So many things happening in this story. Ras al Ghul comes to Tommy, Tommy has turned bad and wants revenge on Oliver for killing his father, Laurel practically doesn't exist anymore, Felicity is pregnant, the detective knows who the hood is and helps every so often, Roy and Thea aren't in the story, Felicity and Oliver bought a house, and now Slade is back from the dead? Drunken, You must have a very busy mind! Yes, yes I do. Okay, well, this is earlier than a week because finals are done, but I have a lot of missing work, so I still won't update every day. I love every one who reads, reviews, follows, or favorites any of my work. Thank you! Please, enjoy.

"Slade?" Oliver felt a lump in his throat.

"Oliver!"Slade had a new uniform. It was a form fitting armour like look. The background of the material was black with plates on the chest and legs of an orange colour. He looked about the same, even after five years. But there was one huge change. He had a black eye patch over his left eye. The once mess of black hair was now white as well. The brute slipped his sword back into his sheath on his back. He stepped from his perch on her windowsill and walked up to Oliver.

"F-Felicity, this i-is Slade W-Wilson." Oliver was overcome with what Felicity couldn't tell was terror or awe.

She stood there just staring. She was in her 'too nervous to even babble' stage.

"Felicity, why don't you just go to Verdant? I will meet you there later."


Oliver was still in a tensed stance, standing his ground like a territorial beast.

"I thought you were dead." He said once the door closed.

"I'm not." He said, giving one of his signature smiles.


"I drowned?"


"Not exactly..."

Back On the Island...

(This was about two years before Oliver was found.)

There is an underwater hatch that Fyers stored the submarine he had. Shado, Slade, and Oliver devised a plan to get it.

"Slade, these plans say that there is an underwater airlock. You open it, clos the door, and turn it on. It will suck out the water and you can go in. Once you are in there, find the sub and get it out."

"Sounds like a plan. All I have to do is hold my breath longer than any other human." He said in his sarcastic voice.

"You ready?"

"Sure." He took ten short breaths and then on large one. He dove in. Oliver and Shado waited at the dock for his return.

When he got into the submarine's quarter, he quickly got insid the vessle. Slade sat in the captain's seat and pressed a few buttons. The room flooded an the sub buzzed to life. The large exit opened and he guided it out.

"PASSWORD" a robotic voice came from the control board.


"PASSWORD" it repeated.

"No! No! No! I need this!"


The sub was about to ascend. He had to figure it out fast.




"Not now!"


"Damnit, Fyers!"


He sat back, knowing he couldn't do anything. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, knowing his demise was unavoidable. With a sigh, he welcomed it, knowing there was no use.


The entire sub shattered, sending shrapnel everywhere. The explosion was able to be seen by the pair on the surface, sinc the sub had already begun its acend.

"NOOO! SLADE!" Oliver screamed, taking off his shirt, about to jump in.

Shado grabbed him. "No, Oliver."


"It is too late'"


"Oliver, he is already gone."

"I saw the submarine explode. You died."

"No, I didn't. You see, when it exploded, the charges must not have been rigged right, and the main explosion was from the back, so I felt it, but I survived. The shrapnel went into my eye, causing this," he tapped his eye patch, "I floated on a piece of the ship for days, and I finally ended up on a small island. The natives nursed me back to health."

"So, you were alive that entire time? Why didn't you send anyone to the island to save Shado and I?"

"I couldn't risk it. Fyers' partner had a price on my head. I couldn't risk letting her know about me, you, or Shado."

"If I had a price on my head, why didn't I die when I came back from the island?"

"You killed every kidnapper they threw at you. Remember Deadshot? You were his target, but he took another job to try and cover it up. The unidac industries thing."

"Why are you here? How did you find me?"

"I did work in military intelligence, mate, I have my ways. I am here because I need your help. Well, the man I trained on the island's help. Not this playboy that now has a thing for nerds."

"First of all, what that hell pit did to me changed every part of me, the playboy is gone. Second, she is my pregnant girlfriend an we just bought a house together. With all that military intel I'm surprised you didn't know that." He still had the 'I am going to arrow you' look in his eyes.

"Shut up and grab your hood, Vigilante, we're going to Blüdhaven."


"Again!" Ras al Ghul was a stern teacher. Tommy was lying on the floor of his father's secret room. Blood trickled down his chin. This man would hold nothing back.

"Get up! You must always be ready!"

Tommy looked up and saw that there was now black smoke where Ras once stood, he had disappeared. Out of nowhere, a knife was at the young man's throat.

