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Epilogue: 5 years later

Five years from Harry's recovery found the Potter family on the platform 9 ¾. Teddy and Charlus had decided that they wanted to attend Hogwarts like their parents had done, so it was decided that they would go there when Charlus was old enough to attend as they didn't want Teddy to go alone to a different country, especially to a boarding school as he had never attended one.

Now they were going to Hogwarts as transfer students from the Salem Institute – Charlus to first year and Teddy to second – which was a day school of magic, where children started studying magic a year earlier than in Hogwarts.

"Dada! Papa! Why can't we go to Hoggywarts by train?" A four-year-old boy with a messy black hair and blue eyes asked Harry, who was watching Charlie chatting with their two older sons.

"Because we're only visitors, the train is for students." Harry said smiling at his son's nickname for Hogwarts.

Coming back to England, Charlie and Harry had been surprised to find out that the first year students' families were invited to see their kids getting sorted and that Halloween too, was a day where families were invited to see their children.

"But Teddy and Charlus get to ride it." Another boy – identical to the other – whined.

"That's because they are going to be students there."

"But it's not fair!" The twin boys chorused.

"We want to ride it too." The first boy said.

"And we're going to be students there too, so why can't we ride it now?" The second finished.

"You'll get to ride it in seven years." Harry said patiently, inwardly thinking how much the twins reminded him of Fred and George. "Now James, Sirius" He continued kneeling down on the boys' level. "When we get to Hogwarts, there will be no pranks pulled, understood?"

"But Daddy can't we pull at least one…?" James pleaded.

"A small one?" Sirius added hopefully.

"No. We are trying to keep as low profile as possible, for as long as possible."

"Fine, we'll be good." The twins said pouting, but Harry could see a mischievous spark in their eyes.

"Good, now go say your brothers goodbye for a few hours, their train is leaving in a minute." Harry said and watched the boys run to Teddy and Charlus.

"Do you really think they're going to manage it through the sorting without pranking?" Charlie who had been listening their conversation, asked amused.

"Not bloody likely." Harry chuckled taking their two-year-old daughter, Lily, from Charlie to his arms. "They're just like their namesakes."

"So why bother forbidding them from pranking?"

"They'll be more subtle about it and most likely won't get caught." Harry said smirking. "It will be fun watching Minnie and the other teachers trying to find out the source."

"You're evil." Charlie laughed giving Harry a kiss.

"That's why you love me." Harry said returning it.

"That I do."

"Don't worry Lils, we love you too." Harry said to Lily who was pulling his hair and fidgeting in his arms as they weren't paying attention to her, and kissed her on top of her head.

"Let's go say goodbye to Teddy and Charlus." Harry said readjusting Lily to his other hand and taking Charlie's to his other as they walked to their kids.

"Now be good, you two." Harry said hugging first Teddy and then Charlus. "I don't want too many letters to home from Minnie."

"We promise to be on our best behavior." Charlus said solemnly, his eyes twinkling.

"I'm sure you do." Harry muttered under his breath, though he was inwardly smirking when he thought how McGonagall would have to deal with another generation of Marauders. He had already given them the map and the invisibility cloak.

"We're going to miss you." Charlie said, he too hugging their sons.

"We're going to see each other in a few hours, you know." Teddy laughed.

"Doesn't make it any easier." Charlie mumbled. "Now go, before you miss the train. We don't have a flying car to get you to Hogwarts like your dad did in his second year."

"Charlie! Don't give them any ideas." Harry said to his husband mock sternly making the whole family laugh. "Now go."

"See you in the feast!" Teddy and Charlus called waving before entering the train with the last of the students just before the train started moving.

The rest of the Potter family stood there waving with other parents watching as the train disappeared from the view.

"They're growing up too fast." Harry said leaning his head against Charlie's shoulder as he slipped a hand down his waist.

"That they do."

Hogwarts looked the same it had looked for the last century, even with repairs that had been done after the Final Battle. The only differences were the Wall of Honor for those who had fought and died in the Battle and the tables for the parents in the Great Hall. The Potter family slipped to one of the tables through the crowd trying to be as unnoticed as possible.

