So…I noticed no one seemed to try this idea and I just couldn't let it go until I put out there, so…First Troy fanfic, hope everyone enjoys it.

Don't own Troy or Greek mythology or Homer's Iliad or Odyssey.

*Warning: This is going to be collaboration between different sources. It will not be completely correct in all aspects, and it must be changed in order to fit the plot. Carry on!


The gods stared from the ivory towers, watching the fall of Troy. Apollo wept at the sight, shaking his head in woe as the King fell to the swords and spears of his enemies. Even Minerva and Neptune, who had aspired from the beginning to bring despair and destruction to Troy, bowed their heads in loss.

Even Jupiter and Juno admitted that the war had gone far too long and became far too terrible. They sighed, sharing a rare moment where they indeed agreed upon a common subject.

Pluto and Proserpine disappeared in a flourish of dark feathers, going to the Underworld to guide the heroes of both Troy and Greece into death. They did not mourn, not exactly-but they pitied the fathers and sons that fell for greed and the sake of destruction.

Neptune cursed Odysseus-he swore, triton in his hand, that he would not escape without paying a price for his cowardly, albeit clever, way to break into the Trojan world.

Not one of them knew the plan that one goddess was currently concocting.