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"...and this is where we go to have a relaxing smoke after a day's work," explained Makina as she finished giving the young boy the tour of the building. For the young boy this had been a lot to take in and as expected Naruto had asked questions about the purpose of a number of rooms, especially those with what seemed like overly large bed mattresses that weren't in bedrooms. Unfortunately he hadn't received an answer to that question as somebody else had walked into the room at that moment and thus distracted Makina, much to the brunette's delight.

"Just wondering," said Naruto making Makina once again think, 'what now?' "What job do you actually do here?"

"Our job is one that only grownups can do to other grownups, or sometimes young ninja," answered Makina, being vague about exactly what it was that was going on.

"Why young ninja and not other young people?" asked Naruto, wondering why shinobi were seemingly exempt from some rules he was unaware of.

"As far as I know, when kids graduate from the academy, it goes something along the lines of 'you're old enough to kill, you're old enough for...' Can't really remember the last part," lied Makina rubbing the back of her head.

"Then you can tell me what your job is because I'm going to be the Hokage one day," boasted Naruto.

"Sure thing kid," said Makina in a sarcastic tone, causing Naruto to puff up but before he could vent out against her somebody else spoke up.

"The Hokage is the strongest person in the village," said Boss as he walked through the doorway, having heard the last bit of conversation the two had had. "You should know though that strength is not everything."

"Hey Boss," said Makina, greeting her employer with a light bow.

"What do you mean Boss?" asked Naruto, Makina lightly slapping the kid on the back of the head for not being polite.

"It's fine Makina, he'll learn in time," said Boss waving it off. "As for the answer to your question, personal strength is only as good as the ability one has to use it. You can have unlimited Kami like abilities but if you don't have the brainpower to be able to use it properly then they are as good as having no power at all. For example, if you were assigned to be a bodyguard and your client was attacked would you rather use a simple but effective technique or an overly powerful technique that covered a large area and cannot fail?"

"The one that can't fail!" exclaimed Naruto in excitement; he was starting to like his adoptive father more and more.

"Wrong," said Boss calmly, as if knowing that that was going to be Naruto's answer.

"But it can't fail, so it makes it better," said Naruto confused.

"True, but remember you are protecting someone. If your technique is wide spread it may even consume your client, and if you kill your client you fail the mission. Get my drift?" asked Boss.

"I think so," said Naruto slowly, letting the information sink in.

"Consider that you're first lesson, Renku and Makina here will teach you everything you need to know about surviving in our world," said Boss, his eyes shifting to Makina to make sure that she got the message.

"As you wish Boss," said Makina with a smile, glad to be of service. Although internally she grieved at the fact she would become Naruto's personal tutor, in the long run she could see the benefits of these sort of things but for now she doubted it was going to be anything but annoying.

"Am I going to learn how to fight along with everything else?" asked Naruto.

Boss paused before speaking momentarily, opting to turn and face the other man who stood beside him seemingly at all times as if like a shadow. "Do we have any shinobi indebted to us at the moment?" he asked of his college.

"Not at this moment Boss," responded the man, his face unwavering which Naruto seemed to realise was a rather universal thing around here.

"Give it a year or so Naruto, before you learn to fight though you're going to be learning a whole lot more, and you better not disappoint me," said Boss, a mild tinge of a threatening tone present in his voice. Before Naruto could say anything in response the man by Boss' side lifted up his hand, to reveal that instead of the five digits that should have been on display there were only four. This detail quickly sank in and nodded feverously; he liked his fingers after all. "You live under my roof so you play under my rules just like everybody else, just because you are legally my son doesn't mean that you are exempt from any punishment. All the people who live under this roof are bound to one another in some way or form, treat them as your family and they will do the same."

While his words held a malicious tone to them, Naruto could easily work out the fundamental rule that he had to follow: do bad things and bad things will happen to you. "Anything you want me to teach him first off Boss?" asked Makina, wondering where she should start her tutoring.

"Renku will deal with more of the intimidation aspect, somehow I picture young Naruto here turning into someone who simply can stand there and his aura radiates 'don't fuck with me,'" said Boss, clearly not minding using offensive language in the presence of children. "I want you to teach him the basic of the basics. How to write, speak, those sort of things. Give it two years I want him to have all the knowhow to be able to make a business transaction of his own."

