This is a one shot featuring Hancock as a salary woman, while Luffy is in High School, I will try to make this story as original as possible, since it is NOT the stereotypical student/teacher romance fic.

Luffy – 18

Hancock – 30

In this universe, the characters will still retain their names since it is the norm here. Luffy will not wear his signature Straw Hat all the time since he is a student after all. He attends Mugiwara Gakuen with Ussop, Coby and Helmeppo.

This is just a one-shot, but if you like it, I will try to add in more chapters. One Piece is protected under copyright of law and belongs to Eichiro Oda. Enjoy!

"Oi, Luffy, when's the deadline of our thesis?"

It was 7:59 in the morning, and two teenagers were walking by the hallway having just arrived on time, "I heard from Mr. Shanks that it's going to be by the end of this month, but I'm not really sure. At any rate, we can still do other stuff before that,"

Ussop scratched the back of his neck, "Come on Luffy, Mr. Shanks almost gave us a bad grade on our last project,"

"The diorama was fragile to begin with, it was your fault for buying cheap glue," Luffy said as he walked ahead of his friend.

"This is important Luffy, it's our last year in high school and our thesis is going to give us the credit we need to graduate, have you picked a topic for it already?" Ussop walked up to catch up with him,


"Come again?" Ussop raised an eyebrow,

"Let's make a thesis on pirates, you know, the privateers of old and all the other cool stuff about them," Luffy grinned widely,

"What kind of thesis is that? Oops! Let's talk later, we're here," Ussop said as both of them entered the classroom.

As Luffy neared his seat, a boy with pink hair and glasses waved at him, "Oi! Luffy, ohayou!"

"Ohayou Coby, where's Helmeppo?" Luffy said as he high-fived him,

"Not here yet, probably going to end up late again, he might as well get the record for most tardy,"

"Ha! That's so like him, so anyway, have you decided on a topic for your thesis?" Luffy leaned closer towards his friend,

"Yeah, mostly about online gaming and how it's affecting the common youth nowadays," Coby said as he propped his head up on his desk,

"Really? That's cool. So have you heard already? Soul King Brook is going to hold a live concert next week, want to go with me and Ussop? All four of us can pool our money for tickets,"

"You bet, I'll talk it over with Helmeppo and see if he's available,"

Not long after the teacher had finally arrived, "Alright class, settle down, it's time to start the lesson,"

Class as usual went along smoothly, with Helmeppo arriving late again, prompting Shanks to tap him on the head with his textbook before pointing him to the direction of his seat, much to the amusement of the class.


"A concert!?" Helmeppo said out loud,

"Yeah, Soul King Brook! Can you believe that he's arriving all the way from Austria to hold a live concert here in Japan!"

"Since when has an Austrian musician ever expressed an interest here?" Ussop said as he was chewing food,

"He's on a world tour! Me and Luffy have all of his albums, he even made covers for popular Japanese folk songs," Coby said,

"Really? Sugoi, so do you think concert tickets are gonna be expensive?" Helmeppo asked before opening his bento.

"Probably around 3000 yen each," Luffy said as he was scarfing down his food,

"3000 YEN!" the others exclaimed out loud.

"Th-that's like over 12,000 yen for all of us! How in the hell do we expect to get that kind of money!?" Ussop said indignantly,

Helmeppo stuck his chin up, "Ha! My dad won't even give me 2000 yen let alone 3, forget it, I've got better things to do than go to some concert,"

"Yeah, I guess maybe we can just skip on this one, sorry Luffy," Ussop said disappointingly,

"Aw, but I already saved up enough of my allowance for mine. Coby, you'll still come right?"

Coby hesitated before shaking his head, "I...I guess I can't, money's been tight since my aunt told me to save up," he then resumed eating, leaving a disappointed Luffy who shortly followed with his meal, "Aw man, now who am I going to take with me...wait, maybe she's free during that time, I'll call her later to check,"

Amazon Lily Inc.

Boa Hancock was seated at her desk in her office, going through several documents containing various information such as company stocks, resumes, reports, etc.

Suddenly, the phone next to her rang, but shortly changed to voicemail, "Hello? Hancock, are you there~nyon?" the voice belonged to an old woman, catching Hancock's attention and prompting her to hold up the receiver,

"Didn't I already tell you that the cosmetics department had already received a fresh delivery of hair dye?"