"Do you really think they won't notice us, or better yet you?" Charlie asked.

"No. I know they will eventually, but I just try to prevent it as long as possible…preferably to the time when they announce Teddy and Charlus "Harry sighed. "I just feel bad for Teddy and Charlus. They have to suffer because of my fame. They're going to be stared and asked millions of questions about me. It's not a nice place to be in."

"Harry, we have been through this before when we discussed whether Charlus and Teddy will keep Potter as their surname when they come here, or not, and they wanted to keep it regardless of the attention it brings with it. They are smart kids, Harry; they know how to handle themselves." Charlie said reassuringly taking his hand into his.

"I know." Harry said smiling as he looked at their joined hands with their wedding rings. "We raised them well."

"That we did."

Harry and Charlie watched the older students and other parents filling the Great hall whilst James, Sirius and little Lily were planning their prank.

"Okay, when the sorting ends Lily will distract Daddy and Papa and we'll cast the charm on the tables." James said quietly with Sirius nodding.

"I'll take Snakes and Badgers, you take Ravens and Lions." Sirius whispered.

"Agreed: Lils, you up for being a distraction? Just go wandering around and I'll send Daddy after you." James asked

"Oka', Jamie." The little two-year old nodded happily and the three children started following the sorting.

Flitwick called first years one by one while Harry and Charlie tried to catch a glimpse of Teddy or Charlus.

"Why didn't he sort Teddy and Charlus?" Harry asked. "He passed 'P' already.

"Maybe they'll sort them last." Charlie said. "They are transfer students after all.

"Damn, should've told Neville to make sure they were sorted with the first years." Harry muttered.

"I still can't believe you succeeded enrolling them without anyone but Neville knowing."

"I know. Thank Merlin for Hogwarts' self-updating quills. The reporters would've had a field day, had it gotten out that I would be here today." Harry said quietly.

"You know that Minnie's going to kill you when she finds out?" Charlie whispered.

"Nah, she'll be too busy cooing at Lily."

"You might be right." Charlie chuckled.

The sorting ended as Victoire Weasley was sorted into Gryffindor and Flitwick stared at the parchment in wonder before continuing.

"It seems we have two more students to sort." He said. "Hogwarts is proud to accept the first transfer students in a century, from the Salem Academy. First the sorting of Theodore Lupin Potter, who will be attending the second year." Flitwick said and whispers broke out around the Hall as Teddy walked to the stool. 'Did he say Potter?'

It took roughly a minute – though to Charlie and Harry it felt like forever – before the hat yelled out the house:


Loud clapping and cheering broke out and Teddy walked to the Gryffindor table wearing a huge grin – he got to the same house all his three dads had been.

"And then we have Charlus Potter, who will be joining our first years." Flitwick continued.

Charlus' sorting took a bit longer than Teddy's, but in the end he too joined his brother in the Gryffindor house and once again the Hall filled with cheers and clapping. Headmistress McGonagall announced the sorting finished and the food appeared on the tables.

"You owe me ten galleons, Charlie!" Harry said grinning widely. "I told you our sons would be Lions."

"I was so sure Teddy was going to be Raven." Charlie whined and handed the money over, before matching Harry's grin. They were both very proud of their sons and were happy they ended up in their old house.

"Daddy?" James called at Harry. "Have you seen Lily?"

"Lily? She's…" Harry said scanning the chairs around them. "Charlie! Lily's gone!"

"What do you mean gone? She was right here."

Harry and Charlie started panicking and scanned the room for their read-headed daughter without noticing Sirius and James slipping away for their mission.

"There she is." Charlie said spotting Lily in the crowd near the staff table where parents rushed to congratulate their kids.

"I'll go get her." Harry said. "See you at the Gryffindor table."

Harry weaved through the crowd to his daughter and picked her up.

"Lily Dora Potter, what did I say about wandering off alone?" He asked trying to sound stern, but didn't succeed very well from his relief.

"No' to." Lily said innocently and gave her Dada a toothy smile.

