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People packed the church, filling the pews with their bodies and the air with their voices. The noise rolled about in soft murmurs that sounded more like hundreds of winged insects taking to the air. No voice rose above the other, but rather, they all stayed at the same muted tone.

It left for an unnerving feeling and Ciel shifted his weight. Standing at the front of the church made the feeling even worse. Not only did he have to deal with the muffled conversations, he also had to worry about the hundreds of eyes that stared at him. Inquisitive, they tracked his every movement, silently judging him to see if he could hold his own.

Ciel tugged anxiously at his tie and then smoothed down the front of his suit again. He couldn't keep still under the intense gazes and his heart hammered against his chest. Next to him, Claude didn't look any better and Ciel worried that neither of them would make it through the ceremony without passing out. He had good reason to feel nervous though and he reached up to adjust the flower pinned to his suit.

"Stop it," Claude hissed. "You're making me edgy."

"I can't help it," Ciel growled back. "I'm nervous."

Claude gave a hollow laugh. "You're nervous? What do you think I am?"

Ciel's lips twitched. "Scared shitless?"

"Har," Claude grunted and pushed up his glasses. "I believe you're the one who looks like he's about to piss himself."

Ciel scowled. "If we weren't in a church right now, I'd strangle you." His eyes darted to the congregation that sat in the pews and he could feel their heavy gaze on them once more. The mass amount of people only made him even more nervous and Ciel tried to focus his attention on something else. Like the flowers that lined the altar. That was a safe and neutral object.

His fingers twitched, wanting to play with his tie again and Ciel firmly clasped his hands together in front of him. Despite the cool air in the church, sweat still beaded up on his hairline and Ciel wished the ground would open up to swallow him. He never thought a wedding could be so nerve wracking.

He jumped when the organ started to play and Claude grabbed his wrist. "Relax; they're not coming just yet." Claude shook his head. "Seriously now, you're making me freak out."

"This is all your fault," Ciel grumbled.

Claude didn't answer him and instead turned to look down the aisle. Ciel sighed heavily and followed his lead. Despite his nervousness, he still found himself looking forward to seeing Sebastian walking down the aisle. The thought made his heart race even more and Ciel took a few deep breaths to steady himself. The last thing he needed was to pass out. No one would let him live that down.

The flower girls moved past them, sprinkling the petals onto the ground with cheerful smiles. Ciel vaguely wondered who would have to clean up the mess afterwards. Behind them, a small procession of bridesmaids moved down the aisle and Ciel shifted to look around them. He hoped to see Sebastian, but the line of females moved too slowly and he huffed in annoyance.

The organ struck another key, raising the tone and almost like a wave, the congregation turned to face the back of the church. Next to him, Claude swallowed audibly and Ciel took comfort in knowing that someone as composed as Claude had trouble controlling himself now.

His breath caught in his throat as Sebastian moved down the aisle and he locked his knees together as they started to quiver. Sebastian looked stunning in the crisp black suit and Ciel traced over every line that made up Sebastian's body. The suit fit well and despite Sebastian's long and loud complaining at the tailors, it had obviously been worth it.

Blue eyes slid to the woman next to him. She smiled softly as they walked down the aisle, her white dress a stark contrast to Sebastian's black suit. Two opposites in almost every sense of the word, yet they complimented each other well. Yin and yang, Ciel figured as they approached the altar and next to him, Claude shifted in place.

Despite his racing heart and anxiety that he felt, Ciel couldn't help but find some humor in the whole situation. Hannah's father had passed away several years ago and she had asked Sebastian to take his place. To have Sebastian lead the bride down the aisle seemed almost funny and Ciel wondered who led who. Although, it was a straight shot and Sebastian had walked the aisle several times during rehearsal to make sure he knew how many steps it would take.

They came to a stop in front of them and Hannah pecked Sebastian's cheek before passing him off to Ciel. He gave Sebastian's hand a light squeeze as Hannah took her place across from Claude and felt himself relaxing with Sebastian next to him.

The piano twittered to a stop, the last note lingering in the air before eventually fading. It was a soft sound and Ciel could see Sebastian clinging to it until even he couldn't hear it. As Sebastian confessed to him earlier in the week, he liked weddings for all the sounds he could hear. But at the same time, he didn't like standing for hours.

