Jane looks up from the camp fire at her brothers when she hears the noise. It's coming from nearby, but they're nowhere near any other campers, and it doesn't sound like an animal noise. It's almost like a gunshot, but not similar enough to alarm her. Soon Maura emerges from the woods, holding a stone in each hand. She gingerly drops them by her fold-out stool and picks up the stretched metal hanger she had previously sterilized for roasting hot dogs.

"Maur. What are the stones for?" Jane nods her head toward them.



"Bears," she enunciates. Maura looks through the fire at Tommy and Frankie for confirmation, but they just stare back at her, wide-eyed. "I read that loud noises, such as striking two stones, or sticks, together, will prevent bears from stumbling upon one's camp site." Her head tilts in question, "I was simply trying to avoid an Ursidae encounter."

Jane actually manages to hide her amusement until her brothers burst out in laughter. "Ain't you ever seen The Parent Trap, Maura?" Tommy slaps his knee. He can barely contain himself.

Frankie is a little more tactful, through his guffaws. "Sorry, Maura, but bears are gonna find any source of food in miles, whether or not you hit some rocks together."

By this time, Maura is feeling pretty foolish and Jane can see the redness on her neck, even in the dim fire light. "Aww, Maura, it's ok," she puts a hand on Maura's shoulder. "It's your first time camping. You didn't know."

Finally the laughter dies down and Maura's sheepish look of embarrassment turns to a smirk as she points to Jane's hot dog. "Your dinner is on fire."