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Why It Is Never A Good Idea To Ask A Cat For Directions


Twenty minutes later Harry was very nearly out of breath. In his eagerness to find the suspected little devil, the Boy Who Lived had managed to make a very important, though now untimely, discovery: even miraculous young highly intelligent heroes such as him could get lost.

He cursed his overconfident thoughts from earlier.

Harry was now certain that he must have jinxed himself before. Of course he had never gotten lost in his life, but there was always a first time for everything. Unfortunately.

He didn't quite know how it could have happened, considering he was just supposed to follow the route of the bus… Apparently the tangled side streets and alleys of whichever suburb of London he had landed himself in – for that much he had discovered already – were arranged in a completely illogical and confusing way. Street signs didn't seem to exist, and the few shops there were, were mostly abandoned long time ago and many windows were simply nailed shut. No wonder that when still sitting in the bus he had seemed to perceive the soothing female voice of what he now assumed to be a navigation system. Dark alleys such as these were like the ones always described in books such as Oliver Twist or The Black Brothers… where you could get lost for years and years, where there were countless secret passages, where there were nooks and crannies only the natives ever knew…

But all these realizations didn't help him in his search. He needed to find that seedy … man, and to find the… man he needed to get back to the bus stop the man had gotten off at.

The Boy Who Lived was completely alert and kept his senses focused, while he continued running and looking down every side street and alley that he passed by, but the streets were deserted, no one was there. No children were playing, even though it was late afternoon. No adults coming back from work or grocery shopping… not even animals were anywhere in sight.


There, on the little wall that was surrounding a small playground on the corner of the street. Harry squinted his eyes, but they were not deceiving him. The midnight black ball of shining fur, which seemed to be the only 'clean' thing in miles and miles, was definitely a Cat! Approaching carefully, he noticed that the playground had already seen better days. This was proven by the little flocks of colours flaking off the formerly red swings, which were then blown away by the autumn wind. But the Cat apparently paid no mind to all that. It had chosen the only sunny spot on the little wall, which was not obscured by the two–storey buildings surrounding the square. It seemed to be resting, and its eyes were closed.

Desperate and slowly going mad because of the abandoned streets, he decided to try getting a reaction out of the only living thing he had seen since he had left the bus.

"Hm-hm" He cleared his throat, but the Cat gave no indication of having heard him.

"Hrm-hrm!" He stomped his foot petulantly, but the Cat did not stir, though its nose twitched. He poked her cautiously with his index finger, but the Cat still didn't move!

He was positive that it was mocking him.

"Hm-H–""What,Two-Legsss?" The Cat suddenly hissed annoyed, one eye regarding him lazily.

He blinked, surprised: "W-well, I –"

The Cat suddenly jumped up and scrutinized him interestedly: "Myou sspeak, Two-Legged-Kitten? Myou arrr the firrrsst in a verrrry long time… hmmmmm"

"Errr, well, yesss, I didn't know that eitherrr up until now. But: I am actually lossst and rrreally need yourrr help…"

"Mmmy help? Hmmmm. But only becausssse myou arrr the firrrrst in such a long tiimmme."

Harry smiled so wide that it actually hurt, and his snow-white teeth were blinking in the afternoon sun.

"Mmm well, myou ssseee, it'ss like thisss…"

Five minutes later, the Cat was completely apprised of the situation.

"Two – Legs are weirrrd, even if they are Kittennn such as myou." She said matter-of-factly. He winced and smiled sheepishly at her.


"Nno mmmatterrr. I can help myou: myou chave to go strrrrraight down thhhhis strrrreet until you see the busshh withhh the nice mousies."

"Mousies? But how will I – ", the Boy Who Lived began confused.

"Hushhhh, Two–Legged–Kitten, patience. Listen! Wherrre was I? Yes, the nice mousies. Therrrre myou must turrrn left, climb up the chimnyey, and walk in dirrrrection where the sun parrrrts everrrry day."

"But –"

The Cat hissed angrily.

"What did I say? Patience! Listen, Two–Legged–Kitten. Myou will pass thrrrrree nest of delicious birrrrdies – myou don't eat birrrdies do myou, human? Thhhey arrre miiinne, aall miiiinee!"

"Uhm, I –"

"Hush! – and then pass the alley wherrre the nice smells are. Lots of jummy mousies and fishies and rattses. Yes, yes. If myou follow that strrrreeet then towarrrds the Big House, then myou will find what myou seek."

Harry blinked: "Wha-?"

– "Don't botherrr me Two–Legs. I am busy. Go away!"

The Cat turned its head away from the Boy Who Lived regally and continued basking in the late afternoon sunlight. Harry shrugged, and decided after a few seconds of contemplation against poking it again. He didn't particularly fancy getting scratched today, and 'explaining' the way – if one could call it that – seemed to have cost the Cat the little patience it had had.

"Down the street I go. To the "nice mousies". Cats, seriously. They all think of nothing but food aaall the time!", he grumbled exasperated. Well, this way was as good as any. As he was walking away he suddenly turned back.

"Hey, I forrrgot to ask myou – what's myourrrr name?"

The Cat lazily opened one eye.

"Name orrr no name, it's all the sssame."

Harry huffed angrily, rolled his eyes, and quickly marched away. 'CATS!'

"But myou may call me She–Who–Walks–In–The–Sun."

Harry turned his head lightning fast, but the street behind him was already empty.


A.N.: Cats are often associated with witchcraft in mythology...

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