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I've re-done the last chapter to take out Yami's "date" with Anzu/Tea, so I can make this chapter more fleshed out. I'll also probably completely revamp the Bandit Keith/Malik-Yugi duel, since I found the tape that was on, and (joy!) it hasn't been recorded over.

Also, a Note that I've meant to add in from the beginning...the structure of the Diaries is intentional I know Yami's grammar sounds funny, but the format made sense when I began writing this for these reasons:

A) The book that gave me the idea was written the same way;

B) Yami wouldn't know about modern grammar, so I figured he'd be likely to skip a few pronouns in his diary;

C) It's kooky and fun P

Yami Yugi's Diary! Chapter Twelve

Day Thirty:

School's out. Is raining. Joey and Tristan are mopping. Am I the only one who finds this a setup for something really bad? And probably dangerous?

Not like anything else can be taken from me if I do get into trouble again. I mean, my identity's stolen. That's the end of the line if you think about it.

At least there's not some guy out there wearing my name around. That happened to Grandpa; his "credit card" was stolen. That's what he gets for putting his name on a plastic card, I say. People ought to have their names engraved on them somewhere.

Am beginning to wonder about Joey, though. All he ever says is, "My sister Serenity" this, "My Sister Serenity" that. Really. He says it *just* like that. As if we might've forgotten his sister's name is Serenity. Or, that Serenity is his sister.

So here's a strange fact. None of us have ever *seen* this "sister Serenity".

Tristan's excited to meet her, but that's only because she's a girl, and he would be excited to meet a flagpole if it were wearing a dress.

Plus, Joey was a tough guy once; maybe he took the money Yugi gave him that I won, and ran off with it. Without actually running off, I mean.

Hm. When Joey starts adding "you know, she's a *real* person!" at the end of his "my sister Serenity" sentences, I'll ask. Till then, I want to go home and read some books about Pharaohs. Must be *something* about me in there.

Day Thirty One:

Yugi's got a date with Tea. Though, he denies it; he says he's just going to talk about...well, he never said what. I was too busy mussing with his hair to listen anyway.

So far we've gone through everything in his drawers, his closet his hamper, and under his bed, plus my soul room closet (nothing in there but alligators, unfortunately), and because we were desperate, we even raided Grandpa's closet.

We settled on all black. Fits my optimism level, at least. And I made him put on lots of spikes. Don't want him worrying about bullies while he's trying to "put the moves" on Tea. The effect looks more threatening on me, though.

Time to go, anyway. Hopefully he'll remember not to take off the Puzzle.


The twerp. He's making *me* go on the date for him. Feel used. Again.

So we went to a cafe; there we were, her sipping a drink, me staring out the window. Resulted in Tea inspiring herself into dragging me around town.

Bright side is, we went and bought cards; met my quota for helping Turtle Game Shop competitors take down the monopolizing old man. I mean, Grandpa, of course. Then we went to an arcade, I guess because she thought I'd be as "inspired" as she was, and start beating everyone at their games.

No such luck for her. Am so depressed my hair should be droopy. She really underestimates the power of losing your own memories.

Anyway, then we noticed a bunch of flashy lights and loud music, and went to see some guys slapping their feet on little glow pads.

Tea took over my "duelist spirit" and offered to beat the winner. I wondered how she intended to do that, as she's not exactly a great game player, when she began stripping, tossed her coat right on my head. Caught her jacket and demanded to know what she was doing, but she only said she was going to "teach this guy what real dancing's all about!" Which sounded pretty incriminating if you ask me.

Prepared myself to tackle her and wrestle her clothes back on, but fortunately she stopped taking things off before I had to.

Was surprised to find the little glow pads made the players dance. Anyway, the guy-Johnny Steps-started trying to trip her up, but she flew over his feet and kept dancing. I mean literal flying. Was strange.

Still don't understand why they were bobbing their heads, as they couldn't reach the pads with their foreheads. Would've been funny if they had, but no.

Right, so Tea won, and we went to look at the sunset, which is the proper way to end a date. Not that it ended there. Johnny reappeared, complete with a pun on his own name ("Mind if I *Step* in here?" Seriously. That's reaching.) So I decided to take the spotlight back, as I was feeling more peppy, and we went and played Duel Monsters.

He knew my name, by the way. Was about to demand how he knew, but then realized he'd meant Yugi. Yugi's famous because of Duelist Kingdom! Am proud.

Johnny turned to run after he figured out who Yugi was, but Tea was there to stop him. Well, to chew his ear off, rather. Not literally this time. Ew.

He thanked her for being honest and left. She kept the optimistic spirit by telling me, "Hopefully now he'll *face* his problems, instead of running away."

I doubt it. He'll probably just take up heavy drinking. That's what I'd do if someone defeated me and then made fun of me for not having any friends.

Well, we're off to an Egypt exhibit now. Hopefully it'll spark some memories. Or I can duel someone who works there to get answers; whichever comes first.