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Epilogue: Never the Bride

Saturday March 16 2024, New York City... (10 years later)

Dear Diary

My name is Amelie Grace Mikaelson and I finally turned sixteen years old today. Dad is freaking out and keeps saying that he can't believe his little girl is all grown up! Mum gave me this diary for my birthday, she said it's a good place to write down feelings and stuff so I thought I'd give it a try.

I have lived in New York for about ten years and absolutely love it, there's nothing like the city. I live in a town house on the east side with my mum, dad and younger siblings. My mum is an amazing wedding planner and has even done a few celebrity weddings which is pretty cool. My dad works with money but don't ask me for any details because I have no idea what he does! It's actually my parent's tenth wedding anniversary today as well, they got married in Central Park when I was only six.

My brother Harrison is almost nine and my sister Sienna is six, they are so annoying but mum and dad say I have to be patient with them although it's pretty hard when they are screaming and crying all the time!

I go to a school called Loyola on the Upper East Side, my favourite subject is art and after I graduate I want to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. In my spare time I take art classes, play lacrosse and hang out with my friends. I have lots of them but my best friends are Sasha and Jaimie. I also sort of have a boyfriend, his name is Zac and he's really cute but don't tell dad he's way too overprotective!

I'm pretty excited because tonight I'm having a sweet sixteen party which my mum has planned. The theme is black and white so the dress code, food and decorations are all going to be those colours; we're even having a black and white chequered dance floor. All my family and friends are coming (Zac too) so I can't wait.

I really want to look amazing so I enlisted the help of my two coolest Aunts, Tatia and Katherine, to take me shopping. My dress is strapless, one side is black the other white and it's belted at the waist. It is so pretty. My aunts are the best when it comes to clothes and shopping and because they live in New York I get to see them lots.

My Aunt Tatia and Uncle Kol live quite close by and have been married for about eight years. They have a six year old daughter, her name is Charlotte and she is so cute, I babysit her sometimes when they go out. My uncle Kol is always doing something to provoke my aunt's 'hot Bulgarian temper' as he calls it. She is definitely feisty that's for sure.

Aunt Katherine and Uncle Elijah have been married for about nine years and live in New York most of the year but spend about three months in Europe for work. My uncle's business has branches over there and my aunt, who works at the Met, visits galleries to coordinate upcoming art exhibitions. I really want to go with them and mum said I could over the summer after I graduate so that will be amazing. They have eight-year old Max, who is my brother's best friend, and Sophia who just turned five.

The rest of my family live in a place called Mystic Falls, Virginia where my mum grew up then met my dad. We go there a few times a year, including every Christmas. At first I thought it was boring because it's so small compared to New York but I quite like it now. At least I get to see my aunts and uncles and all my cousins. I can't believe I have twelve cousins!

Some of my Mystic Falls family are coming up especially for my party tonight so I'm really excited. Aunt Elena and Uncle Damon are bringing twelve year old twins, Ava and Connor as well as Ruby who is seven. Aunt Elena and Aunt Katherine are actually twins themselves. A lot of people get them mixed up but I don't know why because they are so different. My best friend Jaimie has a crush on Uncle Damon; apparently she thinks he's hot, ewww!

Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Stefan are coming tonight too and bringing Ethan who is ten and seven year old Stella. Aunt Rebekah is pretty bossy and is always fighting with my dad which is pretty funny to watch. She always wins their arguments which annoys dad so much! Uncle Stefan is pretty laid back but for some reason they make a great couple.

Aunt Lexi and Uncle Matt can't come because he has to work this weekend. He owns a bar with my Uncle Jeremy, but he's in the army and is currently based at Fort Belvoir in Alexandria with my Aunt Bonnie and their daughters nine year old Olivia and five year old Anna. Aunt Bonnie is coming tonight so at least I'll get to see her; I know my mum is excited because she hasn't seen her in a while.

Aunt Lexi and Uncle Matt have ten year old Hudson as well James who turned seven not too long ago. It's a shame they can't come but they sent me a really nice present. I know Aunt Lexi would have bought it herself because Uncle Matt is so forgetful! At least I'll get to see them next time I'm in Mystic Falls.

Ahhh so annoying! My little brother and Max have just run into my bedroom and won't stop jumping on my bed. Little boys are such pains! I'll complain but no doubt my mum and dad will probably take his side.

I better go anyway so I can get ready for tonight. I'm sure I'll have a lot more to tell you tomorrow after my party.

Love Amelie xxxx