Move Along

Chapter 1

I stood under the hot spray of the shower forever, letting it loosen my muscles from the long flight. I'd spent all summer in Italy, where my Brother Emmett's wife, Rose was modeling. I needed to get away from everything that had happened here last year. I didn't want to be around everyone asking questions and sad, pitiful eyes from my family and worst off, my best friend, his sister.

I guess I should start from the beginning and fill you in.

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short and my ex is none other than Mr. Popular himself, Edward Cullen. I wasn't at the bottom of the barrel mind you. I am/was just as popular. I'll be head cheerleader this year and my dad, Charlie was Chief of Police, for this small town it paid quite well. And my mom was the principal at Forks Elementary. Not to mention my granddad was Mayor, so yeah we had it pretty good. Edward's parents were doctors, his dad Chief of Staff and his mom was an OB/GYN, the sweetest people you'd want to meet, as was his sister Alice, but something in him changed right before Prom and he broke up with me for Heidi Hunter. We'd been enemies since preschool, her family liked to flaunt money, while my family was conservative. We lived in a beautiful house, I drove a decent used car, as did my twin brother Riley and of course Emmett was a few years older, so he had his own life, Quarterback for Seattle Seahawks and his wonderfully beautiful wife, Rose, whom was a model.

Getting back on track, a week before Prom, I'm shopping in Port Angeles with Alice and as we're eating lunch, Edward and Heidi walk by, snuggled to each other, laughing and touching. I sat there in shock, until I realized I had actually gotten up and ran outside to confront them. Screaming, asking what the hell was going on, he shrugged and said he was bored and was with Heidi now. I remember sitting on the bench out front and crying, until I felt Alice put her hand on my shoulder and tell me we should go. I took off the ring he'd given me for my birthday when he'd told me he loved me and I gave myself to him. I took off the earrings he gave me for Christmas when he'd told me it'd be me forever. I sat them in Alice's drink holder and told her to do whatever with them, I didn't want them anymore. We were in my driveway, I got out and grabbed my bags, Riley coming out to see Alice, his girlfriend and took one look at me and asked Alice what happened. She filled him in and he was ready to murder Edward. "Just let it go." I'd said and walked inside, closing off everyone around me, until I reached Italy. I broke down to Emmett and Rose, we had lots of sweets and laughs and I was done, no more pining over Edward. I would move on when I got home. Move on to who, I didn't know, most were stupid imbeciles, maybe I'd just stay single and enjoy my senior year, either way, I wasn't going to give Edward the pleasure of seeing me cry again.

Rose and I shopped every free moment we had, she had her stylist give me a makeover, so when I went back, I'd be 'smokin' hot' she'd said. My usual waist long hair was cut just below my shoulders and I'd had some light honey highlights put in, to compliment my already natural rust colored ones. I also learned how to straighten my hair over the summer, so I could go w/ more than curls. It was all Emmett approved and knew that was good. We'd also remade my wardrobe, so I had all the best to go back in and Rose said when they stopped in Paris, she'd send more from there. To say I was excited was an understatement. I'd be THE hottest senior, eat your heart out Edward Cullen!


I hope you enjoy this new oneā€¦

It came to me while watching TV and I had to get it out.

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