"Just don't disappear on us like that. Papa and I were worried about you, princess." He said and kissed her on forehead.

When he turned around to head for the Gryffindor table, he heard someone call him by his name, making everyone on the hearing distance turn to look at him. Harry bit back a grimace and turned around to look who had called at him.

"Harry James Potter! Where have you been all these years? How can you just leave like that without a word? You could've been kidnapped or dead or…" Hermione Granger ranted at him, before she hugged him so tightly he almost couldn't breathe. Luckily all the attention shifted from him to the students who had started to shriek and yell when their skin and hair switched color. Harry sighed in relief ('Thank Merlin for having prankster sons') and hugged Hermione back.

"Nice to see you too 'Mione, but I would appreciate it, if you wouldn't try to squeeze my daughter to death, or me for that matter."

"Oh, sorry." She said stepping back. "She's yours then?"

"Yep, my Lily flower." Harry said smiling. "Lils, this is Daddy's friend Hermione. Hermione, this is my daughter Lily Dora."

"Hello Lily." Hermione smiled.

"Hello." Lily said a bit shyly.

"She's so adorable."

"I know." Harry said. "Princess, go find Papa and your brothers, Daddy will be along soon."

Lily ran towards the Gryffindor table and Harry turned back to Hermione.

"Eleven years, Harry, and not a word from you. We thought you were dead or something and now you turn up here looking better than ever, with three kids and a husband?" She started ranting again.



"I have five kids."

"Five?" She exclaimed.

"Yea." Harry grinned. "Come, I'll introduce you."

They walked to the Gryffindor table where the rest of the Potter family sat. Harry gave a quick kiss to Charlie before congratulating his sons.

"Teddy, Charlus, congratulations on becoming Gryffindores." He said and hugged them.

"Thanks Dad." Both boys said.

"Oh right, this is my friend Hermione Granger. Hermione this is my family; we have Theodore Remus, our eldest, though he goes by Teddy, our second eldest Charlus Fredrik, the twins James Gideon and Sirius Fabian ("Nice timing by the way, boys" He said to his sons, who grinned at him) and Lily you already met. You remember Charlie, my husband, don't you?" Harry introduced sitting next to Charlie.

All the kids and Charlie greeted Hermione, who just gaped at them all.

"You feeling okay, Hermione?" Harry asked her, enjoying every moment as he finally made Hermione Granger speechless. "Maybe you should sit down." He said and helped Hermione to the chair next to him.

"Um… Hi." She said to the kids. As the kids went back to their own conversations she finally snapped out of it.

"What the hell, Harry?" she hissed quietly. "You disappear for eleven years and then come back when you are married to Charlie Weasley and have five children! And since when were you gay anyway? And how come they all look like you? You do know that blood adoption is illegal?" She ranted before Harry cut her off.

"Didn't the Weasleys tell you why I left? Didn't they tell you how they threw me out of the house when I refused to marry Ginny and told them I was gay?"

"They – They – What?!" Hermione asked shocked. "No, they did not tell me that! They told me you just disappeared after the funerals."

"Well I didn't, they threw me out and then Bill sent me a letter apologizing for his family and told me to go to Romania to Charlie if I needed a place to stay. I went and spent there the next few weeks."

"Those fucking lying bastards" Hermione hissed quietly, so that only Harry and Charlie could hear her. "Please tell me George wasn't one of them." She almost pleaded.

"No, he wasn't there then." Harry said. "Why?"

"Because if he was, I would tell him that I'll never marry him." She said.

"What?!" Charlie exclaimed. "You're my brother's mystery lady? He wouldn't tell me who he was seeing and you're telling me you're engaged?"

"Erm, yea. We wanted to keep it quiet for a while. And I've been engaged less than 24 hours. He asked me last night and I said yes." Hermione said smiling brightly.

"Congratulations 'Mione!" Harry said hugging her. "But what happened to Ron? If you don't mind me asking. I thought you were dating him."

