CHAPTER I: Yet another World

In a world called Earthland, a place where magic is one of the things needed by man in order live, exists a kingdom called Fiore. In this kingdom is a certain town called Magnolia where a certain wizard guild is located. This guild is well-known for its member's reckless behavior on doing job request and tendency to destroy things while at it. This guild is also the strongest guild in all the Kingdom of Fiore and might even the whole world. The guild called Fairy Tail.

Five members or should I say seven including the two cats they're with are currently on a mission, a mission to capture some bandits who are terrorizing a town. Right now, they are currently waiting at a cliff side for the bandits to come patiently, well most of them at least.

"How long do we have to wait here?!" a teen with pink spiky hair suddenly yelled as he grew impatient.

"Calm down Natsu. They will be here soon." A blue talking flying cat said to the boy named Natsu.

"Happy's right Natsu and if you yell like that again they might not come at all." A girl with blonde hair said to Natsu.

"But it's getting annoying waiting for those stupid bandits!" Natsu complained to the two.

"Why don't you just shut up you flame brain!" A shirt less black haired boy shouted to Natsu. "Wanna have a go Ice Princess?!" Natsu yelled back.

"Natsu-san, Gray-san, please stop fighting." A twelve years old girl with dark blue hair said to the older mages. "It's no use Wendy, they won't listen to you." A white talking flying cat said to the little mage.

"Come on guys, stop fighting or you'll blew our cover." Lucy, the blonde wizard said hoping for the two teen to stop fighting but to no avail.

"Enough!" one of their companion yelled. The two fighting wizards stop on their tracks. "Aye!" they both said to the one who yelled. It was a scarlet haired mage known by the title Titania, Erza Scarlet.

"There goes Happy no. 2 and 3." Lucy said with a giggle. "Erza is so awesome!" Happy complimented. "Unlike Lucy though."

"Shut up cat!" Lucy exclaimed at the blue cat's teasing.

"Gray your shirt!" Erza said much to Gray's surprise that he's not wearing any shirt. "Since when did I-"

"All this time you shirtless pervert." Natsu cut him off.

Just then, the mages hear some faint footsteps. "It's them. Everyone hide." Erza ordered her team. They all quickly hid behind the bushes and laid low and wait for them to get near. "This night will be fun." Natsu snickered.

"I wonder how much will we be able to get this night?" one of the bandits asked to his comrades. "I don't know, maybe a lot from yesterday perhaps." One of them answered and they all laugh.

"Maybe you'll go empty handed today and for the rest of your lives." A mysterious voice said. "Who's there?!" the leader said hastily. The Fairies went out of their hiding place and faces the bandits. "Wizards?!" the leader exclaimed. His comrades are surprise just like him. "Everyone scatter! Don't let them capture you!" he ordered and the bandits did obey him and began to scatter like flies.

"Everyone, get on your positions." Erza ordered her team. "Roger!" They all responded and they surrounded the bandits before they can even get away.

"I'll make this quick. Karyu no houko!" the pink haired wizard roared and shoots out a strong wave of fire defeating some of the bandits. "T-T-They're Fairy Tail wizards!" One of the bandits stammered. "It's the Salamander!"

Natsu grinned "Oh, so you know me huh?"

Some of the bandits came rushing towards Lucy. "Gate of the Golden Bull, I open thee, Taurus!"


"Moooo! You called Lucy?" a cow who came out of the magic circle formed by Lucy's spell asked. "Can you please take care of them for me?" Lucy asked while she pointed at the charging bandits. "As you wish my Lucy." Taurus charged towards the bandits "Moooooo! Rampage!" he yelled as he swings his axe back and forth knocking everyone on his path.

"I won't let them have all the fun." Gray said as he prepares his attack. "Ice make: Lance!" Spears of ice stroke down his targets down to the floor.

"Re-equip! Heaven'sWheel!" Erza cast her spell and her armor changed into something with wings and she's wielding two swords. She attacked all the bandits coming towards her and sent them flying.

The other bandits are surrounding the youngest wizard of the group. "Get her! She's just a kid!" the bandits charge towards the young wizard not expecting what's coming next. "Tenryu no houko!" Wendy cast her own spell. A strong gust of wind sent the bandits flying in the air and a loud thud is heard as they fall into the ground.

"That's the last of them." Charles, the flying white cat said as she saw all the bandits on the ground. "They did it! Mission accomplished!" Happy said with glee.

Erza and Gray tied up the bandits and turned them in to the mayor of the town.

"You guys did a great job, as expected from the strongest guild in Fiore." The mayor praised them. "And as promised, here's your reward, 50 000 jewels."The wizards, especially Lucy, happily accepted the reward.

Now, the Fairies are currently walking in the town on the way to the train station. "Isn't this great, not a single amount is deducted from our rewards." Lucy said with glee. "You're right Lucy, this day turned out to be lucky one." Erza agreed. "Then let's grab something to eat before we go. I'm starving from all those fighting." Natsu said. "Yeah, I agree on Natsu for this." Gray said. "Gray-san please put your shirt on." Wendy reminded him much to his shocked again. "Seriously, when will he stop stripping his clothes?" Charle said with disappointment.

"Okay guys let's go find a nice place to eat then." Lucy said and the wizards began to look for a restaurant. "When we find one, I want to eat a lot of fish." Happy said.

"You can eat all the fish you want Happy." Lucy said with a smile. Happy gasped like he saw a ghost or something. The wizards got surprised and looked at him with confusion. "What's wrong Happy?" Natsu asked his exceed partner. "It's just that, it's kind of rare seeing Lucy so kind." Happy answered. Lucy's brow twitched at Happy's remark.

"Do you want me to take back what I said just now?" Lucy enquired with annoyance. Happy quickly shook his head. "No! You are always so kind Lucy."

"That's what I thought I heard." Lucy said and continued to walk. Happy sighed in relief. Then Lucy saw a high class restaurant not far from where they are now.

"Hey guys!" She called out to her friends. "Over there! There's a restaurant."

"Oh! You're right Lucy!" Natsu said as he spotted the restaurant Lucy's talking about. "Come guys! Let's go! I'm really hungry!" Natsu said as he ran ahead of them. "Natsu-san, please be careful." Wendy said as they watched Natsu run. "He's like a kid." Gray said. Then suddenly, Natsu stopped on his tracks.

"What is it Natsu?" Erza asked. Natsu is currently sniffing the air. "I smell something." He said. "Is it a food?"

"Is it the enemy?"

"Isn't it just you?"

Natsu twitched at the last question. "What did you say Ice Princess?!" Natsu asked angrily. "You smelled yourself Flame brain!" Gray yelled.

"That's enough you two!" Erza scolded the both of them.

"Aye!" they both answered. The others sighed. "So, what is it Natsu?" Erza asked getting back on the topic. "Oh, I smell a spell."

"Is it an enemy then?!" Lucy panicked.

"No. It's not from here."

Strong winds began to form around the wizards. The clouds above are forming something like a vortex. The wizards quickly noticed it and looked up in shock. "W-W-What's going on?!" Charle stammered. "Isn't that an anima?!" Happy asked in surprise. The vortex started pulling in the Fairy Tail wizards lifting them from the ground. "Oh no! Its sucking us up!" Wendy said. "Not good." Gray said. "Why do this always happen to us?!" Charle complained. They all let out a scream as they got completely sucked in.


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