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Chapter Twelve

Two days later and Sherlock was sat on the kitchen side in his Pajamas swinging his legs like a child and begging John to stay at home.

"John please, I'll be nice today, I'll make you lunch and I'll tidy the living room and I'll sort out my half of the rent."

"Sherlock I won't be able to pay my half of the rent anyway if I don't go to work. Don't be stupid, I'll be back at 5 so that's…" John trailed off to count ahead, even as a Child math had never been his strong point.

"Seven hours" Sherlock answered "And that's seven hours too long"

"Trust me I know, I'm the one that's spending it in that damned surgery" He muttered, walking away from the fridge and in front of Sherlock, who stopped swinging his legs and wrapped them around John's waist instead. Giggling, John laced his fingers with Sherlock's.

"You could always tidy up around the house anyway though" John suggested.

"Only if you stay"

"But you love me" John smirked, watching as Sherlock's face softened for a split second and then regained its granite composure as quickly as it had gone.

"I'll sort the rent out, that's it." Sherlock gave in, pulling John closer with his legs and waving their laced hands around aimlessly.

"Am I pushing it if I ask you to clear up the kitchen?" John gestured with his head, to the mess behind him, his hands currently occupied by Sherlock's.

"Of course" Sherlock replied, smirking cockily.

With a laugh John pulled his hands

away from Sherlock's and pecked him on the cheek, before walking out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

"I love you I'll see you later" He called behind him to the man who he presumed was still sat on the counter.

He grabbed his cane which he only needed if he was going out now and was about to make his way down the stairs when he felt Sherlock wrap his arms around him from behind and spin him around. John yelped and grabbed onto Sherlock's arms, dropping his cane to the floor. The world was a blur and John yelled, clamping his eyes shut and laughing like an idiot. Eventually Sherlock put him down, both of the men laughing and swaying with the dizziness, John still had his hands clamped on his arms and his back pressed against Sherlock's chest.

Turning around in Sherlock's arms he was going to kiss him but broke into laughter when he realized he was still dizzy and there were two of his faces.

"There's two of you" John spluttered, pressing his face into Sherlock's chest. "Why is that so funny?"

"It's your dream come true" Sherlock replied, John looked up again attempting to calm his giggles. It nearly worked until he caught Sherlock's eye and both the men broke into uncontrollable laughter. Sherlock had to break away from John to hold onto the wall and John sunk to the floor in hysterics.

They stayed there for what seemed like an age, every attempt to stop laughing only made worse when they attempted to look at each other.

"My jaw ow" Sherlock said, gasping for air and wiping the tears from his cheeks, "There's nothing funny about this what the hell John?"

"I don't even know, what did you put in our tea?" John laughed, leaning his head back on the bannister, wiping his own cheeks and trying not to start the hysterics again.

It was at this point that Mrs. Hudson started to make her way up the stairs, carrying her tray of tea and biscuits. She had a look on her face that was bordering both on bewilderment and something that John thought was almost a look of maternal pride.

"What is going on?" She asked walking past the two still giggling men and placing the tray on the living room Coffee table. Turning back around she leaned on the doorway and cast her eyes between the two men, clutching her bad hip.

"Don't even ask" Sherlock replied, pushing himself up off of the floor with an embarrassed cough and offering his hand to John. He took it gratefully and failed pitifully at trying not to stare at the way the muscles in Sherlock's arm strained when he pulled him from the floor. Glancing back at Mrs Hudson who had turned back to the coffee table, he stood on his tiptoes and whispered into Sherlock's ear "Shall we tell her?"

With a smile Sherlock glanced over at his Landlady who was now swapping the new coffee with the old cups, and whispered back "Why don't we just show her?"

And then John's lips were on Sherlock's and his hands were in his untamable curls, all thoughts that were remotely self-conscious disappeared in a cloud of thoughts that John couldn't begin to unscramble from one another. His face was on fire and all he could think about was how Sherlock's hands were on his waist and how he so desperately wanted to fill a space between them that wasn't there.

John was jolted back to reality far sooner than he would have liked as he heard a scream and the smash of china on a wooden floor. Reluctantly pulling away from Sherlock he turned his head towards Mrs Hudson who seemed to be oblivious to the remnants of two coffee cups surrounding her feet and the tray which had somehow managed to cross the room to John's feet.

For a second he was scared the elder woman was having a heart attack, she was making sounds which closely resembled that of someone choking and was clutching the door frame as though to steady herself.

It took her a few failed attempts until she was able to say something which the men could understand.

"You- You're not- you" She stuttered.

John was taken aback when her eyes began to well up, "Oh no" John thought "Motherly affection"

"My boys!" She squealed and ran towards them wrapping her arms around their necks and squeezing them so tight that John thought he was going to suffocate. But it felt nice, John hadn't seen his Mother in over 30 years and Mrs Hudson was more of a Mother to him in this moment than his ever was. Glancing at Sherlock who was around her other side he smiled fondly at the younger man who had his face buried in the crevice of her shoulder. Maybe Sherlock's Mother had been the same as his, he had after all never seen his Mother or Father, in the time John had known him.

"I knew as soon as you walked into this flat that you were the one for him, John" she whispered, hugging the men even tighter.

"So did I" Sherlock whispered, looking up at John with a smile which broke John's heart and put it back together both at the same time.

The words hit John like a bus, the ringing in his ears deafened him and it was at this point that he realized that he hadn't fallen in love gradually. It was sudden and subtle, so subtle that he hadn't realized it until now. He had fallen so hard and so fast but he hadn't felt the full impact until now. It was beautiful and raw and painful and all John could do was stare. Because he had loved this man since the moment he had met him. The moment he had uncovered John's story in a second and the way he only ever expected to be hated for his gift. The way he tried his very hardest and acted like he didn't care. The way he stuttered when he was embarrassed and the way he looked flawless every day. The way he would ignore the whole world and everything in it one day and wouldn't shut up the next. The way he nosed through John's belongings when he was bored and the way he tried and failed to do the simplest household chores. He had fallen in love with all of his perfect imperfections and he had done so the day they had met. It was stupid, it was dangerous and that was what made it so right, and in that moment all that mattered was Sherlock. So he replied with the only thing he could think of, it said everything and yet nothing at all.