Summary: Harry gets shunned by the Weasley family for being a gay and ends up spending two weeks with Charlie in Romania. Seven years later Charlie receives a message from Harry telling him to go to a hospital in the USA, where he finds Harry in a coma, of which he may never wake up. Now Charlie has to parent two kids, of which the younger bears a striking resemble to a Weasley…

Warnings: Harry/Charlie Slash, nothing graphic, Mpreg

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

A young man with a messy black hair sat on his bed staring into nothingness, thinking everything that happened. It was four months after the Final Battle where he, Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, The Chosen One, The-Man-Who-Defeated and dozen-other-ridiculous-titles, had defeated the Britain's most feared Dark lord Voldemort – but it wasn't the Battle that Harry was thinking, it was everything that happened after it.

The first two weeks after the Battle had gone somewhat like Harry had expected; funerals were held, awards and speeches were given and people were mourning after their loved ones, but after that everything had gone downhill. The two weeks had been very hard for everyone and Harry had had no time to rest with rebuilding Hogwarts, giving speeches and attending funerals, let alone with the award ceremonies, which he hated with all his might, but couldn't get past. During that time he had been living with the Weasley family in the Burrow, who had spent the whole time mourning their son and brother, Fred, and other people they knew like Remus and Tonks.

Harry had had no time to really mourn the people he lost and after those two weeks was on the brink of collapsing. He hadn't slept or relaxed properly in the whole year he had been hunting down and destroying the Horcruxes, and was really tired of everything. Many times he had almost regretted coming back to life, when he could have just followed Dumbledore to the next great adventure after Voldemort had hit him with an Avada Kedavra the second time, but the first time he really regretted it, was when for the first time in the whole year he had time to relax and just spent time with the people he regarded as family.

It had started okay with dinner and just chatting about everything and nothing, but then the conversation had turned to him and Ginny. Molly had asked when he and Ginny were going to marry and was almost planning their wedding right there even though they hadn't been together in over a year and even then only for a few months.

Harry had heard that Ginny had moved on only few months after their break up on his birthday with more than a one guy and was really surprised of Molly's question. Ginny made it even worse by looking at him expectantly like waiting for him to ask her to marry him on the spot. Harry had tried to calmly explain that they weren't together anymore and that it was not going to happen - ever.

He had been a little uncomfortable hearing that Ginny had moved on so quickly after their break up especially since she had told him that she was going to wait for him, but after some soul-searching during the Horcrux hunt Harry had decided that maybe it was for the best, as he himself had found out he preferred men to women, so there was really no way he was going to marry Ginny.

At Harry's announcement that he wasn't going to marry Ginny, Ginny ran out of the room pretending to cry and Molly started to yell at him insisting that he had to marry Ginny and blaming him for leading her daughter on, when Harry continuously refused. Harry battled down an urge to start shouting too and calmly explained that Ginny had already moved on with more than one guy and that he himself was a gay. That had brought a silence to the room for a full second before Molly slapped him to the face looking disgusted and started shrieking at him for claiming her daughter was a slut and for being a queer, before breaking down crying on Arthur's arms. After that Harry had been told to take his stuff and leave the house and to not come back.

Everything Harry had done for the Weasley family – saving half of their lives – or for the wizarding world in whole, all of it was forgotten when he refused to marry Ginny and told them he was a gay.

Harry had left the house in a shock just wandering around the muggle London before stopping in Hyde Park and sitting down, staring at the lake. He couldn't believe the Weasleys could just shun him like that after everything. Even Ron, his best friend, had looked at him disgusted when he told them he was a gay. Harry had always known the Weasleys were a traditional family, but he had never thought that they wouldn't accept his homosexuality – so much for being their 'seventh son'.

Harry had sat by the lake for a long time thinking what he would do when an owl landed on him carrying a letter. It was from Bill telling him he was sorry of how his family had treated him and telling him to go to Charlie to Romania if he needed a place to stay. Enclosed to the letter was an international Portkey that would take him to the dragon reserve if he so wanted. Harry had after a few minutes of thinking taken the Portkey and gone to Charlie's, where Charlie too had offered him his apologies for his family and told him to stay as long as he needed.

At Charlie's place Harry had been able to relax – at least during the day when he had no nightmares – and do nothing. He had been pleased to see Charlie again and got along with him very well. He had been very surprised to find out that Charlie was a gay, or at least a bi, too, when he caught Charlie checking him out – not that he confronted him or anything, since that could have revealed his secret crush on Charlie, that he had realized he was having during his soul-searching. After his experience with the Weasleys, Harry could easily understand why Charlie had never told about his sexuality to his family.

