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It was just like any other day at the Tower.

Starfire and Robin were out at the 'mall of shopping', supposedly picking up supplies. That was the excuse they used last time they wanted to go out alone together, too. Cyborg was with them, since the R-cycle didn't have enough trunk space for groceries and there wasn't a snowflake's chance in hell he was letting anyone else drive his baby. He'd probably just roam around in the electronics stores until they were finished.

It was hours later when the trio returned, arms laden with bags and boxes. Raven and Beast Boy were already in the room, which was no surprise, really. It was where the two tended to spend their time, when Raven wasn't quite in the mood for the total solitude of her room.

Alas, it was not the mere fact that the two were together that caused the trio to drop some of those bags and stare in shock at the pair. Raven was seated on the end of the couch, a book open in one hand while the other was occupied with gently and rhythmically stroking the back of a cat. A rather familiar green cat.

With Robin too dumbfounded to speak and Starfire often in dreamland judging by the look on her face, Cyborg decided that it was up to him to speak.


"What?" Her head turned to look at the three, book lowered to reveal her face, mouth drawn into a neutral expression. Her other hand continued idly stroking the feline.

"I was, uhh…Just wondering. Did something happen that we all missed? Like, did you lose a bet or something?" Cyborg was obviously staring at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy who was still curled up in Raven's lap with his head resting on her thigh and his tail swishing back and forth against the skin of her leg while he purred contentedly. He raised his head now, to fix the trio with a lazy eye. Judging by how comfortable he looked, he'd obviously been there a while as he lowered his head back against her thigh.

"No. We simply both came to a logical conclusion. That is all." Her eyes went back to her book, but the trio was still staring, eyes wide with incredulity. Raven sighed, feeling their eyes on her. She glanced back at them and spoke again.

"Beast Boy gets the attention he wants without getting thrown through a window or otherwise maimed, and I get the peace and quiet I enjoy with minimal annoyance. Everyone wins." With an annoyed expression, she raised the book to cover her face again, obviously considering the conversation over.

The three shared a strange look, one that said they all agreed that it couldn't be that simple but were too worried about their health to attempt prying further.

"Well…If you say so, Raven." They went about unloading the things they'd bought, still uncomfortable but able to put the odd pair to the back of their minds, for the moment.

Raven's hand moved to scratch behind Beast Boy's ear, and his purr grew, just a little. Maybe this logic thing wasn't so bad, every once in a while. The green feline first nuzzled his head into her hand a bit, then looked at the one in whose lap he was currently curled up.

Unbeknownst to the others, as it was something only he could see with his rather unrestricted by book angle, Raven was smiling. Not a sarcastic smirk, nor one of those mischievous grins she got sometimes. A real, honest smile, one that said she was perfectly content. His head came back to her thigh, and he nuzzled a bit before purring even louder.

Yeah…He'd gotten what he always wanted, all right.