"Ok, you got your flashlight?"


"And your sleeping pad is inflated?"


"And there's no food anywhere except what we strung up in that tree?"


"And you don't have to pee?"

"No, Jane, I already went."

"Ok, good, because I'm not getting up in the middle of the night to walk you out—"

"You won't have to, I promise."



"Then I think we're ready to go to sleep."

"Ok. Goodnight, Jane."

"Goodnight, Maura."

They both lie back and shut off their flashlights. The night sounds close in on them. Crickets. A little wind through the trees. Faint snoring in the boys' tent.

"Jane?" Maura whispers, hoping the other woman is still awake.

"Yes, Maura?"

"Thanks for taking me camping."

"You're welcome."

Maura zips her sleeping bag all the way up and wraps her arms around herself.

Jane turns her head to face Maura. "Are you cold?"

"No, I'm fine. I bought a selection of sleeping bags for various atmospheric conditions. This one is supposed to be comfortable down to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. It's only about thirty-five now."

"You're shivering."

"It's ok, Jane, as soon as my body heat fills the sleeping bag—"

"Unzip it."


"Just do it."

Jane unzips her own sleeping bag, then joins their zippers together, making one big pocket of warm for them to share. "I used to do this with Tommy when he was cold." She feels around with her feet, clamping Maura's popsicle toes between her calves. "Give me your hands." Jane pulls them up to her chest. "Better?"


Jane gives a small smile, just barely visible in the tent-filtered moonlight. "Good."

"Thank you, Jane."

"You're welcome, Maur." Jane feels just the slightest bit of guilt for switching the tags on Maura's sleeping bag. But that feeling goes away quickly.