After two weeks of living with Charlie they had become close friends. Charlie had stayed up with Harry when he had his nightmares and Harry comforted Charlie when he was sad about Fred. They had talked a lot about Quidditch and dragons and Harry's unfortunate encounters with them among some other stuff, but never about the war and Voldemort as they both knew Harry wasn't ready to talk about it. Harry had even helped Charlie with the dragons on the reserve.

Harry had really enjoyed his time with Charlie, but knew that he would have to leave soon. His crush for Charlie had only grown since he got to know him better and Harry knew he could never tell Charlie about it. Even if Charlie felt the same about him – which he thought was very unlikely – they could never be together as Charlie's family wouldn't accept them and there was no way, Harry would make Charlie choose between him and his family.

Harry had gone through his properties from the list he had gotten from the Goblins and had decided to move into a Villa in Florida that the Potter family owned. He had several other properties too, all around the world, but had decided that the Villa in Florida would be the best for him, at least for the moment.

During the last day of his stay he had cooked Charlie a dinner as a thanks for letting him stay, though he hadn't yet told Charlie he was leaving. He had decided he would do that in the morning before he left so that Charlie wouldn't be able to talk him out of it saying that it wouldn't be good for him to be alone, as Harry knew that he would stay if Charlie asked and he knew that he couldn't, no matter how much he wanted to.

Charlie had come home from work in the evening and they had enjoyed their dinner and spend the rest of the evening drinking wine and just talking. Around midnight Charlie had said goodnight and went to sleep while Harry stayed on the couch where he had been sleeping during his stay. He stayed awake for a long time thinking what he would do when he got to his new home, before he fell to sleep.


Harry dreamt about the battle with Voldemort and all his loved ones dying around him. He could hear a faint echo yelling at his name and then saw Charlie's face appearing in front of him. He saw Voldemort lifting his wand and casting a Curcio at Charlie who screamed and writhed in the ground in pain. Suddenly Harry could hear Charlie's voice getting louder and louder before he woke up to find Charlie slapping him at his face and saying his name while trying to wake him up.

"Harry!" Charlie yelled for the last time before Harry opened his eyes. Harry looked at him for a moment before for the first time, after everything that had happened, broke down and started to cry. Charlie took him in his arms and just held him tightly murmuring soothing words to him knowing that Harry needed to let it all come out.

Harry felt like he had been crying for hours, but he just couldn't stop the tears from running down his face. A part of him didn't ever want to stop crying as it felt so good to be in Charlie's strong arms. In the end he started to calm down and stopped, but still Charlie didn't let him go. He summoned a bottle of Firewhiskey and poured Harry a glass which he downed in one go, before taking another and downed that one too. Harry moved from Charlie's lap to next to him before downing a third glass of Firewhiskey.

"Are you okay?" Charlie asked quietly his hand still around Harry and another stroking his hair.

"Yeah… thanks." Harry answered hoarsely and leaned on Charlie's gentle touch.

They sat together in silence staring at the flames in the fireplace, drinking Firewhiskey, for a long time before Harry spoke:

"Would you do me a favor?"

"Sure, anything." Charlie said.

"Anything?" Harry asked staring intensely at Charlie straight in the eyes with his emerald orbs.


"Will you make love to me?" Harry whispered huskily.

"Harry… I…"Charlie started.

Harry put his finger on his lips to silence him before talking again.

"Just this once, Charlie. There will be no strings. I – I just need to feel something." He whispered his emerald eyes looking pleadingly into Charlie's blue ones, before leaning slowly towards Charlie letting him back away if he wanted to.

He didn't.

End of Flashback

Harry had woken up in Charlie's bed, Charlie's arms tightly around him. He had known he probably shouldn't have asked Charlie to make love to him, as it was just going to get harder for himself to leave Charlie, but he didn't regret it one bit. They had made love many times during that night and Harry had enjoyed all of it. He didn't regret losing his virginity to Charlie and was glad he had done it, even if it had been just a spur of the moment. He had lost his virginity to someone he loved and was happy for that.

Harry had snuggled closer to Charlie's naked body just holding him tightly in his arms and staring at Charlie's sleeping face, memorizing it. He knew he would have to leave soon, before Charlie woke up, but he didn't want to leave the safety he felt in his arms. In the end he had got up and showered, before packing rest of his things to his trunk and shrinking it to his pocket. He stood in the doorway of Charlie's bedroom watching his sleeping form, before leaving a note he had written, on the pillow. He had leaned down to give Charlie a one last kiss before exiting the house and Portkeying away.

