Time wore on, in fact three years had gone by. Hermione graduated top in her class at Hogwarts three years ago. Draco came in second behind her. Hermione excelled in all of her NEWTS and worked for St. Mungos as a medi-witch. Draco didn't have to work because he was so rich but decided to work anyway. He did go into working with Gringotts. He was pretty good in dealing with money.

Hermione held Draco's hands one spring day in May as they walked down Diagon Alley. They found an empty bench and sat down. Draco was in black slacks and gray top, Hermione in a floral skirt and white top. They decided to people watch while they ate ice cream.

They have gone through many things, the both of them. His parents hated her. His father despised her and frequently pointed out a number of pure-blood witches who were single. He even threatened to disown Draco but it was an empty threat. Who would the Malfoy family fortune go to? His mother did not like her either but she was slowly coming around. She smiled the last time Draco brought Hermione around.

Hermione's parents were unsure about Draco at first. Wasn't he the boy she hated all of her school career? Didn't he make fun of her and tease her? Soon, her parents grew to love him. Being around Muggles alarmed Draco at first, he was use to magical beings. He calmed down after a while and grew use to her parents. Hermione's friends were beside themselves when Hermione and Draco decided to date right after Hogwarts. His friends were upset too. Time, everything took time, and eventually people calmed down and began to accept. It was a very rough three years but together, Hermione and Draco were able to get past the troubled times. They knew that together they could get through anything no matter how hard.

Harry married Ginny a few months back in December. They were very happy together. Harry found a cute little home to start a family in. Ron was dating a girl from Hufflepuff named Amanda Redding, she was a year behind them in Hogwarts. She was a cute girl with short blonde hair and big round eyes. They are happy together.

As for Draco and Hermione, they too were happy. Hermione let of his hand once they sat down on the bench. She laid her head on his shoulder as they watched the people run to and fro. She finished off her ice cream with a smile. Draco moved an arm to drape around her shoulders and pulled her close.

"Tomorrow is the day, my love. After tomorrow you won't be a free man anymore." Hermione said. She lifted her head off his shoulder. He smiled down at her and popped the last bit of the cone into his mouth. "You think you can handle being with me for the rest of my life?" she smirked. He smirked back and leaned down to kiss her lips lightly. He brushed his thumb across her soft lips after the kiss.

"I was going to ask the same to you, think you can handle being with me for the rest of my life?" he smiled down at her and bumped his nose lightly against hers.

"Yes, I can. Together we can get through anything, Dragon my love." she said and took his hand in her small one. He squeezed her hand gently.

"Yes Mudblood Girl, we can get through anything." he said.


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