"Tell me," Sebastian muttered softly next to him. "How terrified does Claude look?"


Sebastian smirked. "He sounds it. His voice won't stop shaking and it cracks every now and then." He cocked his head to the side. "And he's sweating."

Ciel's shoulders shook as he tried to quell his laughter. "You're terrible."

"Made you laugh though," Sebastian murmured. "Although, you're just as bad as he is."

Heat blossomed across Ciel's face but he didn't deny Sebastian's statement. He knew all too well how nervous he was. Even though he didn't know why. It wasn't like he was the one getting married. But, standing at the front of the church with Sebastian at his side put certain things in perspective and had his mind racing.

He looked at Sebastian out of the corner of his eyes and traced over the familiar features he had come to know so well after several years. All the dips, curves, and lines that made up Sebastian's body, Ciel knew them all. Even with his eyes closed, Ciel could still map out Sebastian's body. He knew it intimately, a knowledge that came from years of living with Sebastian.

Their relationship wasn't without its trials though and they fought on occasion, but Ciel never once regretted his choice to move south with Sebastian. Through the four years that he had known Sebastian, Ciel would never regret meeting Sebastian all those years back. It was by far, the best thing to happen to him.

What had started out as a cautious and almost hesitant relationship nearly three years ago during Ciel's internship, had blossomed into a strong and steadfast one. Their time together during Ciel's internship was like a dance, one that had them circling around something more than friends, but not quite dating. Sebastian likened it to an interview and wanted to make sure that Ciel truly didn't mind giving everything up to move south.

It wasn't until after graduation, when Ciel showed up again on Sebastian's doorstep, that Sebastian finally conceded. Ciel wasn't going to give up and he remained adamant about his feelings. And now, two years later, Ciel still felt the same way about Sebastian as he had after their first kiss. His emotions, if anything, had grown stronger and Ciel knew that Sebastian felt the same.

He smiled at the thought and leaned closer to Sebastian. A hand reached for his and squeezed it gently, making Ciel sigh lowly. There was no other place Ciel wanted to be than next to Sebastian's side. It sounded cliché and overly sappy, but it was the truth. After all the trials they went through to get here, Ciel never wanted to leave. And if anything, the struggle had only made him want to stay with Sebastian even more.

His eyes darted back to Claude and Hannah as they said their vows. Claude's nerves sounded as though they had finally settled down, his voice strong and true as he spoke.

"Much better," Sebastian murmured and a warm smile crossed his face. "That's what I like to hear."

Ciel chuckled. "Looks like all that coaching you gave him paid off," he said.

Sebastian smirked. "Of course. I am Claude's best man. What kind of best man would I be if I couldn't help him recite his vows properly?"

"A horrible one," Ciel teased in a low whisper and gave Sebastian's hand another squeeze. He knew all too well how much Claude had stressed over the wedding and how hard Sebastian worked to make sure it flowed as smoothly as possible. "You did well."

"Thanks," Sebastian answered and they fell silent again as Hannah started to speak.

His hand continued to grasp Sebastian's, their fingers intertwined in a loose grip. Nothing would tear them apart and Ciel wouldn't let go of Sebastian for as long as he could.

.:|Seeing in the Dark|:.

"Will they smash the cake in each other's face?" Ciel asked as he cut into a piece of chicken.

"I doubt it," Sebastian answered. "Hannah made Claude swear not to do that. The dress she has is a family heirloom and she'd kill him if something happened to it."

Ciel snickered. "Black widow. Married not even a day and she kills her husband."

Sebastian laughed and sipped at his water. "Just don't let her hear you say that. She only looks meek and innocent, but I know she can pack a punch." He looked at his arms. "Although, she had a rather tight grip on my arm as we walked down the aisle. I think she felt nervous, but you'll never get her to admit that."

"She sure didn't look nervous," Ciel muttered. He glanced at Sebastian. "You though, looked devilishly handsome in that suit of yours. You caught the eye of nearly every single woman here."

"And yours I hope," Sebastian teased and leaned in for a kiss.

Ciel met him halfway, hands coming up to cup Sebastian's face. He could taste fruit on Sebastian's tongue and he pulled back before anyone could yell at them. "You always have my attention," he murmured and his lips brushed over Sebastian's once more. "I love you."

