Chapter 8

Aomine Daiki is an extremely hard-to-control type of guy. He was always a trouble maker. No matter where he goes, people tended to recognize him from all sort of stories. "Hey, he's the guy who beat up the upperclassmen in his first day…" "He's the guy who's always help out…" "He's scary…" "Look at his face…" "Didn't he play basketball…" and yada yada yada. Aomine doesn't give a shit at what people says about him whether it's good or bad.

But Aomine had a habit of ALWAYS jumping into problems. And he was suspended in his first day in high school for a month because of it. By the time he came to school, all sort of nasty rumors had been flying around but still, Aomine doesn't gives a rat's ass about it. He was feared and people avoided him like a plague, STILL he didn't care. But when suddenly, the Student Council President, a red-headed guy named Akashi Seijuurou, asked him to join the Student Council, he was completely befuddled. He thought, 'Is this guy mad or something? Me? In Student Council? *snort* Yeah, veerryy likely…'

One way and another, Aomine suddenly found himself sitting in the Student Council meeting. Oddly enough, he doesn't remember ever agreeing to it but found that he didn't care either way. 'Best not think about it,' he thought.

In the two years that he knew the members of the Student Council, he began to treat them like family, a dysfunctional family. What with the dictator of a father (Akashi), tsundere Oha-Asa maniac of a 'mother' (Midorima), the worst-cook-ever of the first born (Satsuki), trouble maker for the second (Aomine), childish giant for the third-born (Murasakibara) and an airheaded model for the youngest (Kise).

Somehow, that sounded wrong, but back to the story, Aomine found that there was something that he fears (more than l0sing Mai-chan*), and that is Akashi Seijuurou, especially an irritated Akashi Seijuurou. And he's witnessing it first-handedly. Right. About. Now.

"You're late," Akashi stated in a calm (too calm!) voice.

Aomine gulped. He wanted to retort that it had only been six minutes after his call but hold his tongue. Never talk back to an angry Akashi, first rule in the GoM.

The silence that settled after that was deafening. Aomine doesn't stand silence, he prefers a loud environment. After a few seconds had passed, Aomine began to fidget.

'Good God! Just say something already! You're not usually this cruel when I'm late!' thought Aomine, 'I didn't do anything wrong! … I think…'

"I saw you in the hallway…" inside, Aomine gave a slight cheer when Akashi began speaking, "…with a person with light blue hair. You know him."

It wasn't a question and it didn't go unnoticed by Aomine. The cheer in his head abruptly came to a halt. Whatever his president wants, it didn't bode well for him.

"…yes, he's my cousin and childhood friend. We came from the same neighborhood so we sometimes walk together to and fro campus," Aomine told his president hesitantly. He doesn't really know what's on Akashi's mind. Seriously, nobody could read him.

Akashi suddenly has a thoughtful look on his face, before it was replaced by an evil smirk. Aomine gulped.

"Well well, who would have thought…" Akashi mused and gave his most dazzling smile while saying, "Now, tell me everything that you know about him, would you?"

Something tells Aomine that the last part of Akashi's sentence wasn't needed at all. He didn't even have a choice.


The after-sex pheromone had disappeared. Kuroko could almost jump for joy and shout his happiness on top of Mount Fuji but being a shadow that he is, he settled for a silent 'Woohooo!'.

Still, there was one other thing that had him worried and that was his next encounter with Akashi Seijuurou. Today, he would have to attend the drawing class again. On his way there, Kuroko contemplated how to look normal with the pressure of Akashi's being there.

Taking in a deep breath, Kuroko knocked on the door and enter the Drawing Room. Due to the knock, some people noticed Kuroko's entrance. They greeted him and alerted the other people on his arrival. With no (surprise) casualties, they started their drawing. Some of them had already prepared to add oil paints to their paintings.

While this activity was occurring, Kuroko notices that Akashi had already began to color his painting and rarely look at him. Disappointment slowly made its way inside him before he squashed it down. 'No,' Kuroko thought, 'there's nothing to be disappointed about. We agreed it's just a one night stand.' Still, his heart seems to disagree.

Kuroko mulled over his feeling and didn't even notices that one hour has passed until Hyuuga called, "Alright, I hope you guys are half finish with your painting. Kuroko will only come again for two more times. After that, if you're not done… serve you right," with an evil smile, "Class dismissed."

Kuroko had to blink once, twice and thrice before he actually caught on to the situation. He stands and leaves the class after saying goodbye to some of the students that he knows. He didn't want to look at Akashi so leaving as fast as he can was his plan. Not that his feelings stop mind you.

In the hallway, his cellphone suddenly rang and upon looking at the caller ID, he was met with the name AkaS. Kuroko paused. He never put this name in his cellphone before. Not wanting the caller to get impatient, he answered the call.



Upon hearing Akashi Seijuuro's voice, Kuroko's mind came to a screeching halt.

"I need to speak with you, could you come to class A-X on the third floor?"

Since he didn't know whether to be sad, angry, confused, happy or anything, he settled on with just going with the flow and he said, "Uh… okay…?"

"Meet you there in five minutes," Akashi said and hung up.

Kuroko stared at his cellphone. He was confused as to the reason Akashi wanted to meet with him and also how in the world didn't he noticed Akashi's number in his cellphone.

Giving up for now, he started walking to the third floor.