Tino's P.O.V

"Come on, aren't you going to help set the plates out?" I pleaded as I balanced a huge stack of plates and began placing them on the lavishly decorated tables.

"No, I'm drinking my tea; I don't have time to help you." I rolled my eyes at Roderick's response. Of course he was too busy drinking his tea. He wasalways too busy drinking tea.

"Like the time you were too busy to set out the chairs? Or clean the table cloths? Or order the ingredients? Or wash the dishes?"

"Oh, I wasn't too busy then," Roderick said as he stood up from where he had sat casually on one of the chairs. "I don't like the whole cleaning thing. I like being clean, but I'd rather have someone else do it for me."

"Huh? But you're like the cleanest person I know. I guess it makes sense. I'm certainly not clean. I'm terrible at cleaning; I always get soap and water everywhere, or I break the vacuum. Y'know, this one time, I managed to break my iron by tripping and it went outside my window and hit my neighbour! He wasn't too happy about that and he made me pay this huge fine for it! It wasn't my fault, how was I supposed to know? I had no money after that, but I really didn't have much in the beginning. That was before I worked here, of course. But really, I'm a huge spender! As soon as I see something I want, I buy it. It's kind of a curse, really. Ooh! I heard this thing about curses from my cousin, he said that if-"

"Tino?" Roderick cut me off. "You're babbling again."

I blushed furiously. I hate it when I babble; everyone always gets so bored or annoyed with me. "Oh, sorry. I didn't realise."

Roderick raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Well, obviously." But instead of teasing me further, he took half of the plates from me and walked away with them. I was about to thank him when he promptly tripped over and smashed every single plate.

"Ahh! Roderick are you alright!?" I cried as I rushed over to him. "Are you bleeding? Do you need first aid, or a doctor? I know a really good doctor! Tell me what hurts!"

"My ears, that's what!" Roderick groaned and slowly stood up. "I'm fine. I didn't fall on any plates. Though there is one thing…" Before I could react, Roderick grabbed me by my shoulders and yelled into my face. "Forget what you saw! Un-see what was just seen! Un-see! Un-see!"

I flinched away from him. "O-okay!" I shuddered, deeply unsettled. "Just don't touch me."

Realisation dawned on Roderick's face. "Oh, right, you don't like people touching you. Forgive me, I forgot."

I shook my head and turned away. "It's okay, it doesn't matter."

After a few minutes of silence except for the quiet clinks of the plates, Roderick walked back to the kitchen. "I'll go and clean this up." He said on his way. "Feliciano! I need you to clean a mess up!" I rolled my eyes. Of course by Roderick's standards, 'I'll go and clean this up." meant "I'll go and get someone else clean this up."

"He's such a snob." I muttered, grinning. I stretched when I finished placing my half of the plates out. Wow, this Castle de Soleil was a huge restaurant! How many tables did one place need? I had been working here for two months already, but I still wasn't used how big everything was compared to my little town back in Finland. Well, I guess Australian's do like everything to be big. Not that my boss is Australian himself. He's French, and to be honest, a bit creepy. With the way he looks at you… I shuddered. It was kind of obvious that he was a perv. Wait, what am I doing!? I can't think that my boss is a perv! That would seriously jinx me!

I glanced at the intricate clock that hung directly in the middle of the wall. Ugh, why was it in Roman Numerals!? They are so hard to read! After a bit of squinting, I eventually worked out that it was almost seven am. The restaurant was about to open! I always got a bit giddy around this time. There were always so many people here! They would be laughing and Roderick would play the piano (it had taken him awhile to convince the boss to let him) and Feliciano would zoom around the place at lightning speed! He would also probably knock some things over, but still. It was always the same. I sighed happily to myself. Like clockwork. I loved the order of it all. Okay, Feliciano breaking things and Roderick randomly playing symphonies and ignoring work itself might not be orderly, but I like the fact that I know exactly what will happen in my day.

I heard several things fall behind me and Feliciano's whine. I smiled. Yep, my day was already starting.

-Berwald's P.O.V-

I blushed as one of the dogs licked my nose darted away. I rubbed my nose and stood back up. All of the little dogs yipped and wagged their little tails as best as they could while they jumped around. I didn't know which one to choose; they were all so, well, cute. And the Rescue Shelter's Assistant wasn't making it any easier. He kept glancing at me as if I was a demon about to eat him. Surely I'm not that scary? I looked at him to ask a question, but I stopped myself when he yelped in fright. I sighed. Maybe I was.