"Yes, but I wasn't able to receive your report on it, so I did what any pragmatic business woman would do, call the one who ordered it~nyon,"

A small vein popped on the younger woman's forehead, "Listen you old fart, for the umpteenth time if you don't stop calling me I'll throw you off this building, understand?"

"Oh my, is that any way to talk to the woman who practically raised you~nyon?" the voice trailed off, but was lined with enough mischief that it made Hancock gnash her teeth.

Further pushed into irritation, she slammed the receiver back and resumed what she was doing, "The nerve of that woman, if she only knew how much work I go through everyday for her I bet she'd have a heart attack," the thought of that quickly brought a smile to her face as she opened a folder and proceeded to read its contents.

Suddenly, the door of her office opened revealing a tall woman with short green hair, holding two cups of steaming hot coffee "Anee-sama, here's some coffee, you might need some to jack you up after the late night you had," she gently placed one a safe distance from her sister, mindful of the papers.

"Sandersonia, this is work, so I expect you to not be overly familiar with me here," she lectured her sibling without looking up,

"Oh right, sorry An-Ms. Boa," she took a sip from her own cup while leaning on the front of the desk, "So have you heard from Marigold yet?" she asked casually,

"Mm, she hasn't emailed me in a while, nor texted,"

"Ha, to think our sister would land a big break to showcase her Spring collection in London,"

"You know her, give her something to draw on and you might end up wearing whatever she churns out of that noggin of hers," a smile crept on her lips as she continued reading one of the resumes,

"So how is he?" Sandersonia asked out of nowhere,

"How's who?"

"Your boyfriend," Hancock looked up from what she was reading and stared at her sister before slapping the latter with it, "You'd better stop slacking off or the old fart's not going to leave you alone,"

"Yeah, yeah, but next time he asks you out don't spare me the details okay?" Sandersonia eyed her sister playfully as she closed the door, "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother not to say anything at all," Hancock rubbed her eyes before going back to work herself.


Hancock was walking through the parking lot towards her Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, when she suddenly felt her phone ring, "If it's her again, she better put herself up for life insurance,"

However, as she took a look at the caller ID, her cheeks went red before pressing call, "Hello?"

"Ne, ore dayo, where are you?" it was a young boy's voice,

"This isn't exactly the best time, I'm at the parking lot and I was about to drive home,"

"I just wanted to ask you something, it'll only take a minute,"

"(Sigh) What is it?"

"I was hoping to take you to a concert next saturday, I hope you're free," he sounded enthusiastic, " Saturday? I-I suppose I am but...listen, why don't we talk it over by lunch tomorrow, can you meet me at our usual, Luffy?"

"Sure thing, I'll be there...oh by the way, about last time-"

"Forget it, Sandersonia's already forgiven you, it wasn't your fault anyway, at least she finally got the haircut she wanted,"

"I still think I should apologize to her in-person, you know, just to make it official," there was a sincere sense of regret in his voice,

"Alright, but not now, I'll be busy because I'm bringing work home, so I'll see you there Luffy, bye," she made a kiss before Luffy replied, "Yeah, bye and safe trip," and with that she pressed hangup.

Seeing her car by the corner of her eye, a thin smile formed on her lips, "At least he called, it's been a week since the last time I invited him over to my condo. Sandersonia probably would have been okay with it had he not accidentally set her hair on fire with that candle, that's the last time I try to scent up the place like that,"

After entering and starting it up, more thoughts began to invade her mind, "To think, that I fell for a kid like that...I really don't know what's wrong with me...but at any rate I really don't feel like regretting it anytime soon,"

At Luffy's house

As Luffy entered through the door, he was met by an unexpected; and rather painful punch. Failing to dodge it, he fell to the ground with a bloody nose while giving out a sharp yelp of pain, "What the hell was that?"

Looking up from where he was sprawled on the ground, he saw a tall, old man towering over him with a scowl so fierce it would make a little girl cry, "Luffy...where in the hell have you been? I've been waiting for you to work on your chores and you come here late!?"