A low hum left Sebastian's mouth. "Love you, too," he said quietly. "Always."

Red touched Ciel's cheeks and he batted Sebastian away. "And Claude says I'm the sappy one."

Sebastian laughed. "Only for you," he said. He wiped his fingers on a napkin, cleaning away the moisture from the glass. "Shall we dance?"

"Uh," Ciel started. "I'm not the best of dancers."

"And I am?" Sebastian asked. He grabbed Ciel's hand. "Come on. If I remember correctly, there's an outdoor pavilion and we can dance there where no one will see us."

Ciel nibbled his lip but stood up regardless. So long as they didn't have to dance in front of a crowd, he would be fine. He led Sebastian outside and looked around for any guest, but they had the area to themselves. Through the cracked doors, he could just make out the music and his hand settled on Sebastian's hip.

"Can I have this dance?" Sebastian questioned and pulled him closer.

Ciel rolled his eyes as Sebastian kissed the back of his other hand. "You're such a dork," he said but leaned into Sebastian's body. "But yes, you can have this dance."

Sebastian's hand came down to curl around his hip and Ciel made a startled sound when Sebastian started to move. He stumbled over his feet, surprised that Sebastian seemed to know how to dance. Even though he couldn't see, Sebastian moved easily across the floor and Ciel struggled to keep up.

"I thought you said you couldn't dance," Ciel accused as they glided across the floor.

"My mother made me take lessons when I was younger. You don't need to see in order to dance," Sebastian said. "I didn't last very long though. The dance instructor and I kept butting heads, so I ended up quitting."

Ciel sulked. "I still think you're better than me," he said. "At least you know what you're doing."

Sebastian chuckled. "It's just a slow dance, Ciel," he said. "You barely have to move compared to other dances."

"Still," Ciel repeated and their pace slowed even more until their bodies swayed lightly to the music. Every so often, Sebastian would move his feet and Ciel would shuffle after him, but he found he could handle the new motions. It allowed Sebastian to hold him flush against his body and Ciel rested his head on his chest. "This is nice."

A low hum of agreement left Sebastian. If Ciel closed his eyes, he could pretend it was just them and no one else. The wedding didn't exist just behind the door and no one could spy on them. No one but the setting sun that sank low into the horizon, tossing vivid colors into the sky. It was an audience of one and it watched them move slowly, providing the last dying embers of light for their dance.

The song ended and Sebastian drifted over to the railing. His hand reached for the wood and he leaned against it when he found it. Ciel came up alongside him and rested his arms along the surface as they faced the setting sun.

"It's nice," he said.

"It feels nice," Sebastian said, his eyes closed as he faced the sun. "It's warm on my skin, like the sun is smiling. It reminds me of you."

Ciel sputtered. "How does the sun remind you of me?" he asked.

Sebastian smirked. "Because you're always warm against my body when I hold you," he answered. "In that way, you're like the sun."

Red crept up the back of Ciel's neck and touched the tips of his ears. "You would say something like that."

"You like it," Sebastian teased and bumped his shoulder.

Ciel grumbled under his breath but didn't deny the words. Although if Sebastian saw him as the sun, Ciel thought of Sebastian as the moon. He lived in the darkness and embraced it, didn't fear it as most people did. His home was the darkness of the night. And like the sun and moon, they were fated never to truly see each other.

Ciel could always chase after Sebastian, as the sun did the moon on their endless treks through the skies. But even if he caught him, Sebastian would never see him. The darkness that surrounded him was too great and it sucked away the light that made up Ciel's world. Light and dark, opposites but unable to exist without the other. Just as the moon and sun needed each other.

Without one, the other couldn't exist. The constant tug and pull of their gravities kept them aligned and aware of each other, even if Sebastian couldn't see him. He could still feel Ciel's presence and knew of his touch. And for Sebastian, that alone sustained him.

He sighed. "Come here you," Ciel said and stood on his toes to give Sebastian a kiss. Warm arms wrapped around his waist, drawing him closer and Ciel relished the warmth that passed between them.

Their bodies pressed together and it felt like coming home. Sebastian was warm and familiar, and it threatened to drown Ciel in everything that was Sebastian. His scent, his touch, his voice, and his caress. Everything about him made Ciel fall further under his spell and he found that he wasn't in a hurry to escape. A part of Ciel doubted he ever would try to flee the tight grasp that Sebastian had over him.

