Dear Readers,

I have received a number of reviews concerning the mythology and how it is "incorrect." One Guest even had the nerve to tell me, "Do at least condult Wikipedia." Number one, I do believe you meant 'consult.' And, adding to that, may I suggest you at least consult spell-check when typing out a derogatory statement.

Let me say this: I am very aware that I am using Roman gods.

I have just taken two Classics courses in college-one in Mythology and one in Greek and Roman Warfare, both of which focused on Homer.

My edition of The Iliad uses Roman gods.

Do I know why?


It is most likely the translator's personal preference.

It is my way to respect the translator.

I am going to put this another way so that everyone can understand:

I know the mythology.

I am very aware of the gods that I am using.

I know that I am using Roman gods in a Greek story.

I don't give a shit that is isn't correct.

It is my decision.

I swear to every Roman and Greek god, if I receive another review telling me that I am using the wrong gods, it will be removed.

Please understand, I adore reviews-but I am deeply aware that the gods are Roman.

Please let it go.

Thank you.

-Yukiona Ga