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Happiness is a form of courage

Holbrook Jackson



"I'm sorry." I whispered kneeling down on the fresh cut grass. "It's been a while since I came to visit you."

Em.J. instantly started fidgeting around when I pulled him on my lap. "Say hi to Daddy."

"Hi Daddy," Julie mumbled before she turned her attention back to the tiny daisy flower she had plucked on the parking lot.

The twins were too young to understand any of this. Taking them to visit Emmett's grave was something they couldn't understand. Maybe in a few years when they were older it would be easier for me to explain their father's death to my kids.

"I brought you some flowers." I stated, putting them into a plastic vase. "Aren't they pretty?"

"Pretty flowers." Em.J. said, ripping the head of one of the tulips up to toss the petals all over the grave.

"Stop that right now." I snapped. "Don't touch the flowers."

I sighed deeply and leaned down to kiss my son's forehead. "You'll be a good boy today, won't you?"

He nodded and snuggled a bit closer against my chest. "The insurance company has transferred the money. Rose has helped me to arrange everything with the bank and set up a trust fund for the twins." I cleared my throat and reached out my hand to wipe a bit of dirt from the grave stone. "I think you'd like her. She's smart…and pretty too."

A glimpse at the watch around my left wrist told me that I was already behind in my time schedule.

"I promise to come back soon." I said. "You'd be okay, if I brought Aly here with me, wouldn't you?"

My back hurt when I got up and tried to balance Em. J. on my side.

"Julie up too," the little girl demanded eagerly. "Julie up now."

I put her brother down again. "Both of you walk. Take Mommy's hand. Don't let go."

Taking the kids with me while I was supposed to decorate the church was a bad idea but everyone else was busy with other preparations.

"Don't touch anything." I told the twins, knowing that my words were wasted. I had to work fast.

After placing a blanket in a corner and handing a couple of toys to my little monsters, I went to work.

I tied silk ribbons around each bank and filled crystal vases with white lilies and candles. It looked so lovely. Who had thought Bella Swan could manage to turn a room into such a romantic atmosphere. There weren't enough pillows, though.

Maybe Edward could show me where I could find more of them so I went to his office. I was just about to knock when I heard loud voices through the closed door.

"For the last time now, Cullen," Father James hissed in his annoying nasal voice. "If you hold this wedding today, I'm going to contact the bishop. You'll get excommunicated."

"Do what your conscious tells you to do, Father." Edward answered him. "But so will I do."

Father James coughed loudly. "What you mean?"

"I mean that the bishop would most likely not be happy to hear about a certain young woman, a very pregnant young woman to be a bit more specific."

The answer to this was a harsh cussing that was completely unworthy of a priest. Father James was going to have a baby? But he was a priest. The poor child, I thought, instantly feeling sorry for the poor little thing.

"Let's go home, twins." I told them rushing back. "We need to get ready for your aunt's wedding."

At first Esme had been hesitating about filling in for the divorce of her first husband. Not so much because she was raised to believe that divorce was a sin but mostly because she was scared of the authorities. Everything had gone smoothly though, thanks to the skillful lawyer Carlisle had hired for his wife. His wife…in a few hours Esme was actually going to be his wife…legally speaking.

"You're back." Rose greeted me, rising up from the couch. "That's great. Kids did you have fun?"

"I'm afraid visiting Emmett's grave is rather boring for them. How's the website doing?" I asked her, taking a curious look at the laptop screen. "Wow this looks amazing. Did Aly see it yet?"

Rose frowned. She lifted Julie up and sat down next to me. "No, she hasn't. I want it to be finished before she takes a look."

"Where is Aly now?" I asked, fascinated how Rose maneuvered the pictures on the screen skillfully around.

"She's upstairs, getting dressed for the wedding. You should do that too. I can take the kids for a little walk meanwhile. It will hopefully make them tired so that they'll be quiet later in church."

I kicked off my shoes and tiptoed up the stairs. Aly was standing in front of the mirror, applying some red gloss on her mouth.

"You look beautiful." I told her, pressing my lips against her bare shoulder. "This is a very lovely dress."