They broke apart with a soft sound and Ciel rested his head against Sebastian's chest with a small sigh. Their story wasn't a fairy tale ending, not by a long shot. But he figured it was the closest thing they could get. And in a way, this was just as good. He found fairy tale endings overrated anyway.

Ciel closed his eyes, letting Sebastian hold him. He could hear Sebastian's steady heartbeat, the sound lulling him into a peaceful abyss and he found himself trying to match Sebastian's breathing.

He made a disgruntled sound when Sebastian shifted and Ciel reluctantly opened his eyes. The sun had sunk further below the horizon, leaving nothing but a thin sliver of a rounded disk. Darkness had started to overtake the sky and pulled the warmth from the air. "We should go back inside," Sebastian said. "They're probably ready to cut the cake."

"Cake sounds good," Ciel said and untangled himself from Sebastian's embrace. The sun finally slipped below the horizon, bathing the area in darkness. "And then we send them off?"

Sebastian nodded. "Yeah. They'll go on their honeymoon and I can finally have some peace. No more of Claude's late night calls worrying about miniscule things."

Ciel laughed as they walked inside and the heat of the room enveloped them. Claude spotted them instantly and waved them over. "Where did y'all go? We're just about ready to cut the cake." He held up a knife for emphasis. "And I couldn't cut it without y'all."

"Thanks for being so considerate," Sebastian drawled as they approached the table. "I'm surprised you even let us this close to the cake, knowing how big of a sweet tooth we have."

Claude pushed up his glasses. "I figured you deserved a reward after everything I put you through in the past few months. And what better reward than the first piece of cake?"

Ciel frowned. "I thought that piece belonged to the married couple?"

Hannah shrugged. "Our wedding, our rules," she said and smiled warmly at him. "Do you want a large piece or not?"

He eyed the cake and then nodded. "Whatever floats your boat."

"Wood," Sebastian muttered next to him and Ciel gave him a strange look.

Claude smirked and started to cut the cake, sectioning out a large piece for Sebastian before passing the knife over to Hannah. She mimicked his action and cut out another piece for Ciel, carefully placing it on the plate.

Ciel's mouth watered at the sight of the cakes. The white fondant gleamed under the bright lighting and the piping only made it look more elegant. Small drops of icing covered the sides of the cake and a delicate rose sat near the base, dusted with red powder. He couldn't wait to taste the sweet icing and moist cake. They had tried several samples months prior but that paled in comparison to the real thing.

"Looks almost too good to eat," he said with a laugh.

"We thought so too," Claude said and looked down at the plate in his hand. "But cake this good shouldn't go to waste."

Ciel nodded in agreement and reached for the plate, anxious to try some. He barely had time to catch the smirk that flickered across Hannah's face before something soft and sweet smelling filled his senses. He stumbled back in surprise, the feeling still clinging to him and Ciel brought his hands up to wipe at the cake that covered his eyes.

The icing clumped heavily to his eyelashes and Ciel looked down at his cake covered hands. "That was a waste of good cake," he moaned and looked at Hannah. Her eyes danced with amusement and a quick look at Sebastian showed that he hadn't faired any better with his cake. He pointed at Sebastian. "And that's just not fair."

Sebastian shook his head, flinging pieces of cake to the ground. "He gave me a brief warning," he said and brought a finger to his mouth to suck off the icing. "Although, saying, 'prepare yourself' and then shoving the cake in my face wasn't the best of warnings."

Claude chuckled. "Had to shove cake in someone's face and since we couldn't do it to each other, we figured y'all were the next best choice."

"Charming," Sebastian said dryly. "I will remember this."

"I'm sure you will," Claude said and patted him on the shoulder. "But just think. You can return the favor whenever you and Ciel tie the knot."

Ciel froze in his attempts to clean off the cake and felt his face heat up under the icing. Next to him, Sebastian had stiffened as well but seemed to recover quicker than Ciel. "That would be too easy," he said casually. "I would make sure to do something far more sinister. Now, can I have a towel? I smell like a cake shop."

Hannah passed them a towel and Ciel leaned over to wipe the remaining icing and cake from his face. He still felt like it was a waste of perfectly good cake and only hoped they would get a proper piece after this. His nose scrunched as the scent of sweet sugar clung to his face and his stomach turned at the smell.