"I did, but it didn't work out. We were together for a month after I came back from Australia with mum and dad, but it just wasn't meant to be. We spend nearly all the time fighting and bickering. I guess it was because we didn't have you to keep us from going after each other's throats." She said smiling faintly. "I started dating George five years ago and now we're getting married… But enough about me. Tell me what happened after you left Romania."

"Well, I moved to Florida and contacted Andromeda and Teddy, who came to live with me there. I wrote my NEWTs – which I passed with flying colors – and enrolled myself to Muggle University, but couldn't go that year, because I found out I was pregnant with Charlus." Harry said pausing as he knew Hermione would have questions.

"What! What do you mean pregnant you're a wizard Harry." She whispered.

"I know, it shocked me too at the time, but it appears that very powerful wizards can have children. They just need to have enough magic to create a womb of sorts to the baby. Anyway, I sent a letter to Charlie telling him he was going to be a father, but he never got it. Charlus was born and I went to the University, where I studied medics and domestic science. I graduated and went to healer training while taking care of Teddy and Charlus, as Andy died on some incurable disease. After a few years of being a healer, I opened a restaurant where I work as a cook.

When Charlus turned six we were attacked by dark wizards on the magical alley of Florida and due to my past injuries and the ones from the attack, I had to be put into a healing coma. Before that I asked one of my friends to get Charlie, who then found out he had a son and took care of the kids while I was in that coma. After I woke up, Charlie helped me recover and we found out we were bonded and decided to get married. Then we had the rest of the kids and have been leading a perfectly normal family life." Harry finished.

"Wow." Hermione said. "You never get anything the easy way."

"Yeah, I blame the Potter luck." Harry said dryly.

"But you have now the family you wanted." Hermione smiled.

"That I do." Harry smiled.

"Why wasn't I invited to the wedding?!" Hermione asked demandingly.

"We hadn't spoken in seven years and I didn't know your part in all this or your feelings about gay people. Besides, it was only a small ceremony with our closest friends. Bill and George were there though. Fleur would've been too but she was too long pregnant to travel at the time."

"George was at you wedding?! And never said anything to me! I'm gonna kill him when I get home." Hermione muttered.

"We made him swear not to tell anyone 'Mione." Harry said.

"Yeah. Harry threatened to send Charlus and Teddy after him, if he told someone." Charlie chuckled. "He was downright scared."

"Well he could've at least told me you were alive." Hermione said. "He knew how worried I've been. Oh well, I need to get back to the staff table; Minerva is going to make the announcements soon." Hermione said.

"You teach here?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, Muggle studies."

"Really? Neville never mentioned that." Harry said looking at the Herbology teacher at the staff table chatting with Flitwick.

"You've been in contact with Neville too?"

"Yea, he too, was at our wedding."

"And even he never said anything to me! I'll give him an earful when we get through this feast…"

"Don't blame Nev, we told him too not to tell anyone."

"Fine." Hermione said. "Will you stay after the feast? Minerva and our other professors would love to see you're okay."

Harry looked at Charlie for a moment before they nodded.

"We will."

The Potter family continued to eat and when the dessert was served a familiar voice called at them from a few seats away.

"'Arry, Charlie! You are here too." Fleur Weasley said coming to hug and kiss both men.

"Fleur, nice to see you again." Harry said kissing her to the cheek.

"So you decided to enroll the kids to Hogwarts after all." Bill said coming from behind his wife.

"Hello Bill, yes we did." Charlie said. "The kids wanted to come here after hearing so many stories about our school years."

Bill nodded in understanding.

"Our Victoire too wanted to come here instead of Beauxbatons." Bill said looking at his eleven-year old daughter who was happily chatting with the Potter children.

"Are you going to stay long here in England?" Fleur asked.

"No, we're going home tonight after visiting George's shop in Hogsmeade." Harry said.

"Ah, the twins want to ask more pranking advice from their favorite uncle George?" Bill said mock hurt for not being their favorite uncle.

"Don' wovvy unca Bill, you is me favovif." Lily said to Bill smiling toothily making them laugh. Bill picked her up and set her on his lap before kissing her forehead.

"You're my favorite too, Lils."

"She so has you wrapped around her finger, brother of mine." Charlie laughed clapping Bill on the shoulder.

