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Chapter XI: The Real System Scan

1st week, Thursday morning

A certain Dragon Slayer is now changing into his school uniform. His companion, a blue talking cat, walked up to him.

"What are you doing Natsu?" the cat known as Happy asked him. The Dragon Slayer looked at him with a grin plastered on his face.

"Getting ready for school what else?" Natsu replied to him.

"Well you seem too excited. What's with today anyway? And can't you see its still-Wah!" Happy couldn't finish what he's about to say as Natsu quickly stormed out the room and stepped on Happy accidently leaving the poor cat lying on the floor. Natsu closed the door to his room as soon as he's out of it and went into one of his friend's room to call them for school. He stopped at Lucy's room as it is the closest to his. He quickly knocked on the door with a wide smile.

"Hey Lucy, are you awake yet?" he asked with cheerfulness on his voice.

Because of too much excitement, he did not notice the door opened up and kept on knocking at it.

"Why are you so-?"

*PAK* Lucy didn't got the time to finish her as Natsu's fist met her face because of too much knocking, and less on paying attention of what's happening.

"NATSU!" the celestial mage yelled and hit Natsu on the head hard.

"Sorry…" Natsu apologized as he rubbed his head. Lucy sighed.

"What is it Natsu?" she asked.

"Oh," The fire wizard remembered why he is here again. "Let's go!"

"Huh? Go where?"

"School of course where else. Aren't you excited for today?"

"What's with today anyway?"

"Aren't we taking the…uh…what was it again? System Scam?"

"*SIGH*First of all, it's System SCAN Natsu not scam. And to tell you the truth I'm excited and worried of what's this gonna turned out to be…" Lucy paused and looked at Natsu. "But not as excited as someone who came waking me up at 3:00 in the morning to go to school!"

"It's still that early?" Natsu asked in disbelief as he just noticed that it is still too early. He actually didn't pay much attention to the time.

"Why don't you just go back to your room and come back at-"

*SNORE* Natsu fell asleep in front of Lucy's room with a matching sleeping bubbles which made the celestial wizard slightly irritated.

"Oi!" she called out. The bubble popped and Natsu woke up.

"What?" he asked with sleepy eyes.

"Don't go falling asleep at someone's front door especially when that someone is talking to you!"


Later that morning

Lucy is now locking the door to her room. It's time for school. Her friends are at the front of the dorm waiting for her. When she got there, she noticed that two of her friends are not there.

"Natsu and Touma-san are not here yet?" she asked them.

"Touma said that we should just go without him. He just woke up you see and he don't want us to be late." Gray said.

"Oh. What about Natsu then, I'm sure he's awake by now since he came really early to my room just to wake me up to go to school." Lucy said.

"Seems like Flame-Brain went back to sleep and overslept."

"I heard you Ice Princess!" A voice yelled. It was Natsu and he seemed irritated at what Gray just called him and Natsu's insult also made the Ice wizard frustrated.

"Settle down you two, or we'll be late." Erza reminded them with a calm and serious tone in her voice. The two wizards stopped their bickering and even though there is calmness in Erza's voice, they still feel scared at her reminder.


On the other part of District 7, where another middle school student's dorm lies

Three school girls are now heading towards their school. One of them looked pretty nervous.

"Calm down Wendy-chan, its going be alright." A girl with straight long black hair known as Saten Ruiko said as she tried to calm the little mage.

"She's right you know. It'll be alright for sure." Their other friend, a girl with a flowery head band said.

"Thank you, Saten-san, Uiharu-san." Wendy said to them with a smile.

"What's with the formality?" Ruiko said. "You can call me Ruiko you know."

"And please call me Kazari if you like." Uiharu said to her.

"Okay…" the little mage said.

"Or just call Uiharu the Girl with a garden on her head. You know, because of the flower that grows on her head." Ruiko said jokingly.

"Saten-san!" Uiharu yelled. "These flowers don't grow on my head."


Alright, let's go to the Judgment member, Shirai Kuroko and her companion, the 3rd strongest Esper in Academy city, Misaka Mikoto.

Kuroko is currently looking at his phone for updates on the kidnapping case while Mikoto is waiting patiently for it.

"Let's see…" Kuroko began as she scroll down and examine the file of the case. "It seems like the number of missing students kept on rising."

"Even when Judgment and Anti-Skills are on high alert?" Mikoto asked.


"Did anyone catch them on action?"

"No, they received no report about these kidnappings that are taking place. They are pretty good. There was even no sign of that Aeromaster. He is the prime suspect for all of this. The motive is still unclear too and this case is becoming harder than before."

"Then why don't you-"

"Hold it Onee-sama." Kuroko said, not letting Mikoto finish her sentence. "If you're gonna tell me that you'll help, just forget it. How many times do I have to tell you not to get involve with Judgment affairs?"

"You said that this case is getting hard right? Then you'll need all the help you can get." Mikoto reasoned.

"But we can't, unless if you are a Judgment member."

"It's always Judgment this and Judgment that…" Mikoto muttered.


After school

The time has come for the wizards to take their system scan. Some are excited and some are not. Lucy had been so worried of the outcome of this so called system scan, Erza still had a calm composure while the two boys are excited. Meanwhile, at the Sakugawa Middle School, Ruiko and Uiharu are staying behind as they wait for Wendy to finish her test. While these things are taking place, a certain Aeromaster is back into action. He's now waiting for his next target to abduct.

