"Oh Haruhi he's beautiful," said Tamaki sitting next to Haruhi who was holding their new son. Their gorgeous son was fast asleep.

"Yeah he is," said Haruhi, "I think he looks a lot like you."

"Hmm I can't help but think he looks like more like you personally," said Tamaki. He reached over and took the little boy's hand in his, "Hi, hi little one."

"Hello, how's everything doing in here?" asked a nurse walking in.

"We're doing good I think," said Haruhi.

"Good because we have a few family members outside wondering if they can come in," said the nurse.

"Go ahead and send in our children in first," said Tamaki.

"Sure thing," said the nurse. A few minutes later Fusayo, Naoki, Sonomi and Mitsuko all walked into the room. Each had something in their hands. Fusayo had blue gift bag with a yellow duck on it. Naoki had a big round blue balloon that had the words IT'S A BOY on it. Sonomi had a vase of blue and white flowers and Mitsuko held a big blue teddy bear.

"Hey kids," said Haruhi softly.

"Hi Mom," they all said together.

"Do you want to come get a good look at your new brother?" asked Tamaki moving away from the bed so the kids could gather around.

"Awe," cooed Fusayo, "He's adorable."

"Hi," said Sonomi sweetly waving her finger at him.

"I can't believe it's a boy," said Naoki happily.

"I can't really see him," said Mitsuko.

"Here," said Tamaki picking him up so she could get a better look.

"Oh he's so cute!" said Mitsuko.

"Shh!" said everyone else in the room.

"Sorry," said Mitsuko.

"So did you finally pick out a name?" asked Sonomi.

"Yes we did," said Haruhi, "This is your new brother Zenjiro Coeur Suoh, or Zen for short."

"Coeur?" said Naoki.

"It's French," said Haruhi, "It means heart. Just like how your sisters and dad have a French name."

"Oh I see," said Naoki, "Hi Zen I'm your big brother."

"Does anyone want a chance to hold him?" asked Tamaki.

"I do I do!" said Mitsuko excitedly.

"Okay first you're going to have to sit down dear," said Haruhi. Mitsuko wiggled out of her father's arms and hopped over to a chair.

"Come on come on!" she shouted jumping up and down in the seat. Tamaki carefully took Zen from his mother and carried him over to Mitsuko.

"Now be careful with him sweetheart," said Tamaki, "Zen's not like one of your dolls. You have to be gentle with him alright?"

"Yes Daddy," said Mitsuko. Tamaki stayed in front of her, helping her hold Zen.

"Can I wake him up?" asked Mitsuko.

"No," said Haruhi, "Babies need lots and lots of sleep."

"Oh but I want to show him the teddy bear I brought for him," said Mitsuko.

"He'll see it in time sweetie," Haruhi assured her, "It's not like he's not going to live a long happy life. Speaking of which, we have a few presents for all of you. They're in the brown bag over there."

Sonomi walked over and opened it to see four presents in them.

"Let's see I'm guessing this lovely scarf if for Fusayo?" she said pulling one out.

"Oh wow that is so stylish!" said Fusayo.

"I had Hikaru and Kaoru help pick it out," said Haruhi.

"I'm guessing whatever weird game this is, is for you Naoki," said Sonomi handing it to him.

"Cool," said Naoki.

"Mori helped picked that out," said Haruhi.

"And this must be for Mitsuko?" said Sonomi pulling out a new doll all covered in blue.

"That's right," said Haruhi, "Hunny helped picked that out."

"I'll show it to her after she's done holding Zen so she doesn't hurt him trying to get it," said Sonomi.

"Good idea," said Haruhi, "Did you see your present?" Sonomi looked into the bag to see a new landmark model set.

"Cool Mr. Rushmore!" she said.

"You like it?" said Haruhi, "Kyoya picked that out."

"Yeah I love it!" said Sonomi.

"I guess since all of your friends were helping you to find presents for us you're not too angry with them anymore?" asked Naoki.

"No, not so much anymore," said Haruhi.

"Would you like to see my gift Mom?" asked Fusayo.

"Sure honey," said Haruhi. Fusayo reached into her bag and pulled out a blue and white onesie with a matching stocking hat that had a teddy bear on the front.

"Oh that's so cute honey," said Haruhi.

"Thanks, Hikaru and Kaoru helped me pick it out," said Fusayo.

"That'll be what we can dress Zen when we're ready to take him home," said Haruhi.

"Hey can one of us get a chance to hold the baby?" asked Sonomi.

"Sure you can dear," said Tamaki, "Right Mitsuko?"

"But I want to keep holding him!" said Mitsuko.

"Mitsuko this isn't up for debate," said Tamaki taking Zen back, "It's your sister's turn. You'll have plenty of other chances I'm sure. Here Sonomi, be careful."

