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"Your son, what's he like?" Oliver asked. They were waiting for the target to come back into view. Leave it to them to have a conversation like this while waiting to kill someone.

"His name is Joseph. He is nine years old. Very bright for his age. He has blonde hair, like my wife, and he wants a puppy for Christmas." Slade smiled like he remembered a good memory," Before I left, he was so small and so fragile. I felt so happy when he was born. He is such a beautiful little boy. He takes after his mother, I am thankful for that." He paused for a moment,"Oliver, you are going to be a wonderful father."

"I hope so."

"Now!" Slade yelled, alerting Oliver to attack. They used a kevlar rope zipline and smashed through the glass window.

"Where is my son?"

Oliver looked up and Slade already had his gun to the man's throat.


"Don't move." A voice came from the doorway. The figure emerged, a tall man was holding a knife to the little boy's neck.

"Daddy!" The boy cried out.


"Step away from the Secretary." The man ordered. Slade withdrew his weapon and stepped back.

"Please, don't hurt the boy, Jackal. Kill me, if you want, but don't harm the boy."

"I need that information, Deathstroke."

"Deathstroke?" Oliver said with a look of confusion.

"You really have no clue what is going on, do you? This man over here is the best assassin there is, and he has information I need."

"You lied." He said angrily to Slade.

"He has my son. I needed you."

"You are what I am trying to stop!"

"We are the same!"

"No, I kill people for the good of the city, you do it for a buck."

"Daddy, he's hurting me." The boy cried out, reminding Slade of his presence.

"LET HIM GO!" Slade commanded.

Oliver had his arrow aimed for the man's heart, but stood silent, awaiting Slade's order.

"You there, the man in the hood, can you hit me before I slit this poor boy's throat? Because by my estimate, you are too far away to hit me so quickly."

The man was right, he was at the other side of the room, at least thirty five feet and couldn't promise anything.

"Well, I guess I am going to have to make my exit..."

"You harm him and I will kill you."

"I don't doubt it." The man said, and with one quick move, the boy was lying on the ground bleeding.


Oliver fired a few arrows, only one of which hit the man, impaling his shoulder.

"Oliver, help me get him to the hospital!"


Felicity sat in the waiting room at the Blüdhaven General Hospital's OBGYN office. She looked at the pamphlets, then her watch, them at more pamphlets. Today she would hear the heartbeat of the baby. Oliver was supposed to meet her an hour ago.

She read a pamphlet on tests that could determine the baby's sex as early as ten weeks, but it had a misscarriage risk. Oliver would never let her do it. She secretly hoped for a girl, so she wouldn't be as violent as a little boy. She could help her make cookies and dress up for tea parties. When she got into her teen years, Oliver could be the scary, overprotective, father who will intimidate all the boys. With the house they just bought, she she could have pool party birthdays and Oliver could buil her a tree house painted like a castle. She would wear dresses and heels and makeup and be a beautiful blonde baby girl. One day she would get married to a good man, hopefully not a mentally f-ed up vigilante billionaire like her mother.

"Felicity Smoak? Your appointment can't wait any longer. Now or never. We are booked up for the next few months."

She snapped out of her daydreaming and looked up at the nurse.

"Okay, take me back."


"Stay with me, Joey, Stay with daddy!" They ran through the emergency room doors.

Oliver didn't care that he was in his costume. All that mattered at that moment was the boy. "This boy needs medical attention! Someone, help!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to mask his voice.

"But, you're..." one of the nurses said.



"Yes! But this boy is going to die if you don't help him."

"Okay, let's get him in trauma room seven. ALL AVALIBLE TRAUMA SURGEONS IN TRAUMA 7 NOW!"

"Slade, I have to go."

"Thank you, Oliver. Here, take these. I don't think anyone would appreciate them in the hospital." He handed Oliver his machete and handguns.

They exchanged a nod and he ran off. Once he got outside, he ran to his bike. He felt like he was forgetting something, but he couldn't remember. But, then it came to him.



Felicity sat on the angled table.

"So, where is the father, if you don't mind." The doctor asked.


"Ah, I see. I want to meet him."

"There was a visitor in town, and I think he forgot."

"Do you want to use my phone and call him? "

"Later. Right now he can wait."

The nurse squirted the gel on her stomach and started the ultrasound. There it was. Her baby. It was barely the size of an M&M, and it was changing her life. She started tearing up, they were tears of joy. She wished Oliver could be there with her, holding her hand and sharing this moment with her. There was a sudden knock at the window. Felicity turned and saw it was Oliver, still hooded up.

"Um, Linda, can you leave the room for a minute, I think I am going to make that call."

"Sure." She said, getting up.

Once the door closed, she took off the white plastic cloth and walked to the window and opened it.

"Oliver, what the hell?"

