"I'm home," Tamaki called out walking into his big mansion. There was no answer.

"Girls, Girls, are you here?" There was still no answer from anyone, "Hello, where is everyone?" There was still no answer from anyone.

"Fusayo, Sonomi, Mitsuko?" he called out each of his girls names, "Where are you girls?"

"Why are you yelling so much Dad?" his fourteen year old daughter Fusayo asked walking past him in a huff with her phone in her hand.

"I wanted to know where you were and," Tamaki stopped when he got a good look at his daughter's outfit. It was a red and black plaid skirt that barley covered her along with a sleeveless shirt that almost looked a corset under a black leather jacket and leather cap. She was also wearing fishnet pantyhose and had on black high heels.

"What the hell are you wearing young lady?!" asked Tamaki.'

"Uh they're called clothes Dad," said Fusayo, "Look it up sometime."

"Yes but there's no way in hell you're going out of this house in those clothes," said Tamaki.

"Uh Dad you are so uptight sometimes," said Fusayo.

"No I don't want to see my daughter going out looking like this," said Tamaki.

"Dad come on, I'm fourteen years old. I'm old enough to decide how I want to dress," said Fusayo.

"And who made you think you should dress like that exactly?" asked Tamaki.

"Aunt Aoko of course," said Fusayo, "She told me the sooner I dress like this the sooner boys will know I'm the kind of girls they can get and will think I'm worth their time."

"Oh god no, not your aunt," muttered Tamaki rubbing his eyes, "Please don't tell me she was the one who bought you that outfit!"

"What does it matter Dad?" asked Fusayo, "Oda likes it."

"Oda, you mean that 18 year old?" asked Tamaki, "Don't tell me you're not still seeing him!"

"Yeah he's my boyfriend," said Fusayo.

"But I forbade you to see him!" said Tamaki.

"Oh come on Dad. Aunt Aoko says I got to get myself out there and let boys know I'm a good catch so I can really find out who's best suited to be my husband," said Fusayo.

"I don't care what your aunt says. You're my daughter and I don't want you going out with that boy!" said Tamaki.

"Well too late Dad, he's here now," said Fusayo as she all but raced out the front door.

"He's here, HE'S HERE?!" Tamaki shouted as he raced after his daughter, "Who let him in?!"

"I did of course," he heard Fusayo call out right as he got outside where he saw his daughter already mounted on the older boy's bike. The boy nodded and smirked at Tamaki before starting up the motorcycle and taking off towards the open gate.

"Fusayo you get back here right now young lady!" Tamaki ordered.

"Bye Dad," Fusayo called out waving at him.

"If you're not back here by 9 sharp I will call the police understand!" shouted Tamaki as he continued to watch his daughter drive off with her so called boyfriend. He sigh upset as he walked back into his house. He walked to his library to try and calm his nerves when he happened to find some sort of string of something just hanging over his desk.

"What's this?" he asked out loud as he pulled it. He heard what sounded like something grinding above his head. He looked up and saw some sort of leaver with a wheel turning and moving towards his book shelf behind his desk and knock one of the books down off the shelf right on his head.

"Owe!" Tamaki moaned, "Sonomi I know this is your doing!"

"Hey Dad you called for me?" he suddenly heard his middle daughter who was nine years old walking into the room. Both she and her older sister had long light brownish blond hair and brown eyes.

"What this?" asked Tamaki pointing up towards the device on his bookshelf.

"Oh you did you test it?" Sonomi asked, "It's a book grabber. Say you're sitting at your desk and you need a book on one of the higher up shelf; just pull the string and plop it'll get the book down for you."

"It landed on my head!" said Tamaki annoyed.

"Well I'm still working out some kinks Dad," said Sonomi.

"That's what you always say about all of these little devices you come up with. Yet they usually do the same thing, hurt me and then you never finish them," said Tamaki.

"Well usually after it gets you hurt you tell me to get rid of it," said Sonomi annoyed.

"Oh honey I didn't mean to be cruel!" said Tamaki, "Maybe we can find you something that's constructive that won't involve anyone getting hurt."

"You always say that too," said Sonomi, "But then…,"

"Daddy!" shouted Tamaki's youngest daughter Mitsuko who was five running into the office. Unlike her two older sisters Mitsuko had much darker brown hair and had her father's violet eyes.

"Oh hello my little sweet heart!" said Tamaki scooping his daughter up in his arms, "How are you day?" Sonomi stalked out of the room.