"And you she hasn't?" Bill asked raising an eyebrow.

"Touché." Charlie grinned.

"She is going to be a man-eater when she gets bigger." Fleur said smiling.

"Yeah, and no one has enough courage to approach her with her dads being the intimidating dragon handler and the boy-who-lived, the man-who-defeated etc. etc…" Bill said grinning. "They're going to be so overprotective of her, especially Harry with his hero-complex."

"Oi! I'm not that bad." Harry protested.

"Really Harry? You didn't even let anyone but Charlie, hold her for the few weeks after she was born." Bill said.

Harry just huffed while Charlie put a hand around him.

"Don't mind him, love, Fleur told me he was almost the same when Victoire was born." He whispered.

They continued chatting with Bill and Fleur and soon the feast was brought to conclusion and parents were saying goodbye to their kids. Soon the Hall emptied as the students went to their Common Rooms and parents went back to home, including Bill and Fleur. The Potter family was the only one to stay behind and the professors came to greet them.

"It seems you have returned Mr. Potter." McGonagall said the familiar stern expression on her face.

"Nice to see you too Minnie." Harry said grinning cheekily.

Introductions were made and like Harry had predicted, Minerva's stern expression broke as Harry introduced her to Lily.

"Oh, she looks just like your mother, Harry." She said. "And what were you two thinking, naming your sons after the biggest pranksters in Hogwarts history?"

"We thought that they would liven up this old castle a bit, if they became like their namesakes. I certainly enjoyed the new looks on the students tonight." Charlie grinned.

"It was you?" Flitwick asked the two four-year olds.

"We admit nothing…" James said.

"And you can't proof anything." Sirius continued.

"Oh, dear, I'll have to retire early before these two come to Hogwarts." Minerva said. "I have dealt with too many generations of pranksters and other trouble makers (She looked pointedly at Harry) already."

"Ah, but don't forget I have already Teddy and Charlus here, Minnie." Harry said smirking. "And Teddy comes from direct line of the Marauders."

"Yeah, Teddy and Charlus –" Sirius said.

"Are –"

"Our idols –"

"Along with –"

"Uncle George and –"

"The Marauders." James and Sirius finished together.

"Hogwarts is doomed." Minerva groaned with the other professors, while the Potters just grinned.

A few words were exchanged between them, before it was time for the Potter family to leave. Hermione walked with them to the Hogwarts gates where they said goodbye and invited Hermione over with George the next day as it was weekend and she didn't have any classes. They walked to Hogsmeade in order to visit the new branch of the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes, when they ran into Ron, Molly, Arthur, Percy and Ginny, who were coming from the Three Broomsticks.

The two families regarded each other in silence before Lily broke it.

"Who a they, Papa?"

Charlie exchanged a meaningful glance with Harry, who gave him a tiny nod.

"They are your grandparents and your aunt and uncles… if they so wish to be." He said. Harry and Charlie had decided that if the rest of the Weasleys were able to accept them and their family, they would give them a chance to be part of their family.

"Those kids should be mine!" Ginny exclaimed angrily before breaking down in fake tears with Molly comforting her.

"Bloody queers. You shouldn't be even allowed to reproduce." Ron said looking disgusted.

Harry took hold of Charlie's hand as it twitched towards his wand, barely managing to keep his own temper in check.

"Ronald, Ginerva." Arthur said warningly.

"I will not have one on the house Arthur; they might infect our dear Dominique or Louis." Molly said throwing nasty glances at the Potters. "He has already infected Charlie."

Arthur closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again and looking pointedly at Percy. Percy studied his father for a moment, before he said.

"I have no problem with them."

Arthur nodded quietly, before taking out his wand.

"I, Arthur Charles Weasley, Head of the Weasley family, solemnly invalidate my marriage with Molly Arabella and disinherit Ronald Bilius and Ginerva Molly, So Mote It Be!" He said.

There was a flash of light that threw Molly, Ron and Ginny to the ground.