"I came to see the heart beat! Sorry, I had to help Slade get his kid back, he was kidnapped. Oh my god, is that my baby?" He said, looking at the repeating ultrasound video. He walked up to the moniter and ran his finger over the tiny picture. If Felicity could have seen his face then, she would have laughed. He had the goofiest smile.

The doctor came running in. "The vigilante was spotted in the building, the father can't get in. We are on lock dow-" she gasped.



"Linda, Linda, he isn't hiding here." Felicity tried to calm her.

"What do you mean? Hey, stay away from Felicity!"

"Well if I did that she wouldn't be here, now would she?"

"You, shut up," Felicity faced Oliver, then the doctor,"Linda, he's-"

"The vigilante, I know, don't worry. Call the cops, Felicity."

"Listen to me. I am not going to hurt you." He said, raising his hands in a submissive gesture.

"Linda, remember I said I was going to call the father?"

"Yeah, what the hell does that have to do with this?" She asked, not moving her eyes from Oliver.

Felicity pressed some numbers and Oliver's chest started ringing. The nurse's eyes grew large and her mouth dropped.

"Oh. My. Freaking. God. You slept with the hood guy? AND GOT KNOCKED UP?"

"Long story, just, long story."

"I have to tell mom."

"Mom?" Oliver questioned.

"Oh, Ol-I mean hood guy, my sister, Linda, Linda, my boyfriend the hood guy."

Oliver suppressed a laugh when she introduced him as the Hood Guy.

"Sister? You never told me about your sister, the obstetrician."

"Why do you think I had an appointment all the way in Blüdhaven?"

"I-I have to call the cops!"

"Linda, please, don't."

"You are a criminal."

"He is the father of my child." Felicity said sternly.

"I could take amniotic fluid and send it in for testing."

"Not with an arrow in your chest." He growled.

Her eyes widened and she looked like a deer in headlights.

"But you said you wouldn't hurt me. I, I am Felicity's sister." She was shaking.

"Oh, so she does listen, well Linda, I wanted to see my baby's heartbeat, but I had to help an old friend save his son from kidnappers, and his son is sitting in trauma room seven right now with a slit throat. I am not in the best of moods. So, if you harm the love of my life, myself, or the baby, even though the ER is just downstairs, you won't make it."

"Ol-" Felicity started

"Don't." He cut her off, obviously serious to the bone.


"Now, please take care of my Felicity, future sister in law." He leaned down and kissed Felicity, cupping her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

And with that, he opened the window and jumped.

"Okay, spill the details."

"You get five questions, not pertaining to who he is."

"Fine, ok, was it good?"

"The sex?" She laughed, "Oh my god. Freaking awesome."

"Why was he here?"

"It is his kid, you know, and there was a mission, so he would have been here as his secret identity, but he didn't want to miss it so he didn't bother to change."

"So I would have met his secret identity and everything and not even had a clue about how he spends his nights?"

"Well you were performing an ultrasound, so you know how he spends some of his nights." She joked, "but no, you wouldn't have had a clue."

"When did you meet?"

"Well I met him at my work, but under his secret identity. When he confronted Moira Queen about her Husband's disappearance and she shot him, I found him bleeding out in my car. That is when he told me his secret and I helped him, well... live."

"Is he hot, I mean, under the hood?"

"Well, that can be taken two ways... the costume and under the hood and believe me when I say, both are yes." She gave a devilish smile.

They laughed and she finished the appointment.


"Hi, are you Slade Wilson?" Felicity walked into the waiting room and sat by Slade.

He jumped up and assumed a fighting stance.

"Calm down, pregnant girlfriend of Oliver, remember?"

He sat back down, even as skeptical as he was. "What do you want?"

"You have nobody to talk to. I am just here because I know how it is, the most important thing in your life is in a coin toss for his life. Don't worry, though. I hacked the records, the surgeon is world class and is the best in his field."

"Very comforting." He said sarcastically.

"So, you knew my dad, Daniel Smoak, didn't you?"

"Small world, I guess." He said flatly.

"I read your records, of the time on the island."

He shifted uncomfortably.

"Thank you. Thank you for taking care of him."

"Well I couldn't just let him die out there."

"I hope your son is alright." She gave him a half hug and walked out.


"Did you see her face?!" Felicity was lying with her head in Oliver's lap on the couch. He was combing through her hair with his fingers.

"I was there."

"I know, but she was all like 'dafuq is going on?!' And you were like 'I don't care if you are her sister, I will freaking arrow you.' And she was so scared."

Oliver laughed. "You know, soon we will be living in that house." He blatantly changed the subject.

"Life just flies by, doesn't it?"

"For us more than others."

"My sister is totally going to find out, isn't she?"

"Either when your parents come and see the baby, the tabloids see your big pregnant belly, or we get married. Whichever comes first."

"Marriage, huh?" She said with a smile.

"Well, if you don't want to, of course-"

" Just kidding. At least we bought some time. Speaking of time, I am going to bed. Preggy women need their beauty sleep."

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