'That always happens. He always gets distracted by either the little princess or Miss Big shot!' she thought referring to her sisters. To her it seemed like her father was always distracted by either her older sister or younger sister. She walked to her room and over to her desk to look over some of the blue prints for her book dropper. Angry she crumbled it up and threw them away in the trash. She then pulled out her homework to get to work.

"Sonomi?" she later heard her father ask walking into the room, "Here you are, what happened to you?"

"I figured you were busy with Mitsuko," said Sonomi.

"Oh I'm never too busy for any of my girls," said Tamaki.

"Sure," said Sonomi. Just then she noticed Mitsuko popping up next to her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Homework," said Sonomi, "Pleas leave it alone."

"But I want to help," said Mitsuko as she reached up and started to color on Sonomi's homework with a crayon.

"Mitsuko no!" Sonomi shouted as she pushed her sister away.

"Sonomi don't push your sister," said Tamaki.

"But Dad she ruined my homework! Now I have to do it all over again!" said Sonomi.

"Oh honey it was an accident don't be so hard on her," said Tamaki.

"Ugh you're always taking her side!" said Sonomi, "It's not fair!"

"Daddy I don't like hearing her yelling!" said Mitsuko running to her father.

"Oh there-there sweet heart," said Tamaki picking his little girl up, "We'll leave your sister alone to calm down okay?" He didn't notice Sonomi running over to her bed and screaming into her pillow in frustration.

"I want to find something else to color!" said Mitsuko. She wiggled out of her father's arms and thing Tamaki knew she was coloring all over the walls.

"Mitsuko no!" Tamaki shouted.

"Oops," said Mitsuko.

"That's okay honey just don't do it again alright?" said Tamaki.

"Okay," said Mitsuko, even though she kept drawing on some of the walls.

"No," Tamaki moaned. This was what a typical day was for him for the past 15 years or so. Even before his poor wife past away from skin cancer and starving herself. It seemed like he didn't have any kind of contorl when it came to his family. To almost be honest he was miserable.

'When,' he thought, 'When was the last time I was happy? Oh yeah it was when I was with her.'

"I'm home," Haruhi called out as she walked into her apartment. There was no answer, "Hello, Naoki, Naoki where are you?" As she wondered down her hallway she could hear what sounded like beeping coming from her ten year old son's room. She groaned in annoyance when she walked in to see her son on his bed playing with his Nintendo 3DS.

"Naoki!" Haruhi snapped. Her son jumped nearly dropping his game.

"Oh hi Mom," he said.

"Why didn't you answer when I called?" asked Haruhi.

"I guess I was too busy enjoying my game," said Naoki trying to look innocent. He looked so much like his mother with his brown hair and brown eyes.

"Did you get your homework done?" asked Haruhi.

"No," said Naoki sheepishly.

"Why not?" asked Haruhi.

"I was really close to beating this level on this game from yesterday when you made me go to bed. I just really wanted to beat it. I figured I could just beat that level real fast and I got kind of caught up in the game again," Naoki admitted. Haruhi groaned. This was exactly what her son did nearly everyday.

"Turn that thing off and get started on your homework," she ordered, "I want it be at least half way done by the time dinner's ready understood?"

"Yes Mom," said Naoki with a bit of resentment in his voice. As Haruhi was heading back down her hallway she heard her front door open. She quickly raced back to her living room to find her ex-husband Ryota Kakeru going through her purse.

"Ryota!" she snapped.

"Oh hi Haruhi," he said putting the purse down.

"What are you doing here?" asked Haruhi annoyed.

"What a guy can't come over and see his son when he wants to?" asked Ryota.

"Yes but, I would appreciate if he took the courtesy with knocking first before coming in," said Haruhi, "We're divorced now Ryota. You can't come in here anytime you want. That's one of the reason I changed the locks. How did you get in this time?"

"I borrowed our Naoki's key."

"What?" said Haruhi, "How did you get that from him?"

"Like I said I borrowed it," said Ryota.

"Naoki!" Haruhi called out, "Come here!"

"I'm getting off the game right now Mom," said Naoki. Then he saw his father, "Oh his Dad."

"Hey sport," said Ryota, "How's it going?"

"It's going good," said Naoki.

"He found your key again," said Haruhi.

"My key?" said Naoki, "But I have my key right here." Haruhi glared back at Ryota.

"You made a copy again didn't you?" she asked.