"Yes Dad," said Sonomi cradling Zen in her arms, "You are so cute, yes you are."

"Mommy, you're not going to get sick now are you and try to get skinning or tan?" asked Mitsuko.

"No honey I'm not," said Haruhi, "I like me for who I am."

"As well you should," said Tamaki kissing her forehead.

After Fusayo and Naoki also got a chance to hold their new brother, they stepped out to let their grandparents while they headed back to the lobby where their parents' friends and families were waiting.

"Man why are we last at getting to see the new baby?" asked Hikaru and Kaoru.

"You do remember Tamaki and Haruhi aren't really happy with you guys still right?" said Sapphire and Ashley.

"Besides children and grandparents have a bit of seniority, wouldn't you agree?" said Kyoya.

"What does he look like at least?" asked Hunny. The three older children pulled out their phones to show a few of the pictures they had gotten. Soon the lobby was filled with cooing noises over the adorable baby.

"What's his name?" asked Hunny.

"…Zenjiro Coeur Suoh," said Haruhi, "Or Zen for short."

"Zen Suoh sounds interesting," said Yuzuru carefully taking the baby into his arms, "What a beautiful boy. He looks just like his brother."

"I agree," said Ann, "I'm so glad you also gave him a French name."

"Of course why wouldn't we?" asked Haruhi.

"Kita wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of giving the girls a French name," Tamaki explained.

"Well I think it's nice to honor all the family roots personally," said Haruhi.

"That's why you're so sweet," said Ann kissing Haruhi's cheek.

"You're not too upset about having another grandson, are you Ranka?" asked Yuzuru handing him Zen.

"No we need more boys I think," said Ranka. "As much as I love our granddaughters we need more on our side I think!"

"Yep that's true," said Yuzuru.

"Not that we wouldn't have loved him had he been a girl," said Ann.

"Of course," said Haruhi, "Did you get a chance to hold him?"

"Oh yes I should shouldn't I?" said Ann walking over and taking baby Zen into her arms, "Oh it reminds me of when Rene was born. He looks so much like him."

"Hopefully he'll grow out of it," muttered Ranka.

"I heard that Dad," said Haruhi.

"How about we leave now so we can go get the children something to eat and let your friends in to see him," said Yuzuru.

"Yes thank you Father," said Tamaki.

"Congratulations again," said Ann handing Zen back to his father.

Soon after their parents all left their seven friends came bounding in.

"Let's see the baby let's see the baby!" said Hunny excitedly.

"Here he is, here's little Zen," said Tamaki.

"Oh man he's looks like the Boss!" said Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Oh thanks a lot you two!" said Tamaki.

"I like my son the way he is personally," said Haruhi.

"Of course you do," said Kyoya, "I must say I think in a weird way he looks like you Haruhi."

"I suppose in someway he does," said Haruhi.

"Are you still angry at us Haru-Chan?" asked Hunny.

"No not too much," said Haruhi.

"How about you Tama-Chan?" asked Hunny.

"It's hard to really stay mad at you, even the twin devils," said Tamaki.

"Good because I want to be a part of little Zen-Chan's life," said Hunny kissing Zen's cheek.

"It would be wrong to not let you guys in be in his life," said Haruhi.

"So who are you going to name his godfather?" asked Hunny.

"Uh," said Haruhi and Tamaki, "Who's who's now?"

"Well I'm Fusayo's, Hikaru and Kaoru more or less share Sonomi, Hunny has Mitsuko, and if I'm not mistaken Haruhi you asked Mori to be Naoki's?" asked Kyoya.

"Yeah," said Haruhi and Mori.

"Um well this is kind of awkward," said Tamaki.

"Unless we let Hikaru and Kaoru be the godfather while the other just gets Sonomi," said Haruhi.

"But who gets who?" asked Hunny.

"Uh can I get Zen and you take Sonomi Hikaru?" asked Kaoru.

"Um well I like Sonomi," said Hikaru.

"Well then I'll take Zen if you want," said Kaoru.

"But he's the cute baby!" said Hikaru.

"I'm sure you guys can work it out," said Haruhi.

"So where do you want to go to eat?" Yuzuru asked.

"Can we go to one of those things where we can get a toy?" asked Mitsuko.

"Oh I know the perfect place," said Ranka.

As the family of seven walked past the gift shop, Fusayo happened to notice a gossip magazine with her aunt's picture on it. They hadn't seen or heard from her since the day she and her sisters had told her they'd rather be with Haruhi instead of her. The headline said that she was going to wed some sort of new millionaire. Curious she grabbed it to take a look.

"Ami is something wrong?" asked Ann.

"I'm just looking at this," said Fusayo.

"Is that Aunt Aoko?" asked Sonomi looking at the front picture, "Who did she kidnap now?"