"Well, I think I should get a smaller dog." I said slowly to the assistant, Dave, hoping that if I spoke slower he wouldn't be as scared. I was wrong.

"O-oh really? Someone as big as you? N-not that I'm criticising, I just…Uh, please follow me!" Dave nervously laughed and led the way down the hall.

To pass the awkward silence I began to hum, which made Dave jump a mile in the air and nearly shriek. Okay, no humming.

"Uh, here we are. These are our smallest dogs." I bent over and peered into the cage. These dogs were much more hyper than the others.

" 'ello there." I greeted to a particular fluffy white dog. The assistant gave me a strange look but flinched back when I returned his gaze. I don't blame him; my constant glare is a side effect of my poor eyesight. I have to squint to see people who are barely three feet away. The glasses barely help me. Not that I had changed them since I got them seven years ago. Maybe I should, now that I'm in Australia.

I chuckled to myself (I guess it came out like a growl, judging by the assistants reaction) as the little cotton ball jumped up against the glass and started yipping. "You're not scared of me, now are you?" I turned back to Dave. "Can I pick one up?"

"Uh, well, I don't think you should."

"Why not?"

Dave blinked at my abrupt response. Well, in my defence I really wanted to pat its fluffy fur. "The puppies have just been vaccinated, it would be better if they were left alone in there."

"Oh. Then would it be okay if I put a deposit on one?"

"Oh, sure that's fine. Which one is it?"

I pointed inside the glass. "That one. The fluffy white one." I know it was sudden. I hadn't even held the dog yet, or knew its gender, but I needed that white dog. Something told me that it was perfect.

Dave smiled slightly. "Yeah, she's a cute one, isn't she?" Ah, so it was a girl. "Come around to the front and you can pay."

While Dave was turned around, I gave the fluffy puppy a little wave. "I'll be back soon." I murmured to her before walking away.

I smiled to myself as I walked away. I had just successfully almost-bought a puppy. I'm pretty sure that would make most happy. Apparently, I had to wait three weeks until I could come collect her. That was okay, I could wait. I would feel better knowing that when I next saw her she wouldn't be in any danger of diseases.

Some might think that it's strange that a big man like me would want a small, cute puppy. But I think that if they take a look at me and have a heart attack, but then they look again and see me with a little dog, they won't be so afraid of me. I think it will work.

But also, I want a dog because I'm lonely. Australia is great; it's a lot warmer than Sweden at least. I always see lots of people having fun with their friends… and then there's me. The loner. I've scared off everyone around me, so I guess I'll make friends with a dog. A dog who won't judge me, who won't be scared of me just because of how I look or how I act.

I just want a friend.

AN- Heyo, my creatures! Did you like the first chapter? I know it sucks, I promise it'll get better. You should know by now that I ramble when I write, so hear is what I've been typing when I'm stuck. Enjoy!

-"Like the time you were too busy to set out the chairs? Or clean the table cloths? Or order the ingredients? Or wash the dishes? Or paint the frogs? Or cut the cheese? Or eat the rainbows? Or jump off a cliff. God, Austria, you're so stupid!"

- "Forget what you saw! Un-see what was just seen! Un-see! Un-see! Un-see or I'll rip out your testicles through your eyes and EAT IT! ...Did you un-see?"

-Wow, this Castle de fuck fuck mcfuck fuck


Wow, this Castle de dsicposjcfdfdcfdscsdocpdksd

Wow, this Castle de french bloody word because I DONT CARE! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

Wow, this Castle de ...explosion.

-Well, I guess Australian's do like everything to be big THATS WHAT SHE SAID... Or is it that's what France said?

-To pass the awkward silence I began to eat Dave. Dave the assistant died.

-The assistant gave me a strange look but flinched back when I started chewing on his bladder infection

-Maybe I should, now that I'm in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

-I turned back to Dave. "Can I eat you?"

"Uh, well, I don't think you should."

"Why not?"

-Dave smiled slightly. "Arr, she be a cute one, yes she be!"

-I would feel better knowing that when I next saw her she wouldn't be in any danger of AIDS.

-But also, I want a hooker because I'm lonely.

-I just want a male stripper.