Gently I let my fingertips move down her spine finally resting my hands on her hips to pull her body against me. "It's sexy."

"Too sexy for church?" Aly asked, leaning back against my embrace. "I was going to wear a jacket on top of it."

"I like the dress the way it is." I stated running my palms down to cup her ass. "It makes me want to do very un-churchy things to you."

"Where are the kids?" my girlfriend asked, her voice already vibrating with the beginning of her arousal.

"With Rose." I whispered. "We don't have much time but I'm planning to make good use of it."

With that I pushed her towards the sink and lifted her up on it. "The shoes are very nice too." I mumbled, licking up her ankle. "How can you walk in these?"

"Practice makes perfect." Aly said with a soft sigh. "Maybe we should put some tips on it on the website. How to walk gracefully in heels or something like that."

"Let's not talk about the website now. Try to relax, honey."

I kissed my way up the inside of her thigh. When I reached the thin lace of her underwear Aly's body began to tremble. After tossing the thong down her legs, I parted them as wide as the tight dress allowed me to. My tongue swiped through her inner lips to massage her clit. I teased the sensitive pearl for a few moments before I thrust two of my fingers as deep inside of her as I could. Her inner muscles clenched around my digits as her climax washed over her in several waves of pleasure.

"I love you." She whispered breathlessly when I stood up from the ground and kissed her softly on her lips. "I love you, Bella."

"I love you, Aly. Can you help me with my dress? I don't think I can close it on my own."

Minutes later when I had managed to tame my hair in a knot that I fixed with a few pearl hairpins, Rosalie returned from her walk with the twins.

"You look good, Bella. Maybe you and Aly should decide on simply using the same lip gloss." Our friend stated. "Red lips look good on both of you,"

"Thanks." I mumbled, fixing the straps of my heels. I would regret wearing them in about ten minutes but the long dress called for something other than flats or sneakers.

"Rose, can you help me get the kids ready?"

Dressing up two-year-olds is a waste of time. The cute dress Alice had bought for Julie would end up with stains of grass and ice-cream or whatever else my daughter would find to smear upon the light blue fabric.

"How far are you with the website?" Alice asked while she tried to adjust a tiny blue bow around Em.J.'s neck.

"It's close to being finished." Rose told her, braiding a little flower into Julie's curls. I went to get the camera. Moments like these needed to be saved for the future.

"Now, aren't that some cute twins?" Alice stated. "Like two little angels."

I wrapped my arms around my girlfriend and kissed her cheek, trying not to leave a lip-gloss mark on her skin.

"Are you happy?" she whispered into my ear. "You look it."

"Yes," I nodded my head. Today I felt happier than I had in a very long time.

"I'll see you later after church." Rose said, planting a kiss on the twins head. "Be good and listen to your Mommies."

On our way to church, I couldn't let go of Alice's hand. Her palm was sweating. She was nervous. It was so cute. Well, who actually gets to witness your own parents' wedding?

I sat down in the first row and pulled Julie on my lap while Alice had Em.J. on hers. When I saw my mother-in-law sitting a bit further away from us, I cringed. Why had Esme invited her to the wedding?

"What is she doing here?" Alice hissed. "I will kill her if she ruins the wedding."

"Shhh," I whispered, placing my fingertip against Alice's lips. "It's your mother's choice whether she wants Siobhan to be here or not."

"Yes, but—," Alice protested, stopping when the music started playing. The ceremony was beautiful. Weddings always made me teary but I was busy with handing Alice tissues. She was sobbing and seeing her cry would have made me feel awkward, hadn't I known those were happy tears.

"Oh sweetie, please stop crying." Esme said when she hugged Alice a few minutes later. "If you cry, I'll cry too and that would ruin this beautiful make-up your friend has done."

"No, it wouldn't." Leah stated, stepping closer towards us. "I used waterproof mascara."

"Thanks for making my wife prettier than she already is." Carlisle said, taking Leah's hand to shake it.

"You're welcome, Dr. Cullen and congratulations on the wedding. Your wife and you deserve all the happiness in the world."