Harry had moved in to the Villa in Florida and taken a few days to settle down before sending a letter to Andromeda Tonks, who was taking care of his godson Teddy. Harry decided it was time for him to get to know his godson and be the godfather to him that Sirius or Remus hadn't had the chance to be to him. He got an answer a few days later, telling him he was welcome at any time. The next day Harry had Portkeyed back to England and met his godson for the first time.

He had instantly fallen in love with Teddy, who was the most adorable child he had ever seen. Teddy kept changing his hair color all the time and Andy told him that Teddy showed his feelings through his Metamorphmagus abilities and that every hair color had a different meaning; blue was happiness, red was anger, pink was sleepy, yellow was hunger…

For the next month Harry kept travelling back and forth between London and Florida splitting his time between Teddy and Andromeda and studying magic and muggle subjects. He had decided to apply for a university in Florida as he planned to spend most of his time in the muggle world. He had been discussing with Andy of a possibility of her and Teddy to moving Florida to his house when he started school, as he wouldn't have as much time to visit them in London. Andy had agreed and they had moved in a week later.

While Andy and Teddy had been settling down in their new home, Harry had been feeling unwell. He had thrown up every morning for the previous four days and was feeling really tired.


Harry dragged himself to the kitchen where Andy was feeding Teddy, and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Are you feeling okay, Harry?" She asked as he sat down. "You look a little pale."

"I don't know must be having some sort of stomach bug or something. I've been throwing up every morning this week and feeling a bit tired."

"I could make a basic scan on you and see what you've got." Andy said lifting Teddy to her arms.

"Yea, I think that would be…" Harry started before putting a hand over his mouth and sprinting to the bathroom.

A few minutes later Andromeda found him in the floor of the bathroom washing his mouth.

"Come on, let's get you to bed and I'll do a scan on you." Andy said helping him up.

Harry sat on his bed and Andy waved her wand muttering under her breath.

"Oh my!" She said her eyebrows disappearing to her hairline.

"What? What is it? It's not anything serious, is it?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Oh, no, not at all. I just haven't seen anything like this since I was a healer in training." Andy said.

"Well, what is it?" Harry asked again impatiently.

"You're pregnant Harry." Andy said still a bit awed.

Harry stared at her blankly for a moment before passed out on the bed.

"Oh dear." Andy said before hurried to wake Harry up. "Harry! Wake up dear." she said.

"Andy, I just had a very weird dream. I dreamt that you told me I was pregnant." Harry groaned sitting back up. "Weird isn't it."

"It wasn't a dream, Harry dear. You're pregnant."

"It w-wasn't a dream?" He asked paling before fainting again.

Sighing Andromeda pulled out her wand and cast an Aguamenti charm on him and waited for him to wake up again.

"Are you going to keep fainting on me or are you going to listen what I have to say?"

"Sorry, but how can I be pregnant? I'm a wizard for Merlin's sake!"

"Well, it's not exactly an everyday knowledge in the wizarding world that very powerful wizards can get pregnant, but it's not unheard. I myself helped with one wizard's pregnancy when I was training to be a healer."

"Why didn't I know of this?" Harry asked still in a shock.

"Like I said, it's not really common knowledge. I think only the pureblood families might know of this. You were muggle raised, so I'm not surprised that you've never heard of it."

"What am I gonna do?" Harry asked more from himself.

"Well your options are to keep it and raise it yourself, abort it, or give it up for adoption or an orphanage once he or she is born."

"No! I could never abort or give my child up." Harry exclaimed. "He or she's my family!

"Then you have to raise it yourself."

"But how am I gonna do that, Andy? I don't know how to be a parent."

"No one knows. It will just come to you." Andy smiled at him. "Don't worry Harry; I know you're going to be a great father."

"You really think so?"

"I know so." Andy said smiling. "You already are to Teddy."

End of Flashback

Now four months after the Final battle Harry was three months pregnant and was trying to decide whether or not to tell Charlie he was going to be a father. He knew he had promised to Charlie that there would be no strings, but thought that he had right to know he was going to have a child. In the end he decided that he would send a letter to Charlie telling him about their child, but saying that he expected nothing from him.

"How are you feeling?" Andy said coming to the room with Teddy.

"I'm okay. I was just thinking that I need to stop by the university and tell them I'm not going to attend there for a few years." Harry smiled.

"So what are you feelings now that you've had time to accept the fact that you're going to be a father?" Andy asked. "You seem happy."

"I am. I'm actually pretty excited. I mean I always wanted a family of my own and now I have you and Teddy and this baby." Harry smiled taking Teddy into his arms.

"What about the baby's father? Are you going to let him know he's going to be a father?"

"Yes, I am. I decided to write him a letter and let him know about the baby, but mention that nothing is expected of him, if he doesn't wish so."

"I'm glad you decided to let him know." Andy said approvingly.

"Me too."