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Felicity sat in her office, eyes squinted, knees up to her chest in her office chair, and a box of Lo-Mein noodles and chopsticks up to her face. Every few seconds she would take a small bite, then return her mouth to its pursed position. She was so focused, she didn't even hear Oliver come in.

"Hey." He said with one of his rare genuine smiles that could warm Mr. Freeze.

"Hi." She responded, not breaking her concentration. Oliver wondered why she could be so focused on thin air.

"Is something wrong?"

"My code won't work and I can't figure out why." She said slipping another bunch of noodles between her highlighter-pink lips.

"Uhhuh" He tried not to laugh at how she looked, like an angry little kid pouting because his mom won't let him have ice cream. He moved towards her and rested his palms on the desk. "You need anything? I figured I was in the building and should stop by and see how you were doing."

"Not unless you have three hours and programming skills like mine."

"Okay. Well, I love you. See you tonight." He placed a kiss on her cheek and walked back out.

She put down the takeout and let her knees down. "Stupid pregnancy brain." She mumbled, running a hand through her messy blonde curls. She walked out into the hallway to see Oliver still walking down the hallway. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, OLLIE!" She yelled at him.

"Technically you came at me in the shower!" He threw back, chuckling as he turned the corner to the elevator.

Someone in one of the offices next to her gave her a strange look. Felicity blushed and went back to work.


Oliver sat in the Big Belly Burger waiting for Diggle. When Dig finally walked in, he could see that something was irking Oliver.

"Hey man!" Diggle said sitting in the booth in front of Oliver.

"Lawton has been spotted in town. Rumour has it, he is after the hood. He supposedly has a contract on my head."

"Are we going after him?"

"No, I need to lay low."

"I thought you were already laying low because of Felicity."

"I mean he can't see me. He is an amazing tracker, so if he sees me he can follow me and learn my schedule, possibly my secret. Just like every other great assassin, he needs a clean shot at just the right moment."

"So why am I here?"

"I said I was laying low, you on the other hand... I have a bit of intel. If you want to go after him, just be careful."

"What is with you, Oliver? Used to, you would arrow me if I were to go after Deadshot. What is it?"

Oliver pondered for a moment, a look of thick concentration and contemplation on his face. "I am thinking of hanging up the hood."

"What? Why?" Diggle said a little loud, earning a look from a couple three tables over. He shuffled in his seat and leaned in closer. "Oliver, why?" he said, his voice hushed now.

"I have a baby on the way, a price on my head, and I am barely halfway through the list. I think I might just need to get on with my life," he paused," My life with Felicity."

"But what about making this city a better place for your child? What about cleaning up your father's mess?"

"I just don't know, okay?" Oliver crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back in the seat, looking to the side to avoid eye contact with Diggle.

"Listen, I know you are under a lot of stress, but-"

"But what if I don't come back one night? What if the last thing Felicity sees of me is a beaten, bloodied pile of green leather? What would happen to her? If I go out like that, my secret will be out. And they will come after her. God forbid they find out beforehand. What about my baby, huh? They would grow up being told that their father was a narcissistic, sociopathic serial killer." At some point, he had regained eye contact with Diggle, his eyes dark with anger and the slightest hints of fear. "I've got to go." He said abruptly and basically bolted out, leaving Diggle sitting there to think about what had happened.

He took out his mobile and dialed Felicity.

"Hey, Dig, what's up?"

"You need to have a talk with Oliver."

"Why and about what?"

"He is thinking about hanging up the hood for good, for you. But be careful, he seems agitated."


"Felicity, just talk to him. You and I both know this city needs him."

"Alright. I have to go."

"Okay, bye."


Felicity walked into her apartment. Almost everything was boxed up and ready for the new house, save her bed and her old couch. Oliver sat on the sofa, feet resting on a cardboard box full of dishes, hands behind his head.

"Hey." He got up and walked towards her. He put a hand in the small of her back and one on the side of her face. He pulled her close to him, their lips crashing in a warm kiss. She kissed back but pulled away shortly.

"Not right yet, I need to talk to you and my boobs are killing me in this bra."

"Well I could help with that." He said seductively as the hand on her back moved slowly to her shoulder where her left strap rested.

"Oliver, we need to talk."

"You sure it can't wait?" His voice was as smooth as marmalade. It made her shiver. Their eyes were locked. She became lost in the seas of his icy blue. Looking into his eyes, there were no lies, no facades, no falseness. It was pure Oliver, her Oliver.

Without a word, she crushed her lips onto his. She ran a hand through his soft hair and pulled him closer. She suddenly forgot everything she needed to say and do. He ran his tongue across her lips, begging for entrance. She gladly granted it. She tasted of coffee, Chinese food, and a minty overtaste that Oliver could only identify as 'Felicity'.

They pulled apart, lungs on fire for air. Her bright pink lipstick was smeared all over his mouth, which should have looked silly, but with the look he was giving her, it was just a total turn on. Her legs felt like they were going to give out on her. Her heart was beating like a drum in her ears. She placed her hands and back on the wall for support. Kissing Oliver takes it out of you. Oliver took a deep breath and dove into another kiss. He pushed her against the wall hard, but not forcefully. She grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him so she wouldn't fall. He placed a strong arm under her bum for support. His other hand wiggled its way up her skirt. He pressed two fingers against the thin material of her panties.

"You're wet." He smiled a devilish smile.

"You going to do anything about it?" She replied sucking on his neck.

"Oh, you have no idea."

He carried her to her soon-to-be-gone bedroom and laid her on the bed. He placed a small kiss on her neck while his fingers undid the buttons of her blouse. His kisses moved down slowly as each button came undone. He reached her bra and unclasped it, given it was a front-open.

Oliver took her right breast in his hand, bring the soft, pink nipple to his lips. He ran a warm tounge over it followed by a small blow of air. Felicity gasped audibly. His eyes flashed up to hers shortly before he tool the nipple in his mouth and sucked lightly. His other hand reached over and caressed her left. Felicity arched into his touch and let out a long moan.

She could feel him smile as he suckled and dragged his teeth over her delicate flesh.

"Oliver." She whispered repeatedly. He moved his mouth down her tummy, placing soft kisses over the small bump forming. Olicity let out a groan followed by a snoring sound. Oliver looked up unsure of what was happening. His eyes settled on Felicity, sound asleep, half naked, and purely beautiful. He chuckled and crawled back up next to her, fixing the sheet to cover her. They then laid there, spooning warmly, cockblocked by pregnancy hormones. Something Old Olived would never have dreamed of happening.


A young man, maybe in his twenties, dashed through the abandoned metro tunnels. At last, he had reached his destination. A large turnaround stood in front of him. He quickly bowed before his master, the great Ras al Ghul.

"I have failed you, master." He said, not moving from his submissive position.

"No, young one, you have succeeded. We did not want him dead. We wanted him vulnerable, paranoid. Now, we have fear on our side. This is a good thing. You have done well."

"Thank you, master." The boy replied.

"Now leave me. I must attend to other matters."

"Yes, Great one." The boy disappeared as quickly as he arrived.

Ras turned around. "Merlyn?"

"I am ready, oh Great One." Tommy emerged from behind one of the crumbling walls. From under the black robe he wore, there was a visible tattoo. It was the mark of the League of Shadows. "I am ready to serve."

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