"I need a shower before I can eat anything," he groaned and ran a hand through his hair. He grimaced when he smeared icing into his hair and tugged his hand away before he could make matters worse.

"Did I get it all off?" Sebastian asked and held his towel loosely at his side.

Ciel shook his head. "Almost. You have a little bit right here," he said and leaned forward to lick the dollop of icing off Sebastian's cheek. "There. All clean."

"Tease," Sebastian murmured in his ear.

"I try," Ciel said with a smug smirk. He turned to Claude. "Do you need us anymore? I'd really like to take a shower now."

Claude hummed. "I suppose we could let you go. There's nothing else after this but our departure and I feel we've tortured you enough." Ciel rolled his eyes. "We'll see y'all in a few weeks. Thanks again for watching the apartment."

Sebastian nodded. "No problem. Have fun at the coast. Bring us back a gift," he teased as he shook Claude's hand. "And congratulations. I'm happy for you."

Amber eyes softened slightly. "Thanks Sebastian."

Hannah stepped up to him and Ciel cocked his head at the two boxes in her hands. "They're for you two. Since you didn't get a chance to eat some cake properly," she said and Ciel accepted them.

"I think this makes up for everything," he said with a laugh and glanced at Sebastian. "Ready?"

Sebastian nodded. "You're the one driving," he reminded him.

"Well, I'm ready," Ciel said and led Sebastian out of the room. They walked through the empty hallway and he tugged at his tie, glad to loosen it after wearing the constricting fabric for hours. "I call first dibs on the shower."

A low chuckle left Sebastian's mouth. "Fine. But I pick the song tonight."

Ciel laced his fingers with Sebastian's. "I can deal with that," he said and squeezed Sebastian's hand. "Let's go home. We can talk more there."

They left the building, the stars already shining brightly in the sky while the cicadas sang a chorus to the glowing heavens. And the night offered a beauty of its own.

.:|Seeing in the Dark|:.

Ciel sighed as he rubbed the towel through his damp hair. It took a while to wash out all the icing but he no longer smelled like a cake. It made him feel refreshed and Ciel sighed again as he took a seat on the couch. A few pieces of paper littered the coffee table and he reached for the topmost sheet. Notes filled the page, creating a song on the staff.

He easily recognized it and hummed the tune lightly. He knew the first few lines without even looking, having penned them onto the staff nearly four years ago when he first met Sebastian. Without knowing it, Ciel had written the start to one of Sebastian's best compositions.

He draped the towel around his neck and stared at the pages on the table. Sebastian had a penchant for playing duets with him and Ciel found that he couldn't turn him down. Sebastian wasn't the only one who enjoyed it and Ciel looked forward to the evenings they played together. For Sebastian to pick this song meant he was in a reminiscing mood.

Ciel blamed the wedding for the sudden nostalgia along with Claude's comment. He shook his head to keep the thoughts from sinking into his mind and stood up to get his cello. It sat next to the piano and he gathered it into his arms, letting the familiar curves and weight sink against his body.

With ease, he ran through the scales and then played the first few notes of the song. The deep tremor of the cello echoed throughout the apartment, filling the air with its melody. Soot trotted over to investigate the noise, the bell on her collar ringing lightly. She sniffed his foot and then jumped onto the piano bench as he continued to play.

Soot often joined them during their duets, watching them play with rapt attention. Her eyes would track their movements and her tail almost seemed to move in time with the beat. Ciel likened her to metronome but found himself secretly amazed at how attentive she would become while they played. Their own mini audience.

He played a few more notes for her and she purred happily. "I don't know about you, Soot," Ciel said and tapped her lightly on the head with the bow.

"She's a special cat," Sebastian said next to him and Ciel jumped lightly. "She's a musical cat. Probably because she's always had music around her since she was a kitten."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Ciel said as Sebastian took a seat next to Soot. She cried loudly and made a few circles on the bench, asking him to play.

Sebastian rubbed her ears and murmured sweet words to her as he opened the fallboard. "I heard you playing earlier. Are you warmed up already?"

Ciel nodded. "For the most part."

