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The day of the 'lunch date' had arrived, and Jyuushiro was not sure how he felt about things; he liked Lisa – he really did! – but as a friend; Shunsui was the one he loved, and he knew he was deceiving everyone around him by acting as if he were dating a woman, even if it were just to keep his sexual orientation safe.

However, one thing Jyuushiro was not expecting when his best friend arrived at his office was to be told that another was to be joining them on their 'date'.

"Excuse me?" Jyuushiro raised a black eyebrow, his green eyes glittering with confusion. "I don't understand."

Shunsui laughed as he made himself at home, sprawling on the couch lazily. He took a swig out of his sake bottle before he replied. "You know Nanao Ise? She's the youngest member in my Division, and she's taken quite a shining to Lisa-chan. They read together once a month."

Jyuushiro smiled, indeed knowing who his friend was talking about; Nanao Ise was a raven-haired girl who had the outward appearance of an eight-year-old child. She was sweet mannered and always seemed to have a book with her wherever he saw her. There was a determined shine in her eyes which backed up everything Kyōraku said about her always striving to be the best she could be.

"So she's joining us for lunch?" Ukitake's smile brightened, feeling better about this whole idea; he loved children, loved spoiling them, wanting to feel like the father he had always wanted to be. "I would be honoured by her presence, Shun."

"She's with Lisa-chan now, organising everything." Shunsui stood up and hooked his harm around his best friend's pulling him along without further ado. "Now let's go-!"

The slighter male couldn't help but laugh, needing the childish attitude the older was known for; he was feeling so down, humour was a godsend at that minute. "Okay, Shun."

The two made it through the streets, their arms linked like the best friends they were. People paid them no heed, so used to their odd friendship, it wouldn't be normal to not see them this close.

The captains arrived at the café Shunsui had led them to fifteen minutes later, finding Lisa and her young admirer seated quietly in the corner reading a book together.

"Lisa-chan-!" Shunsui rushed towards his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around the woman, hugging her tightly, ignoring the presence of the other people surrounding them.

Lisa sighed and pushed Shunsui away, whispering to him before she spoke louder, enough for everyone to hear. "Captain Kyōraku! What have I told you about this? Make room for Captain Ukitake!"

Shunsui pouted and, much resembling a dog with its tail between its legs, moved to the other side of the booth and sat next to his subordinate. He narrowed his eyes and glared in a jealous manner as his Lieutenant instead gestured for his best friend to join her, but he knew not to say anything – he had to deal with this for all of their wellbeing.

Jyuushiro was shy as he sat next to the woman, finding this very unusual; he and the brunet did everything together, and he couldn't remember the last time he had been physically closer to someone other than Shunsui when said man was so near to him.

Shunsui huffed and turned away when Lisa kissed the pale man's cheek. It wasn't in his nature to harm either of them for this, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to get jealous. He wouldn't chase away the younger male like he did so many others – solely because this was his best friend and he was hurting.

"Ise-san, how has your training come along?" Shunsui forced himself to keep a normal tone, not wanting to arouse suspicion between the other customers in the café. "Lisa-chan has told me you're mastering Kido."

The young Shinigami smiled and nodded. "Yes, sir. Lieutenant Yadomaru has been very helpful."

Shunsui grinned and ruffled the raven hair playfully before he stood up, beaming at the small group. "I'm going to make our orders. I already know what everyone wants so unless you've changed your mind..."

With the silence, Shunsui soon left, leaving the three alone. Nanao was the first to speak, a blush coating her cheeks.

"C-captain Kyōraku..." the unseated officer stuttered, shifting the large book in her hold, "...told me that... you two are... dating..."

Jyuushiro looked down at his lap, not knowing how to respond. Lisa, however, wrapped her arm around the taller male and pulled him close, her face giving away nothing. "Of course we are. We haven't made it public yet, but you can tell people if you want to. We should start doing that soon."

Nanao giggled. "You two are cute together."

Jyuushiro smiled sadly, wishing that he could tell the truth – he couldn't stand lying to such a young child who was obviously happy about this; how would she feel if she found out they were lying and covering up a much deeper secret?

Shunsui returned not long later, a tray in his arms carrying their food and drink. He sorted everything out happily, and he couldn't help but let his hand linger next to Lisa's, wanting nothing more than to hold it and caress it with all the love he had in him.

People were looking their way, obviously in shock over finding out that a Captain and Lieutenant were dating – this was an unprecedented event, and they had believed it was against the laws of Soul Society.

Jyuushiro, knowing that this had been planned as a date between Shunsui and Lisa, felt terrible about being there, as if they couldn't have the romantic lunch they had planned because of his presence, as if it were all his fault they couldn't be the couple they were.

"Ise-san, I've heard much about you." The white-haired male smiled at the girl, his eyes as gentle as ever. "I hear you are very brave. Shunsui believes you have a lot of potential."

Nanao blushed at the comment, those words meaning a lot coming from someone as esteemed as Jyuushiro Ukitake. "T-thank you, Captain Ukitake. Really, it is thanks to Captain Kyōraku and Lieutenant Yadomaru's guidance."

"You're too modest, Ise-san!" Shunsui wrapped an arm around the girl, pulling her against him. The other two adults could only laugh when Ise's face went red and a small fist connected with a stubbly cheek.

"C-captain Kyōraku!" Nanao squeaked, her eyes ablaze with embarrassment.

Shunsui just frowned and rubbed his cheek, cowering slightly from the girl. His perverted nature provoked an automatic sexual response to arrive at his lips, but he swallowed his words, knowing the girl was too young to be exposed to such things. "Lisa-chan really has taught you a lot, hasn't she?"

Lisa just laughed as she moved closer to Jyuushiro, grabbing the man's hand in hers. She shrugged when the older jumped in surprise and gave her a questioning look and leant in close, whispering into his ear. "People are staring."

Jyuushiro bit his lip, nodding. He hesitantly squeezed back, greatly concerned about what the other customers could be thinking. It wasn't that he was uncomfortable being seen with Lisa – it was that he was worried about whether or not people would see how uneasy he was with her and put the pieces together.

"Hey, Shun?" Jyuushiro's throat was dry, testimony to his restlessness. He swallowed the lump in his throat before he spoke again. "...Shun, I... I-I feel unwell... Would I be rude if I excused myself for a rest?"

Shunsui shook his head. "Of course not, dear friend. Do you want me to escort you?"

"I will be fine." Jyuushiro smiled at the brunet. "Please, finish your lunch."

Lisa didn't say anything as Ukitake got to his feet, but before the pale Captain could walk away, she grabbed his arm, stopping him from moving. She took advantage of the fact that he had opened his mouth in order to question her moves and crushed her lips against his.

Jyuushiro's eyes widened and he was frozen in shock. While it was true he had done his fair share of kissing with other men with the same orientation, he had never done it with a female, let alone without warning.

When Yadomaru pulled away, Jyuushiro's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. He was unaware of the jealous glint in his friend's eyes or the blush that coated Nanao's cheeks.

"Have a good rest, my love." A mischievous smirk crossed the woman's face as she sat back down, turning her attention to her two Division members.

Jyuushiro could only nod, his mind still trying to process what had happened. Did Lisa just... kiss him...? Why? He understood that it was only for show, but still! Did she really have to... to... to take advantage of him like that?!

Shaking his head, the Thirteenth Captain just left the cafe, intent on getting back to Ugendo and getting some sleep. He would probably need it.