"This will be 17th target and only three more to go after this. And when these are all finished, they will all regret for what they did to me." He muttered. His target is closing in. He has been doing great these past days. He didn't even hire any of those Skills-Outs to help him with his plan. It was all going to his way, except for the sudden rise of security of Anti-Skills and Judgment. But even so, none of them had caught him in action before. His encounter with The Railgun was just an accident. Of all people, he didn't expect that a civilian will be the one to catch him in action, much worst, a Level-5. Somehow he knew that that encounter with her won't be the last. He also knows that the ones who interrupted his fight with her will eventually show up to stop him too. But no matter what it takes, no matter how strong his opponents will be, backing down is no option. A boy in his high school slowly approached the place near where the Aeromaster is. The boy has the ability to manipulate water. The Aeromaster quickly stepped out of his hiding place and faced the boy who isn't showing any signs of fear.

"A strange man in the back alleys?" the boy wondered. "Not a friendly approach."

"I've heard about you…and your ability." The Aeromaster said.

"If you know that, then you should know that I'm a level four."

"Don't care; you will still be part of my collection."

"Hah! So you're the guy who's been kidnapping students. Sorry to disappoint you but you won't get me that easily."

"That's good to hear. Maybe I just found a challenging opponent ever since that encounter."

The boy lunge forward towards the Aeromaster who is grinning widely as the boy attack.


After their system scan, the wizards decided to meet up with the other To Aru cast near a certain park. They were all surprised to the outcome of the test.

"I didn't expect for it to turn out like that." Lucy admitted with a sigh.

"I guess that Touma and Mikoto will be surprised to hear it too." Erza said with a smile.

"Yeah, but since it turned out that…fine, I guess I'll continue on what I'm planning to do when it actually does." Lucy said.

"Oh, that's good to hear."

"And I'll be doing what I really wanted to do too." Natsu proclaimed.

"And what would that be?"

"I'll find that guy who is kidnapping students and make him pay for what he did to our friends."

"That's Judgment job Natsu."

Then, they noticed a figure approaching them. It was Touma coming home from his supplementary lessons.

"Hey!" he called out. "How'd it go?"

"Uh…great, I guess." Natsu said still unsure on what to say.

"Really? So your powers got measured?" Touma asked.

"Well, you could say that…" Lucy answered him back before noticing another figure approaching them. This time, it's Mikoto.

"System Scan finally finished?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes." The wizards answered in unison.

"Can you tell us the result then? Did it turn out to be good?"

"Uhmm…the test turned out very well if you asked me." Lucy said. "But it gave us another mystery."

The two Espers look at each other with confusion.

"Let's wait for Wendy first. She'll be here soon."

Then as if on cue, Wendy arrived. Ruiko and Uiharu are not with her from the looks of it.

"Sorry to keep you waiting guys." Wendy apologized.

Wendy told them that Ruiko and Uiharu went to the Judgment branch since duty is calling and Ruiko tagged along with Uiharu to help with the investigation. That means that the only people in here are the ones who knew about magic and the wizards.


"So it got measured." Mikoto said. The wizards nodded.

"I thought that it wouldn't get measured since our powers are not Esper powers." Erza explained.

"I was surprised when the machine managed to read and measure my magic." Wendy admitted.

"So far as I know, magic and Esper powers are two different things." Touma said.

"Not unless you came from another world." Mikoto said catching the wizards' and Touma's attention.

"You have a point." Gray said. "Magic in your world is different to Esper powers. They can't even exist together."

"But our world is different." Erza said.

"I did notice that there is a difference between your magic and the magic the magicians from our world use." Touma said as he looked at his Imagine Breaker and remembered their first encounter with the wizards.

"It's either that or the portal that transported us here somehow transformed our magic to Esper powers." Erza said. "Remember in Edolas?"

"I can still remember that. We can't use our magic in there before we took in those strange magic pills." Lucy said. The Espers doesn't seem to be able to relate to what they are talking about. Gray noticed it and decided to explain it to them.

"Actually, this the second time we got transported to another world." He said to them.

"We got transported to a world similar to ours." Natsu said as tries to recall.

"And in there, we can't use our magic because their magic is different than ours." Lucy said.

"So maybe it's also the effect of being transported to our world too." Mikoto concluded.

"Maybe." Erza said.

"But it still feels the same way though." Natsu said.

"If your system scan turned out just fine, did they told your Levels then?" Mikoto asked.

"Yes. It seems like in your world, I'm a level-4." Lucy said. "They call my magic Spirit Tamer. Not a bad name though since it's almost the same as the real name."

"They call mine Cryo-Art." Gray said. "But it's only on Level-4 too but almost on the scale of a level-5."

"Mine is called Fire Fist." Natsu said with a raised burning fist and a wide grin on his face. "Unfortunately I'm the same level as Gray, but that doesn't matter as long as I can fight."

"I'm also a level-4." Wendy said next. "Like what the Aeromaster said, my power is just like his."

"Mine is called Storage Pocket. But unlike the others, it's labelled as Level-0." Erza said calmly and with a smile. It seems like she's okay with it. The two Espers are amazed. They really are strong. Even though Erza's magic is labelled as Level-0 they can't help to think that this wizard is very strong.

"I think the machine didn't really measure it that accurate." Mikoto said after hearing the things about the wizards' ability.

"Who cares about the scan? As long as we can now use our magic without suspicion, then it's fine." Natsu said with a grin.

"The Levels doesn't matter too." Erza said. The others agreed to what they say making the Espers to agree too.

"I guess…" The two Espers said then the group left the park and walked towards Joseph's Restaurant.

"By the way Lucy…" Natsu called out.

"What is it?" Lucy asked.

"What was your plan when the system scan turns out to be okay?"

"Oh…" Lucy paused and faced them. Erza seems to know what her plan is. "I'm going to join Judgment and help stop these kidnappings." She proclaimed.

-End of Chapter-

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