"Hey, OC, how's your girl?" asked Buzzy when OC walked in from another long "private" phone call.

"Waddaya mean, Buzz. Didn't you know? OC focuses on hockey, that's why he's never trying to score chicks. Plus, you know, he's got no chance, standing next to me, and all that." said Mac, cracking open a beer.

"You're pretty funny, you know that Mac? Funny looking!" said OC, tipping the other boys beer so that is splashed on his face.

"You pain in the ass," said Mac, gritting his teeth and for a moment the room went tense before they both began to laugh. Tensions were high sometimes, but all in all the boys were getting along much better these days.

"So, just to bring back attention to the subject Buzzy brought up- do you have a girl?" asked Bah.

"Why ya wanna know so bad?" asked Pav, "you lookin' for an in?"

"No, I just mean, you're not, gay, or something, are you?" continued Bah.

"Christ Harrington, I should knock you on your ass for that. But no, I'm not gay. I do have a girl, I just choose not keep it private, so I don't have to sit around talking about my feelings with you losers," said OC.

"Oh, jeez OC, I'm sorry. I didn't think she'd be that bad looking, you'd have to keep her a secret. You've seen some of the girls the Coneheads take home, no shame man," said Verchota.

"She's not ugly, lemme tell you," said Silky, earning a grin from the Minnesota boys, "Actually, let Rizzo tell you. Ain't your sister a looker Riz?"

"She's your sister, Rizzo? Jesus, OC, I know you like to live on the edge, but Rizzo's sister?"

"Yeah, he might be smaller than you, and you might get more time in the penalty box, but I'm pretty sure he could kill you if he wanted to."

"That's what they call that 'quiet intensity', and Rizzo, my man, you have not got it."

The Minnesota boys were laughing hysterically at this point, and it only got worse when OC confessed, "He almost did when he first found out about us. Caught her in my room when he came over to borrow a textbook or something, he turned into the Incredible Hulk for a minute there."

Rizzo gave the Minnesota boys a chance to regain their breath before he continued the explanation, "She's not technically my sister, she's my cousin. But we grew up living in the same house, and in the order of people living in that house, she came right after me- I was always in charge of looking out for her. Looking out for her did not including catching OC trying to get her out of her top."

"In my defense," said OC, "she's wasn't objecting."

"I'm gonna kill you OC! A nice Italian girl like her, messing around with a Mick like you- it's a disgrace!" said Rizzo, chasing the younger boy around the room as everybody laughed. Nobody moved to interfere, because, well, Rizzo knew how to control himself, and OC deserved whatever he got.