"Idiot! It's 4 in the afternoon, how can I be late?" Luffy struggled to stand up before making eye contact with his grandfather, "Ha! You weren't nearly early enough, as if I have enough chores around here since your brother left for college and your father's working overseas, you're the only one I got! So don't be a lazy bum and CLEAN THE GARAGE, AND WHEN YOU'RE DONE CLEAN THE REST OF THE HOUSE!" he administered another punch to the head which knocked Luffy out.

Moments later...

"Kuso, that old man gets to slack off while I'm left with all of the work, this is child labor you know!" he voiced out vehemently as he was sweeping the floor, which unfortunately wasn't unheard by Garp who arose from the living room holding a remote, "Child? You're a man for crying out loud, now start acting like one or you won't get any dinner tonight!"

This rose Luffy up to attention, "Eh! You can't be serious, I'm starving over here, at least give me some rice crackers to keep me motivated,"

"As if I'll let you eat my rice crackers! Now less talking and more cleaning!" and without a second thought, he gave his grandson another one to the head.

Much later...

Dinner was bittersweet for Luffy, since he was so exhausted to the point his muscles were aching. He could barely move, let alone feed himself, and the food hardly even lightened his mood as Garp wasn't exactly a whiz in the kitchen, "Oi...kuso-jii, you call this food? I've seen dogs eat better crap than this!"

"Stop complaining, at least you're eating something and you have a roof over your head, be thankful damn it!" he said with a mouth full of rice and fried milkfish,

Again, much later...

As Luffy entered his room, relieved that he finally had time to himself, he couldn't help but feel that something was missing. As he surveyed his surroundings, he noticed that something really was missing, "Eh! Where's my straw hat?"

Getting out of his room, he quickly bolted downstairs to confront his grandfather, who was comfortably watching television while sitting by the sofa, "Oi Jii-chan, where's my straw hat?"

"Huh? What straw hat?" he asked blithely, then started to pick his nose,

Enraged, Luffy slowly walked in front of the old man and grabbed the top of the sofa on both sides, obscuring the latter from his show, "The straw hat that Mr. Shanks gave me for my 7th birthday!"

"Oh that, I hid it in the attic," he answered nonchalantly while moving around to get a view, "The attic! Why did you put it there?" Luffy's mouth fell open,

"What's the point of wearing that thing anyway? You've had it for like 11 years already, and I could have sworn that it was starting to stink! You're too old to be hanging on to that,"

"Kuso-jii!" feeling that he had already tolerated enough, Luffy slowly balled his right hand into a fist and was about to punch Garp, but suddenly heard his cell ring in his pocket.

Caught by surprise, he hesitated for a bit as his breathing was starting to slow down. Letting his temper escape his mind, he then walked out of the living room and into the main hallway where he answered it, "Hello?"

"Ne Luffy it's me, are you busy? I just want to talk to you for a moment," it was Hancock,

Luffy scratched his scalp and peeked in on his grandfather, who was idly glued to his show, "Oh...uh sure, what's up?"

"I'm gonna have to skip lunch with you tomorrow, I have a lunch date with a client and I can't bail on it. I hope that's okay,"

"Oh uh, n-no problem, heh! I was just asking if you'd be interested on going with me to the Soul King concert,"

There was a moment of silence before Hancock spoke up again, "Soul King? You mean Soul King Brook?"

"You know him?" Luffy raised an eyebrow,

"He's only one of our top clients, he regularly buys our hair care products by the boxes, how do you think he keeps up that afro of his?" Hancock's voice was calm and smooth, just the kind of sound Luffy wanted to hear, "Listen Hancock, if you aren't too busy, maybe we can go on another date, my treat!"

Hesitating for a moment, Hancock just shrugged and replied, "Sure, but I hope it won't be cheap like last time,"

Luffy grinned widely, "Don't worry, the Thousand Sunny happens to belong to a friend of the family's, he always gives me discounts, and the food is fantastic!" his mouth watered at the mere thought of the menu,

"Well...alright then, see you Luffy," as the call ended on her side, she began to ponder to herself again, "Hm, the concert might not be such a bad idea, and even if I don't get to have a talk with the Soul King, I'd still spend time with Luffy," her cheeks went red again as she squeezed a pillow by the bean bag she was sitting on.