Jane almost stumbles to the front of the room. She doesn't want to be here, she doesn't want to be doing this, and she doesn't have anything to say.

"I, uh… I loved my Pop. Growing up, he…" she clears her throat, "Pop did all the fun stuff with us, playing ball, going camping. He didn't always have time for us because of work, but he tried." One side of her mouth curled up into a smile. "He coached my softball team a couple years, and I was so proud." The smile faded and she looked down, stopped her hands from wringing.

"I know it wasn't easy bein' our Pop. We got into fights. We weren't the best behaved kids around," she glances up at Maura, "but he loved us anyway. I never doubted that, even when I was being punished, or when I couldn't stay out late. I knew my parents loved me and that they'd always be there when I needed them.

"I don't know why… he did the things he did the last couple of years. Maybe he wanted to go back to those days, playin' ball with us kids in the driveway, and he thought…" Jane looked down at the floor, "maybe he just wanted to be that fun dad again." Angela's head tilted when Jane looked at her pointedly. "He hurt us all when he left." Jane stands up straighter, wipes a tear from her eyes, and finishes. "But I choose to remember the man he wanted to be. The man I looked up to, and was proud of."