Julie started whining and fidgeting around. Yes, I had known that this wasn't the right time to start this potty training stuff. Outside the restroom I bumped into Siobhan. Great, now I would be forced to talk to her.

"Hello, Bella." Siobhan whispered shy. "Oh just look how big my granddaughter has gotten. Come and give your Nana a kiss, sweetie."

I lifted Julie up and carried her to one of the stalls. "You don't have to act like the loving grandmother now."

"Isabella, please. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't really mean what I said. I was just angry and jealous."

I sighed. "You're jealous of Alice and me being together?"

"Gracious God, no! I still think it's a mortal sin for whatever it is between you and my niece."

"Let me give you a hint. It's called love. You can't choose with whom you fall in love with and maybe that's a good thing. Alice makes me very happy and I hope that I make her feel that way in return."

Siobhan nodded her head. Then she kneeled down and pulled some candy out to give it to Julie.

"Say thank you to your Nana." I told her.

"Fank u," Julie mumbled chewing the caramel toffee with an open mouth.

"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have taken my anger out on my sister like this. Esme is an angel for forgiving me."

"Why were you so angry at her? I mean, I get the part with Alice and me. That must have been difficult for you, especially so soon after Emmett's death."

My mother-in-law cleared her throat. "Like I told you before, I was jealous."


A faint blush covered her face. "You have to promise not to tell anyone. See, when he was younger Carlisle was such a handsome man. Well, he still is. Too bad, he had zero interest in me. The only one he ever had eyes for was my sister. It hurt my pride."

I told Siobhan goodbye and promised her that I would still allow her to come and visit the twins. After all, she was still their grandmother and I had felt bad for cutting her completely out of their lives.

"There you are," Alice called out, wrapping me into a close embrace. "I was starting to worry."

"Had to take Julie to the restroom. Crap, my feet are killing me. I hate these shoes."

"Take them off," Leah told me. "And put those gel pads inside them. They will help."

Rose giggled. "I'm starting to see why Alice wanted you in on the team for the website. You're really good at all these beauty tips."

Leah took a glass of champagne and sipped on it. "Speaking of the website, did you manage to finish it? I'm dying to see it."

"Patience," Rose stated, "It takes time to create an online magazine. Plus, Alice still hasn't managed to decide on a name for this baby."

I raised an eyebrow. Hadn't we decided to call the site Alice's Fashion and Beauty Tips?

"I don't want my name to be in the page's name." Alice stated. "That's as if it only belongs to me when I could have never done it without Bella's money or Rosalie's skills."

"Or Leah's endless beauty knowledge." Rose finished with a smile on her face. "I've been wondering, what kind of beauty tips you'd have for making me prettier."

"None," Leah said, not taking her eyes off from Rosalie. "I think you're perfect the way you are."

Edward walked over to us, generously offering to watch the kids. Alice's brother was good with children. If things had turned out differently for him, he might have been an amazing dad.

"I know how I want to call the site." Alice stated. "Four Hearts, doesn't that sound good? I mean because all of you have poured your heart into my project when I told you about my idea."

I told her it was a fantastic idea and we should definitely go with that name.

"Leah, why don't you dance with Rose?" Alice suggested while she maneuvered me over to the dance floor. "I bet she'd love that."

She smiled happily when she watched our friends dance together. Those two belonged together. It was so very obvious.

"Come on, Bella. Let's dance."

I had never cared too much for dancing but I knew that Aly liked it a great deal.

"You need to lead." I whispered. "I apologize in advance for stepping on your toes."

Alice shook her head and pulled me closer to her. "You're not that bad as a dancer. I showed you how to do it. Don't you remember?"

I kissed Alice tenderly on the lips. "That was in first grade, I think."

"Well, dancing is like riding a bike. You don't forget it."

For a few moments we moved in the rhythm of the slow piano music. It was perfect. We were perfect together.

"Marry me, Alice."

"Are you sure? Oh my God. Yes, yes, yes. Of course, I want to marry you! I love you."

I kissed Aly again and swirled her around. She was my life now. I would never let her go.