"Gotcha Boss," said Makina, happy to the point where she didn't have to worry about something that would be too strenuous. Sure it would be interesting to see whether or not Naruto would be able to pull off an official transaction when he was only eight in a couple of years time but it would be entertaining all the while. "You got all that kid?"

"I think so..." said Naruto in an uncertain tone, unable to fully comprehend everything that had just been said.

"Good cause it's getting late," said Makina as she looked out the nearby window to see the sun setting behind the Hokage monument. "You should be off to bed before study tomorrow."

Naruto opened his mouth to argue but he quickly remembered what could potentially happen to him if he chose to disobey the orders of his superiors. While the rules seemed more relaxed in this setting as opposed to the orphanage, the consequences were vastly more severe to the point where you would wear your punishment for the rest of your life. "Okay," he muttered in a defeated tone. "Goodnight Boss," he said before he turned around and made his way to his room.

Walking down the isolated corridor without the guiding hand of Makina directing him was daunting at first but his memory soon kicked in and he recalled exactly which turns he needed to make in order to find his room once more. In comparison to the small area he had lived in for several years, he had automatically fell in love with the room. The spacious interior, while it wouldn't seem so big when he got a bit bigger, was more than enough. There was a single bed pushed against the corner of the room where moonlight would gracefully caress his cheek while he slept. There was a wardrobe near the door that Renku had filled with the few sets of clothes that he had but hopefully within the coming days there would be a time where he could get a brand new wardrobe. The carpet across the floor felt wonderful on his feet like freshly mown grass. There was a smell in the air though, something that he couldn't recognise from any of his memories; as such he had no real idea what the person who had stayed in this room before him had done but it seemed that even with the breeze coming in through the window it wasn't enough to remove the stench.

With a yawn Naruto stretched the air, even though he had wanted to stay up longer he couldn't ignore the fact that the day had been long and filled with everything he had ever desired. Moving to his wardrobe he grabbed out the small pyjamas and quickly dressed in them and got ready for bed. Pulling the blanket off the bed, Naruto looked at it in disgust momentarily before climbing in, knowing that he would ask Renku if he could clean the sheets tomorrow. While he could sleep on it tonight he was still slightly annoyed that there were stains on the bed sheets.


"Alright brat, I've been given the task of giving you a bit of training under Boss' orders," said Renku as he stood in an isolated room with Naruto. "If I remember correctly, Boss said that he wanted you to have a 'don't screw with me' attitude. While Makina will teach you a couple of the other aspects today, I'm going to be working on something very specific."

"Are you going to teach me how to fight?" asked Naruto, his eyes lighting up at the possibility.

"No, anything I taught you now would be useless once you start learning actual shinobi arts, provided that's still what you want to do when you're older," explained Renku.

"I'm definitely going to be a ninja," said Naruto boldly.

"Well one thing about being a ninja is that no matter what happens in a fight, you're always going to get hurt," said Renku, putting his hand up to prevent Naruto from butting in. "Even the strongest ninjas get hit from time to time so don't say any crap about how you'd be a ninja that doesn't get hit. I can't teach you how to dodge blows, but I can teach you how to take them."

"Why would I want to take them?" asked Naruto, Renku's teachings seemingly incredibly strange.

"The intimidation factor," said Renku slowly, letting his words sink in. "If you get punched in the face and cower away as a result, you show weakness to your enemy. However, if you get punched in the face and don't react at all, you get a psychological advantage over them, something which can help you win any fight."

"Getting punched helps you win?" questioned Naruto as Renku knelt by his side. Without warning the large man punched the boy in the shoulder, nothing bone breaking but with enough force to cause pain to shoot into the blonde's arm. "Ow, what'd you do that for?" asked Naruto as he rubbed his shoulder, only to receive another punch.

"I'm going to keep punching your shoulder for the next hour unless you can prove to me that you have the ability to overcome your pain," said Renku as he punched Naruto again. The bodyguard knew that if he used any more strength than he currently was the small boy would be knocked to the ground but he knew that he had to start off slow and gradually work his way up. "If you can look at me dead in the eyes without any sign of pain before time is up we'll stop."

With this information, Naruto looked up at Renku hoping to stop this before it got too serious, yet the tears swelling in his eyes and the constant sniffles didn't help sell the boy's strength, earning him another punch. "This is a strength of mind assignment, show me what you can do," said Renku as he once more punched Naruto, never once using more force than necessary. "Only 59 minutes to go."

Sadly for the young boy, the hour would pass without and reprieve as he struggled to failed to overcome the pain.


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