"You must always be aware of your surroundings." He whispered in Tommy's ear.


Felicity stormed into the foundry. Diggle was cleaning his gun and testing it.

"What has your panties in a twist?"

"I need to check something."


"A man named Slade Wilson. He showed up on my windowsill. I remember Oliver saying something about a guy named Slade on the island and a guy with the same name was perched on my fire escape. Also, Ollie looked like he saw a ghost, so that gives me good reason."



"One time in his sleep, he screamed 'Slade, No!' And something about a shadow and he had to save him."

"Worth checking out." She said, clicking links. She found him in the Australian Government's database. "Don't tell Oliver that I am hacking another country's government records to invade his privacy."

"I didn't see anything." He said with a wink.

Felicity read through a few files before gasping.


She got up and grabbed her purse. "I need to talk to my father."


She knocked on her father's door. Her mother had passed away a long time ago. When he answered, he could tell something was not right.

"Hey sweetie!"

"Hey, Daddy."

"I don't know if I like you dating that Queen boy."

She laughed on the inside, and thought Well, then you're going to hate what comes out of me in eight months. She sat down in the living room and got straight to the point.

"Daddy, what do you know about Slade Wilson?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"I saw the records, don't lie to me."

"Here, take the accounts. Slade kept a detailed report of everything we found it after Oliver was saved. We thought Slade could have been alive as well as his partner, Billy Wintergreen." He handed her a file from his desk.

"What do you mean?"

"Felicity, Slade is dead."



Oliver and Slade were perched up on the roof of an apartment building across from a nice hotel.

"So, you knocked up a nerd." Slade said, still looking through his night vision binoculars at the hotel.

Oliver gave him a glare. "I didn't knock her up."

"Oh, so it isn't your's?"

"No, it is mine, but she wasn't a one night stand. She was my girlfriend before that, but we are going to be a family. Just you see."

"You, the mentally scarred killer, a father... that's... hilarious! I feel like a grandpa! My little death machine having a family... all grown up! Just imagine. You two could arrow white collar criminals together!"


"No, what?"

"The child will never know about this. Ever."

"Why not?"


Slade just stared at him.

"I don't want my own child to see me like this, I want to be seen as the dad who takes him or her out to baseball games and fishing and to McDonalds. I want to be the dad that reads bedtime stories and builds a treehouse. Not this... murderer."

And with that, Slade saw a new side of Oliver. He saw the Oliver that hated the killing, that hated the death. Even if it was for the greater good. He wanted a white picket fence and kids, not green leather and arrows.

"There. I see him. Who is he?" Oliver said, quickly changing the subject.

"He works for the woman who hired Fyers. I've been hunting them."

"Why do you suddenly need my help?"

"This woman ordered Fyers to kill us. We are taking our revenge!"

"No. You can, but I have a family. I can't have another price on my head."

"But, Oliver."

"No. I am done. I fight to clense my city, not take revenge." He got up and started to walk to the fire escape they used to get up.

"They know I am alive. They have my son."

Oliver turned around. "What?"

"I need to find my son. I'm not here for revenge. I am here for my family." His voice was painfully honest.

"Fine, but only for your son."


Felicity skimmed through the files. They were very detailed, almost like a diary. She had found out so much. Slade and his partner crashed, were tortured, and he was betrayed by his best friend. He met Oliver and they attacked a runway. Oliver didn't know how to even hold a gun. Wow. She wondered what would have happened to him if Slade wasn't there. They met a girl named Shado. And killed a lot of people. They saved China. She knew about everything now. She could only imagine what he was feeling during that time.

She got to his last entry. It talked about Oliver having nightmares and Slade was concerned. He even attacked Slade during one. Shado had found what she thought was an underground weapons storage was actually an underwater submarine storage. He was teaching Oliver how to operate a sniper rifle. As she read, she kept thinking about how his death must have affected Oliver. It must have crushed him. When she finished, she put the writings back in the folder and sat back in her chair.

"What did you find out?" Diggle asked. She had forgot he was even there.

"Way too much..." she said, spinning around to face him, "My baby daddy is more than damaged. Damage can be fixed, Oliver is broken beyond repair." Her heart ached for him.


"You are doing better, Thomas." Ras remarked as he watched him fight one of his Guards.

"Thank you, Master."

"Soon you will he ready to take your revenge and save this city from destruction."

"Watch out, Ollie. Here I come." He said, kicking the guard in the head and knocking him out.

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