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He sought her out more often now. Had to. There were so many to take care of, she was spread pretty thin. He'd have to talk to Rick about that. Just like he'd talked to Rick about her watch duty. It wasn't that he didn't trust Tyreese. Just didn't see any reason for her to always be paired with the man. They seemed friendly enough, time for the man to bond with someone else. Rick seemed to get it.

She was sitting on her bunk, folding clothes. And alone. He let out a little puff of air and sat next to her, making sure their legs were flush against each other. It calmed him to have this contact with her. He didn't question it anymore.

She looked up and smiled, but didn't stop her work. Instead she handed him a shirt, which he folded, adding it to her pile. Before long they were done. She smiled again and rested her hands in her lap. His fingers seemed to act on their own, reaching over to grasp hers.

He ignored the activity outside her cell. Usually they left her alone if he was in there with her. A baby cried, which one he couldn't tell, and he felt her react. She moved as if to pull away, but he just held on tighter. There were more people now, someone else could take care of it.

She raised an eyebrow at him, but settled back against him.

He realized then that a little hand holding wasn't going to get it done today. He let go of her briefly so he could close the door to her cell, pinning a blanket up for privacy. He had her attention now. He didn't usually expect much from her, and she expected nothing from him. But together they managed to get what they needed.

He got back on the bunk and lay back gesturing for her to follow him. A heartbeat later they were entwined together and he felt himself relax. His mouth found hers in the dimly lit cell and he felt her smile against him. He pretended that all of her smiles were for him alone. These, he knew were his.

He'd been amazed the first time she'd let him undress her. He didn't even want anything, other than to feel as much of her skin against his as he could. He held on tight.

She always waited to see what he wanted. The second his fingers touched the buttons on her shirt, her fingers joined his to make quicker work of it. She pressed herself against him and he could feel their hearts pounding against each other. As if trying to reach each other through their chests.

He kissed her harder and her hands traveled down to release him from his pants. A moment later they were joined. He stilled, arms wrapped tightly around her, holding their bodies tightly together. He tucked his head into her neck and pressed his mouth against the soft skin there. His lips turned upward into a smile of his own. A smile that was just hers. There was nothing more to say.