"Morgiana!" She could hear someone calling from a far.

Involuntarily, her body starts to shiver. She recognizes that voice. She knew exactly who it was. She started to run towards the voice. She knew that he wasn't known for his patience. She couldn't keep him waiting.

"There you are, Morgiana! Where have you been?"

The figure in front of her was still black as night. All she could see is his silhouette. Morgiana's eyes widened in fear as her worries were proven to be true.

"Answer me when I speak to you!"

The silhouette could be seen raising his arm. Morgiana was stunned and in the flash of the moment when his palm landed on her face, she woke up screaming in her room. Beads of cold sweat dripped down her forehead. Panting, she tried to calm herself down.

She looked around and she could see the room she was in. It was a huge room with the most beautiful curtains. She felt a little calmer now that she has grasped reality. Her grip on her sheets were so tight, it seems like they would rip any second. She could even feel pain on the side of her face.

The door swung open and in came Alibaba with his usual boyish smile just before he bid some people outside the door goodbye. Without realizing, Morgiana's heart skipped a beat when she saw him. Leaping out of the bed, she ran towards him in an instant and flung her arms around his neck.

"Ah, why aren't you asleep?" He asked in surprise.

After giving her forehead a light kiss, he gently pushed her away to see her pale face. That was when he knew the answer to his question.

"Did you have the nightmare again?" He asked as he led her back towards the bed. She nodded, still too scared to talk.

Without another word, he sat her down on the bed, before doing the same next to her. He wrapped an arm around her to pull her close while his other hand held onto hers. They sat in silence for a few minutes. He knew that this would calm her down. After being with her for so many years, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

"You should rest now, my dear. Staying up late isn't healthy for you and our baby."

Alibaba placed his hand on Morgiana's stomach. His warmth made her smile. All her worries melted away at his touch. They both lay down side by side, facing each other. He traced the outlines of her face with his finger, looking at his beautiful wife.

"Good night, my king. I'll be able to sleep without nightmares when you are next to me." Morgiana said before slowly dozing off.

"Good night, my queen. Sleep well." Alibaba replied. That night, he slept with a huge smile on his face.