"Him," said Fusayo turning the magazine around to show a picture of Aoko with her apparent fiancé."

"Isn't that," Ranka said.

"My birth father!" said Naoki.

"How the hell did she wind up with him?" asked Sonomi.

"It's probably best not to ask," said Yuzuru, "They're not a part of our lives now and any stupid things they do now is their own fault."

"Here-Here!" said Ranka.

"I'm curious how much whatever money they have is going to last between the two of them," said Sonomi.

Seven Months Later

Sonomi laughed as she read a magazine.

In it, it talked how her apparent happily couple Roto as her aunt and Ryoji had been come to call had finally both broken off, each claiming to be the one that dumped the other. Not only that but both were flat broke and had to file for bankruptcy.

"Sonomi whatever you're doing please put it on hold and come into the family room," she heard Haruhi call out.

"Coming Mom," said Sonomi hurrying to the room. When she walked in she could see Haruhi sitting on the couch. Zen was sitting on her shoulder. He smiled when he saw Sonomi. He smiled whenever he saw his siblings.

"Hey Zen," said Sonomi. Her father brother and sisters were all in the room as well. Everyone was dressed up for the special occasion; they were going to take a new family photo together.

"This is going to be so exciting," said Tamaki.

"Alright let's do this," said the photographer, "I want Mommy and Daddy sitting on the coach next to each other. I want Mommy holding the baby and the smallest girl on Daddy's lap. Than the other boy behind Mommy while the middle girl behind Daddy. And finally, Oldest girl, stand behind the couch, in-between Mommy and Daddy."

"This guy is weird," said Naoki.

"Of course he's weird he's a photographer," said Sonomi.

"Remind me to never take the kind of profession," said Naoki.

"Don't worry I'll kill you if you do," said Sonomi.

"You're such a great sister," said Naoki.

"Bigger boy, Middle girl take the seat next to Mommy and Daddy please," said the photographer.

"You heard the man Bigger boy," said Sonomi.

"Yes I did Middle girl," said Naoki.

"Okay on the count of three," said the photographer, "One, two, three…,"


"Perfecto!" said the photographer excitedly each time he took a picture, "Marvelous! I await to see which one you like. Not that they're not all good!"

"Let's see what you have," said Tamaki walking over the photographer's digital camera.

"Excuse me but is the picture done?" asked Shima.

"Yes Shima," said Tamaki.

"There's a phone call for Master Naoki on the hallway phone," said Shima.

"I wonder who it is," said Naoki running over to get it, "Hello."

"Naoki, son it's me Dad!" said Ryota on the other side.

"I'm sorry who is this?" asked Naoki.

"Don't play smart with me boy! You know who this is! This is your father! I need you to help me!" said Ryota.

"I'm sorry but you must have the wrong number. My father is in my family room with my mother picking out a family photo," said Naoki.

"Naoki stop acting dumb for once! It's me your birth father Ryota! I need to do your duty and help your father! I need more money and I need it fast!" said Ryota.

"I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to talk to strangers on the phone," said Naoki, "Good-bye."

"Shall I see to it that the number that peculiar stranger called from is blocked from now on?" asked Shima.

"Yeah you better," said Naoki, "That guy kind of scares me."

"So did you see this?" Sonomi asked showing her sister the magazine she had been reading earlier.

"Well looks like Aunt Aoko finally squandered her fortune like everyone thought she would," said Fusayo.

"I think her little boy toy helped a little," said Sonomi.

"Probably," said Fusayo right as she heard her phone go off. She pulled it out to see it was Aunt Aoko calling, "What does she want?"

"Fusayo I need your help!" said Aoko, "Can you possibly get your dad to loan me some money!"

"I thought you didn't want anything to do with us again," said Fusayo.

"Forget that right now!" said Aoko, "I'm your aunt! I'm the only one that can link you to your mother! If you want to forget her all together you better be nice to me and get me some money A.S.A.P!"

"Sorry Aunt Aoko but you didn't want anything to do with us and we do have ways of not forgetting our mother thanks to our real mother. Now how about we make a deal? You leave us alone and we'll leave you alone, deal?" said Fusayo hanging up the phone.

"You know what may make things even sweeter?" said Sonomi, "If someday she's stuck on the street begging in one of her designer dresses."

"That would be funny," said Fusayo.

"Kids did you want to see the picture we picked out?" asked Haruhi. The kids all scrambled over to the camera to take a look of the seven of them all happily sitting together, even Zen.

"This was the only one we could get that Zen was smiling and looking at the camera," said Haruhi.

"Well I think it looks great," said Fusayo.

"Yeah," agreed the other four children. Then they heard Tamaki sniffle.

"Tamaki what's wrong?" asked Haruhi.

"I love that we've finally come from two separate families into one big family," said Tamaki, "I've always wanted a family like that! I love my family so much!

The End