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Sesshomaru sat behind his desk where scrolls and books were scattered. He'd been reading about the love potion they forced Kagome to drink instead of addressing the matters sent by the high lords in his lands.

Sighing, he put the book down and glanced at the window beside him.

Snow is starting to thaw, the way knowledge is starting to seep into his thick skull.

They were warned about the love potion yet he had been too arrogant to listen. The love potion will keep the miko bound to him in some way but due to her holy power and her strong will, it will not be enough to subjugate her entirely. There will be times of regress and she will regain enough consciousness to fight back.

It was both good and bad. He couldn't afford her defying him.

A knock pulled him out of his thoughts and Hideo entered his study.

"The miko looked a little upset last night. I think she wanted to share a room with you. Must be the potion's working." He chuckled, ignorant of what he'd just discovered about the potion.

"It is for her dignity," Sesshomaru replied.

"Her dignity?"

"She's my mate-to-be, not my mate."


Word Count: 200

Prompt: Thaw

Author's Note: This story is starting to get messy. Because of having a writer's block for a very long time, I seemed to forget my way around this story. I am, admittedly, lost. I am stopping writing this for now and I will be focusing on finishing my other story, The Mischievous Lady. I am not bidding adieu to this story forever. I am just taking a break to try to figure out how to go from here. Consider this last update as my gift for the upcoming New Year. Advance happy 2014! Hope you are all well and warm in your home with your families! :)