A few notes sounded throughout the apartment as Sebastian compressed the keys. His fingers ran up and down the scale, and played short melodies to warm himself up. He pressed a few more keys and then nodded. "Ready."

"You would pick this song," Ciel said as he readied the bow.

"I felt the title fitting," Sebastian answered.

Ciel hummed and drew the bow across the strings. Sebastian answered his call with a few keys on the piano and Ciel echoed the tune. For several lines, they passed the melody off to each other until they reached a pause. A short rest that allowed them to collect a breath and compose themselves before playing as one.

Piano and cello bled together, creating the notes and shaping the air around them. The staff sprung from the pages and brought the inked notes to life, giving them wings to fly. Like birds tasting flight for the first time, they leapt from the lines and responded with gusto, singing and trilling their unique sounds. With light winds, they circled around them and if Ciel closed his eyes, he swore that he could feel the faintest touch of a wing brush against his cheek.

Sebastian's music was magical. It created worlds in Ciel's mind that he didn't know existed. They formed themselves on the base of each note and slowly built up as the music continued. And through the music, he didn't need words to explain how he felt or to know what was on Sebastian's mind. The notes said it all.

If a picture was worth a thousand words, than music must be worth two thousand. It created unfathomable depths of ardor throughout Ciel, each note resounding along the raw emotions in his body. Like fingers playing a stringed instrument, they plucked the strings of his emotions until Ciel surrendered himself to the notes.

He gave up control of his emotions and his senses, letting the music steal everything away from him. Perhaps Will was right in that point. Sebastian's music stole one's soul. But Ciel would sell it away a hundred times over if it meant losing himself to the thrilling world that Sebastian's music brought him to.

Their instruments peaked, a high trill that sent shivers down Ciel's spine and he had to remember to breathe so he could play the next note. The composition never failed to make Ciel a trembling pile of limbs and he let out a shaky breath. A quick look at Sebastian showed that he was no better, his shoulders tense and his back straight. Even Soot hadn't escaped the electrified air and her tail stood straight in the air, her eyes wide.

The bow greeted the strings again, the notes growing softer as Ciel reclaimed his senses and emotions once more. It felt like learning how to breathe and the first breath he took was like his first. Greedily, he sucked in more air and let it fill his lungs as the song ended. One last glide across the strings and the last note hung heavily in the air.

Sebastian followed it with a final note of his own, the two notes wrapping around each other before dispensing in the air. With it gone, Ciel slumped in his chair and leaned his head back.

"I think you named that piece appropriately," he said and looked at the title in question. It flowed in neat calligraphy at the top of the page: 'For When There are no Words.' "It takes my breath away so I don't even have the energy to speak."

"For when there are no words," Sebastian answered and Ciel grunted. "Music is the next best thing."

Ciel sat up and put his cello back on its stand. "I think we can find a different way to speak without using words," he said and understanding dawned on Sebastian's face.

He turned around. "Come here," Sebastian said, gesturing for him to come closer. Ciel complied and drifted over to Sebastian's side. Once close enough, Sebastian reached for him and tugged him down for a kiss. "I love you," he murmured.

Ciel didn't answer as their lips met in a chaste kiss, one that had his eyes fluttering shut. He could never tire of kissing Sebastian. Each time brought a new experience. One time innocent, another teasing, and sometimes rough and demanding. It made it impossible to tell which Sebastian would give him and it made Ciel look forward to each kiss.

And every time their lips met, it only reminded Ciel that Sebastian was his. That this wasn't a dream and that he wasn't lost to some unreachable fantasy. Sebastian was real and he loved him just as much as Ciel loved him. The thought alone could bring Ciel to his knees and even after the years that passed, he still found it hard to believe that this wasn't a dream.

At times, he would wake up and expect to find himself in his own room back up north. Because everything felt too good to be true. But then he would turn to his side and find Sebastian sleeping soundly next to him, hair mussed and snoring softly. It never grew old and Ciel would fall back into an easy sleep with a smile on his face.

He tilted his head to the side as Sebastian's lips trailed down his neck. They brushed against the skin, touching but not giving him what he wanted while curious hands traced the lines of his body. The burned a path of fire wherever curious fingers touched and Ciel arched into Sebastian's hands, begging for more.

