Alrighty then.  I know I said I would have the sequel up by January…well, that didn't go as planned.  I have the first three chapters written, but I'm a little stuck.  I know I can't just leave The Last Sorcerer there; there has to be more.  But between The Black Secret and Reflections, not to mention a MASH fic that I'm gonna start, I have no idea how I'm going to work on this.  I need to finish The Black Secret, which is coming to an end soon, and Reflections, which is rounding second, heading for third.  Then I may be able to start Rene.

I'm gonna work on this one a little here and there, but don't expect regular updates as often as I'd like.  I'd like to try one a week, but I don't know how that'll go.  I'll try.  I hope everyone liked The Last Sorcerer, and I'll work on making the sequel just as interesting.  Thank you all for being patient, I know there are some who have given up on this fic.  I promise to try and be better about it.

May the blessings of Slytherin fall upon you,

Rickman's Girl