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~ * ~ Chapter 9 ~ * ~

* ~ * Final Goodbye * ~ *

* * * * * * *

Rapturous laughter erupted from the very pit of her stomach and she jumped onto Draco's bed, grinning from ear to ear. She roughly tucked her red hair behind her ears and buried herself within the covers, the green fabric surrounding her in warmth. Ginny knew she had to make the most of what she had… if what he'd said was serious it meant their relationship was over and he'd be leaving sometime after he finished his final year at Hogwarts. She did understand that he needed to, it was just that it hurt her.

She flopped back onto the bed and closed her eyes, a moment later she felt another weight on the bed, and then found his fingers grazing across her neck lightly. Biting down on her lip she suppressed a moan, instead making a little squeak of surprise. She heard him laugh, and then smiled at the sound. Draco rarely laughed, and especially around her. It was part of his facade; Draco Malfoy did not laugh, neither did he smile, tell jokes, share his feelings, or fall in love. He'd thrown all that away for her.

Ginny looked over to him, he was beginning to look stressed, it had gradually progressed over the past week, and it particularly looked as though he couldn't sleep very well lately. There were dark circles under his eyes, and his face looked paler than usual.

'Is this whole situation getting to you more than you're saying?' asked Ginny softly. 'Because I want to know if it is, maybe try to help you… I know a few sleeping charms if you need any—'

'It was the guilt,' he whispered mildly bringing his hands up; he began to examine his nails carefully, his attention hardly wavering as he spoke to her. 'After I pushed you away like that, I couldn't sleep, couldn't even bring myself to sleep in this bed… Everyone around here thought I was going crazy. That's how Pansy discovered that I was the one you'd been sneaking around with… she'd heard a few rumours and then she put two and two together.'

Ginny sighed. 'I never asked about Pansy.'

'But you did want to know… you were curious ever since I gave you that piece of parchment this morning.'

'Can't say I wasn't, suppose it makes sense now,' Ginny said snickering. 'You know the amount of people who thought you and Pansy had got back together, I just hoped you hadn't… I hate her, disengaged bitch!'

Raising his eyebrows Draco laughed again, letting his hand fall and drop to lie casually over her stomach. She glanced down at it then brought her eyes back to him. He smiled a little and threw a glance to her. 'Never knew you hated her so much.'

The youngest Weasley turned her nose up and giggled lightly. 'Hated you more,' she muttered. Ginny looked at him cautiously again waiting for his reaction, but he stayed quiet, obviously reflecting on what she'd just told him. 'A lot more,' she added with a growl.

For around the tenth time that week Ginny was shocked as Draco jumped up quickly, grasped her wrists, and pushed her down so she was unable to move. He shifted himself and then settled so he had one knee resting on either side of her, he leant down slowly, his lips only a few centimetres from hers. Ginny took in a sharp nervous breath. 'Admit it, deep down you still do… there's a part of this whole relationship that disgusts you,' he said bluntly, there was no way he was joking either, she could tell by the cold glare of his grey eyes.

'I won't lie,' she said quietly, 'I know it's wrong, and that's mainly why I want it so much.'

'That's the same with me,' answered Draco before he removed one of his hands, taking it down towards one of the buttons on her shirt. 'So what do you want to do tonight?'

'Don't think it matters what I want, you seem to have your own definite ideas,' Ginny snorted in mock disgust and brushed his hand away with her own. 'My God Draco, can't you even keep your hands off me for five minutes?'

'What do you think,' he replied in a whisper. Leaning down a little more he pressed his lips against hers, capturing them in a tender kiss. His fiery demanding kisses had dwindled since their first meeting, which actually proved to her that he cared and didn't take her for granted.

Ginny returned the kiss tracing her fingers across the front of his robes slowly and down towards his belt. She paused and jerked her head from him. 'Is the door locked?'

'Yes, there's a charm…' Draco whispered trailing off, he stared at her for a long moment. 'Do you trust me enough to do this again?'

'I trust you,' answered Ginny solemnly. She slowly moved her eyes to the candles around the room then squirmed a little, he moved off her and she darted towards the curtains, pulling them to. Just the one single candle that sat beside his bed illuminated them.

The redhead grinned at him as he looked around, and then he muttered, 'Ooh cosy.' His silver eyes danced in the reflection of the flame and he smiled a little, leaning forward gradually.

Ginny smiled then extended her hands to his shoulders pushing him down, and kissing him strongly. This continued for around two minutes of ecstasy until she pulled away to murmur, 'I love you.'

'I love you too,' he whispered back, tracing his fingers through her hair.

'Blow the candle out will you?' Ginny smirked down and clambered off him lying down on her back, staring at the top of the drapes. She took a few breaths trying to calm herself down, she loved kissing him, it made her come alive, it also made her heart race, and her cheeks flush.

As he stared at her Ginny came to the conclusion she'd just shocked him with that statement, she raised an eyebrow expectantly. He nodded slowly crawling over to where the candle was sat, and then keeping his eyes fixed on her he blew it out quickly.

* * * * * * *

Raindrops were falling heavily outside, and they were smashing against the window hard, pounding against the roof. It matched his heartbeat echoing in his head, the steady pumping of the blood around his veins. The reminder that he was still alive and she'd kept him there. Her breathing was light in his ear, her heart beating steadily, and he could feel it against his chest. He was still unsure as to if she was asleep or not, she hadn't moved a lot, but the grip she had on his leg with her foot was gradually lessening. Either she'd fallen into silent slumber or she was edging to get out.

Draco kept his eyes wide as he stared up at the ceiling, the charm was still on the door, and he was surprised no one had pounded on it yet desperate to get in. He lazily dragged his fingers through her silky red hair and then traced them across her shoulder, loving the feeling of her soft skin. He felt her nuzzle against him a little more, burying her head in the crook of his neck. They'd been lying like this for the past two hours or so, wrapped in each other's arms, searching for the plane of sleep.

Around ten minutes later and when Draco was almost asleep he felt her move abruptly, the feeling of her warm body pressed again his vanished, and the redhead clambered out of the bed. He half closed his eyes, giving the impression he was asleep. Then he listened as she bustled around him collecting all her clothing together, there was more shuffling and she even managed to smack him in the face with her shirtsleeve. He tried hard not to flinch.

'Oof…stupid shirt…' Ginny muttered and then she was silent again, just the creaking and squeaking of the springs in the mattress. He felt a sudden loss in his heart as she pushed the curtains open and crawled to the edge of the bed, swinging her legs off it. There was a rather loud squeak as Ginny jumped off the bed and then proceeded to march over to where her shoes were.

Draco sighed inwardly closing his eyes tightly. She was leaving, this was it, it was over. Why was he letting her go? Why was he letting the girl he loved slip through his fingertips? Simple really, he didn't want her in danger. When his life was finally sorted out he would come and find her, he'd promised her only hours ago.

He felt her presence near, then he felt her lips press against his gently, and then it was over, her warm presence gone for what would probably seem like eternity. Ginny's fingers suddenly ran through his hair and she whispered, 'Goodbye…'

A moment later the door opened and he felt the draught against his skin, it was gone again and the dormitory door shut with a dull thud. He was alone again, she was gone, and his battle had only just begun.

* * * * * * *

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