Pizza night became a thing a few weeks ago when Jane caught Maura watching Grey's Anatomy, not what Jane had expected when Maura claimed to be "catching up on the latest medical developments." Jane had teased her about it for a few minutes, but soon joined her on the sofa.

Jane kept asking questions, talking over the dialogue and making fun of the more annoying characters. (Maura would never admit it, but as usual she used fifteen words to explain a relationship or patient diagnosis when just one would do.) Finally Maura paused the DVR and said, "What will it take to quiet that monkey mind of yours?"

Seeing her opportunity, Jane made a deal that grew in her favor until she elicited an exasperated gasp from her friend. "Pizza. From Gino's. With pepperoni. No plates."

"No plates! That's uncivilized, Jane!"

"That's the point, Maura." Jane raised an eyebrow in challenge. "No plates, no talking."

Maura's lips pursed and her eyes narrowed, but she acquiesced. "Order it." But she held up a finger, halting Jane before she could speed-dial Gino's. "One condition." She swirled her finger in the air, as if stirring a cloud, "Every week. Grey's Anatomy, pizza, you and me." The finger found its way to her lips. "No plates." Jane smiled, nodded, and dialed.

Jane thought she had won that round. But in fact, Maura had just persuaded Jane to watch her favorite show and buy her dinner. A couple of plates was a small sacrifice for a standing date with Jane Rizzoli.