to defeat Majin Buu and his creator. Many planets were destroyed through Buu's wake, with many that fell into Buu's horrible power. With every planet he destroys he took a piece of that planet's power and life force, Majin Buu was Death in form of a pink demon.

It has been two months since Majin Buu was created.

Naruto had become much stronger during his time with the Kais. During the two months, Naruto control more and more of his energy. He was able to channel his energy into energy attacks. Much like Majin Buu energy blast, the Uzumaki was able to create his own but on a different level.

Still during his travel, he still couldn't master his fusion of his two charka as one, but each time of training brought him one step closer of fusing his two sets of power as one.

Somewhere in the West Galaxy:

"Buu! Buu! Buu! HEY MAJIN BUU!" Majin Buu had his eyes closed before hearing the shouting voice of his creator. Buu looked to his right to see his creator Bibidi.

"We have few more planets to destroy my creation." The evil Wizard smirked evilly.

"Is…Nuu coming?" He asked his creator.

Bibidi looked surprise for a moment, seeing his creation asking about the one whom he originated from.

"Nuu…isn't going to join us, Majin Buu. I'm afraid he has betrayed us." He told the pink demon.

"Betrayed?" Buu looked confused.

"Yes Betrayed its mean he not with us anymore. He's not our friend anymore." He explained.

"But…he's Nuu and Buu is Buu…" Buu was still confused.

"No, Buu he…doesn't want to play with you anymore…yes. That it he has a new playmate, you remember her." Bibidi smiled when he saw a look of angry came to Buu's face.

"Yes, he's busy with his playmate he doesn't want to play with you, his brother. That isn't right don't you agree? He think he's better then you." Buu frowned for a moment. But however the Pink-Demon anger quickly died down.

"Like Buu is jealous of what he has, Buu will have better playmate. Then Nuu will be jealous he'll have to play with us." The Majin said with his arms folded.

"Don't worry Buu I'll make you one." He told the Pink Majin.

"Good, Buu is tired of waiting." He glared.

Bibidi knew he couldn't keep lying to his creation. He would have to make Buu a playmate, another Majin. Maybe that way he could turn the tides on the Kais. Buu had grown strong since his last encounter with Naruto and the Kais.

'If I change the life link then maybe just maybe…no…it's too soon. If I change it then they would attack the female. For now I won't change the life link until Majin Buu is strong enough to kill at least one of the Kais.' The evil wizard thought.

The two teleported to a dying planet, there life was barely hanging on a thin line. Bibidi used his magic, the same magic he used on Naruto to create Majin Buu. Bibidi used a life draining spell on the planet, there the remaining life on the planet quickly died out. Bibidi used his magic to gather all the life force of this planet and form it all into a hand size green orb.

"Ah there," He chuckled. He looked at Majin Buu then back at the life orb.

He mumbled a spell.

Suddenly Majin Buu felt funny he got down on his knees. He felt something was draining or rather pulling out of him. Majin Buu saw his aura was being taken from him. Majin Buu screamed in pain as he felt his energy being ripped out from him. However Bibidi suddenly mumbled another spell, the energy drain stopped.

Majin Buu panted hard and looked at his creator as he saw two energy orbs in Bibidi's hands.

"Now let us create your playmate Majin Buu." Bibidi smiled.

Buu at first had a frown on his face, but it quickly became a big smile.

Unknown planet:

"This place shall be her birthplace." The evil wizard nodded.

The planet the two have arrived a small planet. It had life as the residents that lived on the planet were nothing but small furry animals. The residents kept away from the two, especially Buu.

Bibidi raised his hands in the air and casted a spell a powerful one. The two orbs of energy smashed into each other. As within the now large orb was a pool of energy, the energy was forcing slowly, as the evil wizard focus on the task at hand.

"Majin Buu, don't let anyone bother me. If a single person stop me from this spell. We will lose your playmate. Do you understand?" He told the young Majin.

Majin Buu looked confuse for a moment, but suddenly he felt a very familiar energy coming to where they were.

"Oh…it's Nuu and his friends." Buu chuckled with delight.

In a blink of the eye the Supreme Kais and Naruto arrived on scene.

Once Buu saw Naruto, he grinned.

"Hey Buu," Naruto said.

"Hee-hee-hee. You're here, good, good, good. Now you can see Buu's new playmate Nuu." Buu couldn't hold his inner joy.

"New playmate?" The Uzumaki was confused.

"Ah look!" The Northern Supreme Kai pointed.

All saw within the air was the large orb of energy. The energy within the large orb, started to focus into form.

"Ah!" They gasps.

"He's creating another one!" The Southern Kai shouted.

"Once Buu get his playmate, then Nuu's playmate will be jealous, then we can play again and again." The Majin laughed.

"We have to destroy it before we have another one to deal with." Shin said.

Kid Buu frown when he overheard the word destroy. Buu let out a loud roar as his aura unleash a powerful shockwave that pushed the Kais and Naruto back.