Sebastian played him like an instrument and Ciel found that only fitting. Hands that could play the piano so gracefully and skillfully could also do the same to him. They manipulated his body and under their touch, Sebastian could compose an entire piece from the sounds Ciel made. He knew every caress that would make Ciel sing and committed them to memory.

Lips made their way back up to Ciel's mouth and Ciel's hands joined in their dance on the staff. They threaded their way through Sebastian's hair and his nails lightly scratched at the nape of his neck, an action that had Sebastian keening in pleasure.

Sebastian's mouth grew more persistent and Ciel broke away with a gasp. "Bed," he panted against Sebastian's lips and they stumbled to the bedroom, a mess of limbs and soft words. It felt like a crime to part even for a moment, even if it would've made walking easier.

With a low grunt, Ciel pulled Sebastian back onto the bed and they bounced slightly. Sebastian's hands searched for the hem of his shirt and upon finding it, slowly inched it up. His palms brushed against sensitive skin in a loving caress that had Ciel squirming on the bed.

He hated and loved when Sebastian worshiped his body this way. It drove him crazy and had him begging Sebastian to hurry up. But at the same time, he craved more of the intimate gestures. It was just another way that Sebastian showed his love to him and Ciel clung to each action.

His breath caught when Sebastian finally divested him of his shirt and soft lips came to a stop above his rapidly beating heart. A light kiss, like that of a hummingbirds touch against his skin, had Ciel shivering before Sebastian pulled away from the spot. Long fingers traced up and across from his heart, stroking down until they found Ciel's fingers.

Slowly, almost as though Sebastian worried he would startle Ciel if he moved too quickly, he grasped Ciel's left hand. Ciel's breath came harder and faster as Sebastian pressed a kiss to each knuckle and then hovered above the fourth finger. Another kiss touched his skin and Sebastian mouthed something against the spot.

Ciel swallowed heavily. He didn't need to hear the words to understand them, he already knew what Sebastian said. 'I love you.'

It was a promise and a statement wrapped in one. One that Ciel didn't doubt. He kept the promise close to his heart, knowing that he wasn't the only one affected by the wedding today.

He reached up, grasping onto Sebastian and dragging him closer. He wanted to feel the familiar weight of Sebastian's body against his. Ciel's fingers tugged at Sebastian's shirt and quickly rid him of the fabric while Sebastian removed his pants. He wiggled out of the material and moved back further on the bed, leading Sebastian along with him.

Their lips met again in a harsh kiss, teeth accidently clicking together. Sebastian tilted his head to soften this kiss and Ciel's arms draped around his shoulders, pulling him closer. Sweat made their bodies slide against each other, setting every nerve on fire and creating a spark that had Ciel moaning in pleasure.

His hips rolled against Sebastian while his legs parted, spreading to accommodate Sebastian's body. The heat between them spiked and the flames burned hotly at the new contact. Soft noises fell from Ciel's mouth as a slick tongue moved down his body, creating liquid fire in his veins.

It made Ciel feel like a phoenix, succumbing to the flames that Sebastian sparked inside him until he turned into a smoldering pile of ash. But then Sebastian's mouth found his again and breathed life back into him. The seemingly endless cycle only served to heighten his senses, making him feel as though he could fly like the grand mythical creature.

"Relax," Sebastian cooed and ran a warm hand down the inside of his thighs. "Let me take care of you."

Ciel gave a breathless laugh that hitched slightly at the first intrusion. "You always take care of me," he said. He shuddered as Sebastian's hand skimmed over a sensitive patch of skin and then leaned down to kiss the spot.

Sebastian pulled back and looked at him as best he could, crimson eyes smoldering with emotions. "Because I care about you," he said and lowered his head once more.

A low curse left Ciel as Sebastian worked to ease some of the pain, his mouth quickly making Ciel forget about the burning ache in his body. He watched Sebastian work, finding the sight tantalizing. The normally pale skin had grown flushed and Ciel could see every muscle working under the blushed tone. It was a different kind of beauty, one that Ciel couldn't look away from.

"Beautiful," Ciel moaned and his toes curled into the sheets when Sebastian's fingers pressed deep into him. He keened and his vision darkened for a moment before his eyes slit open.

"I know that sound," Sebastian murmured and withdrew.