"Hey all I said was I borrowed it," said Ryota, "Anyway now that he's here why don't I take the kid out for a bit?"

"No I don't think that's a good idea," said Haruhi.

"Why not?" asked father and son.

"Well for one thing it's a school night and I know it's a school night and you always seem to bring him home late. And he hasn't started on his homework yet!" said Haruhi.

"Oh come on Haruhi, I just want to take him to laser tag," said Ryota.

"Again?" asked mother and son.

"What's wrong with laser tag?" asked Ryota.

"Well that's what we did last time," said Naoki, "That's what we mostly do."

"Well it's the only way you're going to get better. You know how important it is for me for you to win," said Ryota.

"Yes Dad," said Naoki.

"Just what all have you been telling our son?" asked Haruhi.

"I just want him to be the best at everything he does. Don't all parents want that?" asked Ryota, "Now why don't you let me take him out to laser tag? He can bring his homework so he can work at while we're there. Come on I really need him to come."

"So you can spend time with him right?" asked Haruhi.

"Sure of course," said Ryota.

"Hmm," muttered Haruhi. It had been a while since Ryota had taken his son out at least.

"Naoki do you really want to go out with him?" she asked.

"Well I guess," said Naoki.

"Okay but no staying out past 8 understood?" said Haruhi.

"Don't Haruhi we won't," said Ryota. He grabbed his son by arm and hauled him out.

"Uh forgetting something?" Haruhi called out.

"Oh yeah we will need some money for this," said Ryota running into the apartment again.

"That's not what I meant. I was referring to this," said Haruhi holding up Naoki's backpack.

"Oh yeah that too," said Ryota grabbing the bag, "And the hundred bucks.

"Hundred bucks for laser tag?" asked Haruhi.

"Well we're going to do a couple of rounds plus dinner," said Ryota.

"Fine, but try not to spend all of it," said Haruhi as she walked over to her purse and wrote out a check.

"We'll try," said Ryota.

"Remember 8 Ryota," Haruhi called out after him.

It was close to nine thirty by the time Haruhi's ex-husband got her son home. When they walked in, Ryota was smiling but Naoki look miserable and sleepy.

"Do you know what time it is?!" Haruhi snapped.

"Sorry Haruhi we were having too much fun," said Ryota, "Right son?"

"Yeah," said Naoki yawing.

"Go get ready for bed," said Haruhi ushering Naoki down the hallway, "Did he at least get his homework done?"

"No sorry too busy playing" said Ryota.

"Ryota!" shouted Haruhi, "This is one of the reasons I left you! You'd stay out late with Naoki and never make him do things he was suppose to do!"

"Well excuse me for not wanting to be always so uptight in raising our boy," said Ryota with a sneer as he turned to go. As he did Haruhi noticed a huge wade of cash in his hand.

"Where did you get all of the money?" she asked.

"What money?" asked Ryota.

"That money in your pocket!" said Haruhi as she managed to pull some out. It had to be at least three hundred.

"Oh that I just happen to have that," said Ryota.

"You had this and yet you had to ask me for money?!" asked Haruhi, "This is another reason I left you! You are always so irresponsible with money!"

"Relax Haruhi," said Ryota snatching the money from her. He handed her a hundred dollar bill, "There happy?"

"Not by much since you're also still late with the alimony!" said Haruhi.

"Oh don't worry, after I get home I'll make sure to figure out what I owe you," said Ryota, "See you later."

Haruhi groaned mad before walking off to her son's room.

"So did you have fun at least?" she asked.

"I would have if I had won more I guess," said Naoki.

"What?" asked Haruhi.

"Dad wasn't too happy anytime I lost," said Naoki, "He's never happy when I lose at anything."

"I'm sorry honey," said Haruhi, "You know you don't have to go to laser tag each time he offers."

"I know but it's not just laser tag Mom. Nearly everything we do I'm involved in some sort of competition and he usually hates it when I lose," said Naoki.

"I'm sorry Naoki," said Haruhi, "I'll talk to him."

"You mean you'll argue with him," said Naoki, "I thought you said after the divorce there would be less arguing."

"I did say that didn't I?" said Haruhi, "And I really did think that was going to happen too. I'm sorry, I'll try working on it I promise. In the mean time please get to bed. You'll have to wake up a bit early to get your homework."

"Yes Mom," said Naoki.

Haruhi sighed as she sat down on her own bed annoyed.

'When was the last time I really felt happy?' she thought, "Oh now I remember. It was when I as with him.'