"Buu, not going to let you ruin my fun." He waved his right index finger at them.

Buu closed his eyes for a moment. He ripped his right arm off as it regrew seconds later. His ripped right arm transform into a clone. The clone did the same and soon one after another. There were at least six Majin Buu.

"This is not good." Minami frowned.

The Majin Buus chuckled together.

The real Majin Buu air dash towards Naruto, the Uzumaki blocked his 'brother' attack. Kid Buu grabbed him by the neck and flew far away. While his clones kept the Kais busy.

Traveling half way across the planet Naruto broke out of Buu's hold and head-butted him.

"Buu, what wrong with you? Can't you see he's just using you? You and I are brothers remember."

"Buu knows. But Buu won't let Nuu and his friends keep Buu from having a playmate of his own. When that happens, it be Nuu turn to be jealous." The Majin said.

"Playmate? Jealous?" Naruto looked confuse.

"Bibidi told Buu, you don't want to play anymore, because you have a playmate. So if Buu get rid some of them then maybe Nuu and Buu can play again. But now…" The Majin paused "Bibidi will give Buu a playmate, she'll be prettier than yours and she'll play with Buu more than Nuu."

"Buu…I…" Then it hit him. The Uzumaki suddenly grew a smile. Soon he started to laugh.

"Why Nuu laugh?" He asked.

Naruto deliver a blow to the Majin's face which cause him to bleed from the lip.

"Let's play Buu." Buu smiled, his smile became a wide grin.

The two clashed with body blows. Each blow hit harder after one another. Both took the blows like nothing and kept on fighting. Buu and Naruto grabbed each other by the head, the two kicked one another in the sides. They kept at for over at least two minutes, before Naruto cough up blood.

'Buu hit pretty hard.' He thought.

Buu wiped the blood from his mouth. The two were still link by the life link. But to Buu he was having fun, after all he was playing with 'brother' at last.

Buu gasps for no reason. He looked to his right, he bare his teeth in anger.

"Buu?" Naruto looked worried.

"No…they can't!" Buu teleported.

"Damn," Naruto went after Buu.

Back to the others:

The Supreme Kais at some difficult dealing with Buu's clones. But however in the end thanks to Minami and his strength, he bear hugged the clones Majins. While the Kais now focus on Bibidi and his new creation.

Daikaioh fired a energy blast towards Bibidi and the unfinished Majin. In a blink of the eye, Majin Buu show, he slapped the energy blast away from his creator and newest 'playmate'

"Majin Buu, good. Enough games time to end this. Kill them all!" He ordered.

The now angry Buu set his eyes on the southern Kai who held his clones. Buu snapped his fingers, his clones turned into pink liquid and wrapped around the Kai.

"What's this?" Daikaioh and the others were shocked what they saw.

The pink liquid flew over to Majin Buu, as it was absorb into his body.

Majin Buu's body changed the moment it strikes him. His body became muscular, his height level slightly grew he'd looked older by a few years.

"He absorbed Minami!" Nishi shouted in horror.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, wonderful. Destroy them Buu!" The evil wizard again ordered.

Majin Buu had become Super Buu.

Naruto appeared in front of the Kais only to be the first to be punched by the now Super Buu.

"RAGHHH!" The Super Majin shouted.

"Such power." Shin said.

"He's wilder." Nishi added.

"Buu, stop this." Naruto said.

Buu growled at his 'brother' and allies. He ran towards the Kais like a raging bull. His behavior changed within seconds. He'd close-line Daikaioh and Kita, when he turned his attention towards Nishi and Shin but Naruto drop kick Super Buu in the face, driving him away from his allies.

"Buu! Fight me!" He yelled.

The Majin clash blows with his 'brother' Naruto blocked Buu's attack fast. Buu's power not only grows but so did his speed. But however Buu was in the right of mind, he's personally changed.

"Yes, it is done! Finally it is complete!" Bibidi shouted with joy.

"No!" Daikaioh said.

"We're too late." Nishi bit her bottom lip.

Within the large orb of energy the unknown being finally was completed. The large orb of energy started too cracked. Soon it exploded.

Floating in midair was indeed a Majin, same as Majin Buu, with pink skinned and red and black eyes, and with a short head-tentacles much like Kidd Buu's. But this Majin was female. The front part of her head easy look she had hair. But much like her skin, that too was pink. She wore white short rather baggy pants, she wore a black vest around her chest. She wore long black boots that matched her vest.

The female Majin let out a yawn. She rubbed her eyes and blinked twice. She looked around wondering where she was. And what was going on?

Super Buu stop fighting Naruto, the moment he laid his eyes on the female Majin. His law drop to the ground in awe and shock.

The female floated downward. She looked down at Bibidi, a large question mark appear above her head.

"Ah yes, you turned out better then I had in mind." Bibidi chuckle "Majin Buu! Your playmate is here."

Buu ran towards where the two were. Super Buu couldn't believe it another Majin was made, female too. She was beautiful in his eyes, far beautiful then Nishi for sure.

