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Felicity walked into the club with a lot on her mind. She punched in the code and decended into the Arrowcave.

"Oliver, I got a hit on one of the names but- OLIVER!" She saw him lying on the floor face down. He was suited up and in a pool of his own blood. She ran to him.

"Felic-Feli-F-F" he managed to get out and he reached out for her.

"Oliver. I'm here." She took out her phone and contacted Diggle. "Dig will be here shortly. Hold on"

"H-H-Help" he blacked out. Within minutes, Diggle was there and he put Oliver on the Exam table. He took off the jacket and exposed a broad wound across Oliver's middle. Blood was everywhere. Felicity started to get dizzy. Seconds later, she too blacked out.

Felicity awoke in the arrowcave. She saw Oliver asleep on the table. He looked so peaceful. Then she saw the scars. She had seen them before, of course, but she never really looked at them. His midsection was bandaged but she saw enough from his chest and lower abdomen to know enough. He was damaged. He was messed up. "Oliver. What happened to you?" She thought to herself. She traced a huge claw gash under his Bratva tattoo. Suddenly, a hand shot up and grasped her throat. Oliver's eyes flashed open. He gave a crazy-eyed stare. That of which a PTSD patient would give during a flashback. She clawed at his hand, choking. He let go at the last second, becoming lucid.


He just stared at his hands, trembling.


"Felicity. I am so sorry." He still shook.

"Oliver, what happened to you on that island?" She asked rubbing her throat, wide eyed.

"A lot."

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