"You have no right to wear the Weasley name and should you be caught doing so, you'll be judged in court. Now be gone, I don't ever want to see you again. I expect your personal things will be gone from the Burrow by tomorrow morning." Arthur said coldly.

"You can't do this!"

"I can and I just did." Arthur said. "Now leave, before I have you arrested."

The three no-names left – though not before James and Sirius pranked them with pink hair and yellow skin – and Arthur turned to the Potters.

"I should have done this long time ago." He sighed. "I'm sorry, for never standing up to Molly and for treating you like we did. I would like to get to know my grandchildren, if you'd let me."

Harry and Charlie exchanged another glance before Charlie gave Lily to Harry and hugged his dad.

"We'd like that."

"And I too would like to apologize for my actions, especially towards you Harry." Percy said.

"Apology accepted."

"What are their names?" Arthur asked looking at the kids.

"Sirius Fabian, James Gideon and Lily Dora." Harry said.

"Our two eldest, Theodore 'Teddy' Remus and Charlus Fredrik are in Hogwarts."

"It's nice to meet you." Arthur and Percy said to the kids, who greeted them back. They could see Arthur was touched hearing their children had names after the Weasley family.

"We were just about to go see George." Harry said. "Would you like to come with us?"

Both men agreed and they went to the shop. The Potters spend a few hours in the shop catching up with their new family members and George, who was told of the evening's events. He only had one thing to say to his father.

"I'm proud of you, dad." He said and hugged him. "And I know Fred would've been too."

George was also given an earful for not telling that he had been seeing Hermione for years and was now engaged.

"She threatened to make me read Hogwarts: A History, if I told someone, before we were ready to announce it. You know how it is with the papers after the heroes of the War, and we wanted to take our time before going married." He had tried to explain.

The Potters and Weasley accepted it and forgave him, but he was still teased mercilessly and pranked a few times by Sirius and James.

Later the Potter family Portkeyed back home with an invitation to visit the Burrow after things had calmed down.

That night Harry and Charlie lay on their bed in each other's arms, having just put the other kids to bed.

"It's gonna be so quiet without Charlus and Teddy." Harry said.

"Mmm…" Charlie mumbled. "I'm sure James and Sirius will be willing to make up for the chaos and pranks that Teddy and Charlus usually cause."

"Yeah." Harry sighed before turning to look at Charlie and giving him a kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Charlie smiled pulling Harry closer to him. They lay there for a moment in silence before Charlie said:

"You know, I wonder what happened to that letter you send me…"

September 1998

An old, brown owl with a few gray feathers stood on his perch at the local owl-post office in Blue Moon Alley. He was thinking of how nice it would be just retire and leave the delivering of letters to the younger ones, when a young wizard tied a letter to his leg. 'Wizards… always so rude, ungrateful, little…' The Owl thought before he was cut by the wizard speaking.

"Would you take this to Romania's dragon reserve to a wizard called Charlie Weasley?" The wizard asked while giving him some owl treats and stroking his feathers. 'Hmm… maybe this wizard isn't so bad after all…' The owl mused enjoying the treats. 'I guess I could just deliver the letter for him…' He thought before hooting an affirmative answer.

The wizard thanked him before leaving, and the old Owl took off flying. He enjoyed the warm air under his wings and flew towards his destination. It was a two day trip if the weather permitted, but the Owl knew that he would have to stop to rest at least once, as his old wings weren't up to that long trip anymore, which would make it last longer.

Three days later the old Owl reached the dragon reserve cursing his old wings and thinking he was too old for his job. 'I should've…become a war owl… or… a medic owl… The owl panted flying down to a stump, in the middle of the reserve, to rest. 'I could've retired years ago and wouldn't be stuck with jobs like this.' He thought bitterly. 'And what are you staring at?' He hooted at a huge dragon, which stared at it hungrily. 'Bloody reptiles...' He muttered ruffling his feathers before realizing that the hungry dragon was right next to it.

Before the Owl could move a feather, the dragon ate it with one bite along with the letter still tied to his foot.

Later that day Charlie Weasley wondered why the Norwegian Ridgeback, Norberta, was covered in brown-gray feathers.


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