It was nothing new to see both Captain and Lieutenant of the Eighth Division make advances towards each other; they had been flirting for years. However, it was against the law of Soul Society for a Captain and their Lieutenant to engage in a relationship.

But then again, neither Shunsui Kyōraku nor Lisa Yadomaru had ever cared much for rules, preferring to break them if it would bring some personal satisfaction to them.

That was why the two were currently sitting on the futon in Shunsui's home, embracing each other as their tongues fought desperately for dominance. Shunsui's hands roamed the small of Lisa's back, slipping in beneath the black skirt she wore, teasing the soft flesh his hands found.

Lisa broke the kiss and rested her forehead against the brunet man's shoulder, breathing heavily as her glasses slipped askew. "We're going to be in so much trouble if we get caught..." she whispered in a breathy moan, a deep ache between her legs conveying her need to be filled.

Shunsui's mouth nipped at her earlobe, his breathing heavy as his large hands slipped the woman out of her uniform. His hakama was restraining his throbbing erection almost painfully, and he couldn't wait to be free of the annoyance, much preferring nudity to clothing any day.

"Yama-jii wouldn't dare do anything against us," the Captain reassured as his shaking hands fumbled with his obi. He pulled it off before he dropped his hakama, his hard shaft standing to attention. "Don't worry so much."

Lisa moaned as she observed the man's figure. She had waited so long to see him like this; held back too long in fear of punishment for breaking some of the strictest rules. Her new boyfriend's body was defined by his broad chest and shoulders, his strong stomach covered by dark curls that started at his sternum and ended just above his large manhood. She couldn't help but lay down on the futon, silently inviting him to enter her.

Kyōraku knelt down to join their mouths together once again as he slipped inside of the woman he had craved for so many years, just glad they could finally share this moment together. He moaned in a guttural manner, his powerful hips drawing out once more so that they could slam back into the raven-haired beauty beneath him.

Lisa cried out as her lover filled her to the brim. Her delicate hands gripped the man's shoulders as she rocked her own hips to meet his thrusts. Tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks, feeling tightness in her stomach she knew signified her proximity.

Shunsui himself wasn't far off coming. He had been with many people throughout his life, but none of them had ever satisfied him like Lisa. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he not only felt pleased physically, but emotionally and mentally, too; he finally had the one he loved in his embrace, and that alone was more important than any of those faceless women he had fucked would ever be.

The woman cried out loudly as her legs quivered, feeling a calloused thumb reaching down to rub her spot. She moaned, her arms reaching up to wrap around Shunsui's neck. She brought their mouths together as she felt her orgasm exploding through her body harder than it had in years.

Shunsui moaned loudly as he thrust his hips, emptying himself into his partner. His body was tense from his climax, and he felt boneless, unable to stop himself from falling onto Lisa. He sighed and forced himself roll off her, not wanting to crush her underneath his weight.

Lisa curled up against Shunsui, resting her head on the sturdy chest. They panted together, each fighting to catch their breaths; they hadn't had such emotionally exhausting sex before. Shunsui's arms were wrapped around the delicate figure, holding her close to him.

"Lisa-chan, did you enjoy it as much as I did?" Shunsui asked once he had his breathing under control.

Lisa nodded. "Yes. Thank you, Captain."

Shunsui reached up, placing a single finger on pink lips. He shook his head, his eyes displaying tender emotion. "It's not 'Captain' when we're along together like this. It's 'Shunsui'."

Lisa's own turquoise eyes returned the feelings, her voice as soft as ever as she replied. "Yes, Shunsui."

"I love you, Lisa-chan." Kyōraku kissed the sweaty cheek belonging to the younger female before he curled around her protectively, wanting to fall asleep and dream about this moment for as long as he could, but Lisa's voice stopped that.

"What if someone finds out?" Lisa asked, sighing softly at the thought. "...They'd take us away from each other..."

Shunsui shook his head, his thumb rubbing circles along the woman's face. "They wouldn't dare. We just won't tell anyone. We'll keep this our little secret."

Lisa nodded, knowing that there was no point in stressing about something they shouldn't have done in the first place. She closed her eyes, snuggling in closer to the strong man holding her in such a loving manner. She knew that when Shunsui said he wouldn't tell anyone, he would keep that promise – mostly. He would tell his best friend, naturally, but she knew neither male would ever say a word to anyone else. She couldn't stop Shunsui from talking to his friend; they had shared everything between them since their Academy days, and she wouldn't want to stop him; the last thing she wanted to be towards Shunsui was controlling.

Together, the two fell fast asleep in each other's arms, the moonlight shining down on their naked bodies.

~~The next morning~~

When Shunsui was awoken to soft murmurs of his name and a gentle shaking of his shoulder, he expected to see Lisa waking him for breakfast – but instead, he looked up into the pale face of his best friend, Jyuushiro Ukitake.

"Shun, are you awake?" the younger male's soft voice sounded confused, and the green orbs looking down at his friend showed it.

Shunsui mumbled something before he sat up, rubbing at his eyes. He looked down at the spot on the futon beside him, sure that Lisa would still be with him, but she was gone. Reaching down to touch where she had slept revealed that she had been gone for a while as the futon had gone cold.

"Where's Lisa-chan...?" Shunsui sighed, thinking that the woman had gone home.

"She's in the kitchen cooking breakfast..." Jyuushiro sat back on the hardwood floor beside his friend's futon. "I don't understand; why did she spend the night at your home? And why are you naked...?"

Shunsui shook his head, still feeling very drowsy; he was not used to getting out of bed so willingly in the mornings; it usually took several minutes of impatience before he would even open his eyes. "I could ask you why you're in my house."

Jyuushiro was taken aback by the annoyance in his best friend's tone, but he wasn't surprised; Shunsui wasn't a morning person by any means. "...We always have breakfast together Wednesday mornings... Remember...?"

"Oh, yeah. Listen, Jyuu; I'm sorry for snapping at you, but you can't tell anyone that Lisa-chan is here. We're kind of... in a relationship now."

Jyuushiro's eyes widened, and if Shunsui didn't know his best friend as well as he did, he may not have caught the surprised hurt in the green orbs. He frowned, not knowing why this information would hurt his friend. Did Jyuushiro secretly like Lisa or something?

"Are you okay?" Shunsui asked, reaching out to put his hand on his friend's arm.

Jyuushiro moved back, avoiding the touch. He shook his head, forcing a smile onto his face that Shunsui knew was fake. "I'm fine. I'm suddenly feeling ill now. I might return home and get some rest instead."

Shunsui couldn't stop his friend as Ukitake left the bedroom. He wondered what he had said to upset the younger. He had never noticed Jyuushiro showing signs of liking Lisa before. Was he jealous that Yadomaru was no longer available for him to court? This was very unlike Jyuushiro. But then again, the one thing the man refused to talk about was his love life.

Kyōraku didn't realise until then, but every time the topic of sex and relations came up between them, Jyuushiro would nervously change the topic to something else. He was sure Jyuu had never dated someone, and if he had had sex already, he hadn't said.

Was there something more to Jyuushiro's odd behaviour than Shunsui had realised?