Ciel whined at the loss but didn't have the strength to complain further. Not when Sebastian hovered over him again, hair plastered to his forehead and looking thoroughly mussed. He stretched his arms up and lips pressed together as their bodies joined with a soft sigh, like pieces of a puzzle connecting.

He could feel Sebastian's heart beat inside him, a strong and steady rhythm that Ciel's heart sought to match. To beat as one and create a single body from two. A melding of parts to create something new.

Their bodies moved together, sliding and pressing against each other; never pulling away for a second. Because even a second apart felt too long. Nothing could pass between the areas where their bodies aligned.

Sheets rustled under them and Ciel's head tipped back in pleasure. He guided Sebastian's head to his chest, letting wandering lips work their way from his collarbone up to his neck. They traced the hard lines of the bone before kissing the hollow of his throat and then they moved onto new patches of skin.

A light nibble on the underside of his jaw had Ciel gasping and rocking harder to meet Sebastian. It wasn't enough, it never was with Sebastian. He could pick Ciel apart and put him back together each time, but it would still leave him craving more. Like an addict, Ciel could never get enough of Sebastian. He was Ciel's drug.

"That's it," Sebastian panted in the crook of his neck as the sounds from his mouth grew louder. Ciel never held back his voice with Sebastian, knowing all too well how Sebastian responded to sound. Each gasp, grunt, or moan told Sebastian what he needed to know and responded in turn.

Their sounds filled the bedroom, creating an orchestra of a different kind. Ciel led the instruments but Sebastian still composed the melody, always making sure to leave Ciel breathless and panting for breath. But it was a tune of their own making; one formed from soft sighs, the low creaking of the bed, and gasped words.

Ciel's legs tightened around Sebastian's hips, pulling him closer as their personal concert threatened to reach its peak. The softer notes gave way to louder ones – high-pitched wails and frantic but broken words as the crescendo grew closer. But through the steady climb, never once did the piece lose its intimacy. They remained connected - be it through a clasped hand or a sloppy kiss – as their bodies steadily rocked against one another.

Ciel caved in first, his words catching in his throat as his body shook harshly on the bed. Every nerve stood on end, tingling with euphoria and gave him a sense of alertness that made him even more aware of Sebastian. His chest heaved for breath and his fingers tangled through damp dark locks as Sebastian grunted into his neck.

He held Sebastian close as he sought his finish, gasping broken words filled with adoration until Sebastian surrendered as well. Hips jerked weakly until they finally stilled and Ciel could feel Sebastian's heart racing erratically in his chest. His was no better and Ciel lazily traced his hands across the open expanse of Sebastian's back as they caught their breath.

The drying sweat made his skin prickle and he shivered as Sebastian shifted over him. He stared up at Sebastian and unseeing crimson eyes looked directly back at him. They looked stunning in the low lighting, the light making them look darker than they were and Ciel continued to stare at them.

Even if Sebastian couldn't see him and would never know what he looked like, Ciel wouldn't trade him for anyone else. He had found perfection with Sebastian, even if everyone else viewed him as broken. They would never know what they lost by disregarding Sebastian due to his blindness. But their loss was Ciel's gain.

True, Sebastian was blind, but Ciel thought that he had better vision than anyone else did. He could look past the façade that everyone wore and see what really mattered. It gave him his own sense of beauty and Sebastian defined people by that. Not by their looks, their social class, or what they wore. None of that mattered to him. All that mattered was what he found inside.

Ciel hummed happily at the thought and captured Sebastian's lips in a tender kiss. Faint whispered words passed between them, each one making Ciel's heart thrum. Words carried a heavy weight, both loving and cruel ones. But Ciel spoke his with a conviction and a truth that he never had before.

Under Sebastian's steady hands and talented fingers, Ciel had become the person he always thought he was. He likened himself to a phoenix once more, a phoenix birthed from the discarded notes that fell from Sebastian's fingers.

His wings stretched long and gracefully, built from the staff and feathered with the notes penned along its lines. And his voice sang loud and clear, in a melody crafted from deep within Sebastian's thoughts and heart. Each note and tune meticulously placed to pull on the right emotions until everyone could hear him.

Together, they carried him away from the earth, leaving behind the boundaries that humans had drawn for themselves. It took him to a place that existed only inside his mind - a place where Sebastian's music and affection surrounded him, blending into an endless song that could transcend time.

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