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Kagome sat on the massive bed placed in the middle of the equally massive room. All candles were out but the bright moonlight infiltrated her room from the open windows.

She looked down at her hands, her thoughts drifting from Sesshomaru to Inuyasha. He got married to Kikyou. He's not at fault, however. I've been gone for two years and…

Even her mind shy away from the hard truth but she knew that she had to admit it. She closed her eyes tightly.

Kikyou…she is his one true love. Not me. Never me.

Kagome sighed heavily. There I said it.

"Hello, my lady." An unknown sultry woman's voice purred from out of nowhere.

Kagome's eyes flew open and she tried to pull her thoughts away from Inuyasha.

Her human vision scrambled to adjust against the darkness of the room and tried to find the owner of the voice.

"Can't you see me? Humans," The voice scoffed disdainfully.

Kagome remained seated, her hands balling into fist as she felt her strong yet somehow evil aura.

"What are you doing here?" Kagome asked.

"I came to introduce myself, my lady." Again, the voice replied with disdain.

"Who are you?"

"Kimiko, my lady." Kimiko stood where the moonlight can strike her. "We have finally met." She said, her ruby lips curling upwards.


Word Count:200

Prompt: The Soundtrack Challenge – Close your eyes