The two Majins looked at one another.

"Majin Buu, this is Majin Lamp your playmate." Bibidi smiled.

The female Majin looked at the muscular Majin from head to toe. The look of worry came to her eyes. That looked alone made Super Buu frown.

"Well?" The Wizard waited for an answer.

The female Majin poke Super Buu in the stomach, she felt his muscular body. She walked around him.

"Lamp…doesn't like this Majin." She spoke.

Super Buu felt his heart (if he had one) shatter in pieces, he didn't like him.

"Lamp…want to see…the real you." Her words made him gasps. She wanted to see the real him. Lamp grabbed Buu's right hand, she smiled.

Super Buu back away from her, he held his right in the air and balled up into a fist. He punched himself in the stomach. Lamp gasp once she saw him did that. Super Buu felt something coming up from within, he couldn't hold it any longer.

Out came from his mouth dark red liquid. Lamp sweatdrop seeing this, Bibidi eyes wide in anger.

"No Buu! You idiot! Don't free the Kai!"

"Free?" Everyone but the Kid Buu looked confuse.

The dark red liquid turned into smoke, once the smoke was cleaned. Minami the Southern Supreme Kai was still alive.

"NO! BUU WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Bibidi shouted.

Buu turned back into his originally form which was Kid Buu. Once he changed back to his old form, Lamp grinned at the male Majin. Buu looked away.

"Wait…is he blushing?" Shin noticed.

"The little guy is in love." Nishi chuckled with a smiled.

"Love or not we have to finish this." Kita said.

"Buu destroy the Kais! Lamp destroy the Kais!" Bibidi ordered.

However the Majins were too busy with each other. Buu was still blushing and Lamp was holding his right hand while smiling at him.

"Buu want to play?" Lamp asked.

Buu nodded.

Buu suddenly punched Lamp in the face, which shocked everyone.

"What the hell!" Bibidi shouted.

Buu looked confuse by the stare everyone was giving him.

Once Lamp recovered from the sucker punch, she bear her teeth and return the favor and punch Buu in the face. However Lamp's punch was bit stronger then Buu thought. Her punch sent him another fifty feet in the air.

"Buu…stupid. That hurt Lamp." She said with eyes tearful.

"He needs a lesson how to treat a lady right." Nishi sweatdrop.

"I guess play means fight for Buu." Naruto sighed.

"Lamp destroy them!" Bibidi ordered.

"Destroy?" She titled her head "What's that?" She asked him.

"Gah you're useless!" Bibidi shot a magic energy blast towards the female Majin.


However when the smoke cleaned, it showed that Lamp was perfectly fine. Majin Lamp had protected herself with a pink shield aura. Bibidi gasps when he saw Lamp was unharmed.

The female Majin glared at her creator. Then in a blink of the eye, Kid Buu show up beside Lamp.

"Buu," She spoke his name, the male Majin looked at his female counterpart.

"He tried to hurt Lamp." She pointed at Bibidi. Kid Buu eyes wide in shock, he quickly snapped a glare at his creator with while bearing his teeth.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha. Majin Buu it was just a joke, you know. Ha-ha-ha-ha, come on let get rid of the Kais and Naruto." Bibidi nervously chuckled.

"Hey Buu, remember if I get hurt, so does you. Which mean he's gonna kill you, he was going to betray you." Naruto spoke with a big smirk. Buu growled at his creator.

"What?! No he's lying Buu, I would never try to kill you. After all you're my best creation. I need you, I'm your dad."

Kid Buu held out his right hand as a energy ball gather up within his right palm.

"Buu, please don't." Bibidi begged.

"Bye-bye…dad." Kid Buu chuckled with a big grin. Lamp stuck her blue colored tongue out.

But then a blast came from nowhere striking Bibidi head, blowing his head off in one go. Both Majins looked surprise and so were the Kais and Naruto.

"Who?" The Uzumaki said.

"He was such a chatter-box wouldn't you agreed?" A new voice spoke on screen.

Everyone where looked around to see where the voice as coming from?

"Yo, over here." The voice said.

Everyone looked to their right, both Majins and Naruto looked confuse for what they saw, but however. The Supreme Kais, each one of their faces was filled with fear for what they saw.

The being that brought such fear to the Kais, was a thin purple cat-like humanoid, with large pointed ears, his appearance looked similar to sphinx cat and Cornish Rex. He dons black, blue and gold Egyptian looking attire with white and orange diamond decorations. His eyes were orange colored with black iris.

"It…can't be…why is he here?" Kita said.

"He shouldn't be here." Minami spoke with fear in his voice.

"This is bad…real bad." Nishi frowned.

"Why are you here?" Daikaioh said with a long stare.

"Worry not Daikaioh, I'm not here to destroy any worlds today. But something has caught my interest and I'm staring at them." The cat being said with a friendly smile, he looked at Naruto, Lamp and Buu.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Lord Bills." Nishi spoke his name.

"The God of Destruction,"

End of Chapter 3

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