Vantas and the Psiioniic had now been traveling for over a year, spreading the word of change.

So far, not many held to these words. So few were brave enough to join him that the highbloods didn't even bother to stop them.

Trolls came and listened to Vantas preach. They listened to every word, but never raised with him.

But Vantas never gave in, he would continue his journey, going so far as to preach to some of the seadwellers, which, admitably was a dumb idea, but he had to.

One of his preachings caugh a certain troll's attention.

A little olive blooded female.

Leijon listened and though that this troll was mad. What fool would challenge the highbloods so?

After his sermon, she went on her way.

She grabbed something to eat, but didn't have any money left.

"Do you have any money?"the vendor asked, annoyed.

"I'll pay for it,"came a deep voice as someone walked up.

The vendor nodded."Yes Lord Darkleer."

The troll was noticeably blueblooded. He was covered in dense muscle and wore black and blue clothes with black shades. His hair was long and well kept.

"Thank you my lord,"Leijon said with a bow.

"No need to thank me. How ever lowblood, I don't think a troll should starve, and you are to skinny for your own good."

She bowed again, and went to eat her food.

Over the next couple weeks, Leijon noticed that someone was following her, but she never saw who.

She just ignored it, and worked hard to get her money back up.

Vantas had a crowd forming around him today. They seemed to be listening more thn ever.

"This hierarchy is unfair! Your blood does not define who you are. Some of you have yellow blood. Some of you rust blood. Others may have green or bronze. Maybe some of you listening have blue blood. No one here is better thanany other. We are all trolls."

They listened. He just wondered if they would follow.

"We don't need to bow to some fish. You are stronger than her. She is nothing with out her people. We can rise, and make them realize we are their equals!"

Silence was all there was when he finished speaking.

Then, a faint clapping formed in the back of the crowd.

The crowd parted for a lone troll. She wore a green and black suit.

The crowd followed her example.

Vantas looked to his friend.

"We might win the people yet my friend."

He smiled."Well, you have a dream, however mad. And plenty of trolls don't like the higher bloods holding their power."

"Lets rest before we have to leave. We have along road ahead of us Psiioniic."

He nodded, and followed Vantas to nearby hut.

Leijon followed the strange man who had given his sermon.

The two walked into a small hut.

She walked up to the door.

"Hello?"she asked, knocking on the door.

The door opened up. Standing there was the man who had given the sermon.

"What is it you seek miss?"he asked.

She raised an eyebrow."Do you mind if I come in and ask you a few questions?"

"Not at all. Anything to help free the trolls."

She walked into the hut.

"Are you so mad as to insult the highbloods and declare rebellion so blatently?"

"You know, I asked him the same question,"the Psiioniic replied.

"I might be mad, just as my friend here believes, but I hold true to it that all trolls deserve to be free."

She just shoke her head."You will get yourself killed keep saying stuff like that."

"If it can free us from this disgusting segregation, then so be it."

The Psiioniic smiled."Don't get yourself killed just yet."

Vantas smiled."Whatever the cost, I am willing to pay it. This slavery they force on us is horrid. We all deserve to decide our own paths in life. We shouldn't be forced to do anything."

"And what if you fail in this?"Leijon asked.

"Then I die. With it, my message will either die, or live on. I'm hoping for the latter."

Leijon was silent."The highbloods will hunt you down."

"And?"Vantas asked.

"You will have no peace."

"There is no peace as it is."

"You will fail!"she shouted."Do you have a death wish as to push your luck with highbloods and sea dwellers?"

Vantas laughed."Young one, I only want trolls to be united in brotherhood. I want to see trolls of all blood colors being equal."

Leijon saw the look in his eyes. She was caught for a second, then began to laugh."You are mad."

"I told him the same thing, and I still followed him,"the Psiioniic stated.

Leijon calmed down."Well, you have a dream, that much can be said."She looked down to her feet."I have always wondered what equality would be like."

"Then come with us,"Vantas offered.

She looked up to see his hand held out.

"It isn't fun to be alone. And three people is better than two."

She smiled."Your a fool. But I will follow."She grabbed his hand."Whatever awaits, I'll follow."

"Whatever stands in our way,"the Psiioniic added,"we will overcome."

"Whatever happens, we will take it, and persevere,"Vantas finished.

Leijon gathered some food for the journey awaiting her.

She was going back to the hut, when she fell over.

She got up, and gathered together her food.

She looked over to see someone picking up some of her food for her.

"Oh, hello my lord,"Leijon said, standing up.

The blue blood looked at her."No need to be so formal miss. I'm just helping you gather your food."

"Thank you,"she said, bowing.

He nodded, handing her the food."You going somewhere?"

She nodded."I'm going on a little journey to find out more about Alternia."

He nodded."This is a lot of food for one person."

"Well, I'm not going alone."

He nodded and smiled."Well, have a good journey."

She nodded."Thank you for all the help you have given me my lord."

"Darkleer,"he replied.

"I'm sorry,"Leijon replied.

"My name is Darkleer. No need to call me 'my lord.'"

"Well then, thank Mr. Darkleer."

He nodded."You are welcome miss Leijon."

He walked off.

For a blue blood, he sure was nice.

That day, the group of three set off. But they were going to the place where Vantas' journey began. He had promised to return, and it was about time he fulfilled that promise. His guardian waited.

Along the way, Leijon began to learn from Vantas, and soon became his disciple. The bond grew over the years to more than teacher and student.

The following of the Signless would soon grow more and more. The highbloods though, still thought little of him, and didn't bother to deal with him.

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