He is made of hate. He is a monster with a heart that pumps selfishness into his every vein. He can't help but be a hopeless creature with no destiny or salvation. Nothing and no one can give him what he desires - to be human again.

If only...

If only he hadn't despised the young woman, because of her looks.

She saw his true nature and so his apology was useless against the truth. There was and still is no kindness in him.

The delicate rose glows inside the dome and he is reminded of the curse and its consequences. His hideous appearance and all of his servants transformed into unrecognizable beings. He is doomed to live the rest of his life inside the castle with only a hand-mirror and a cursed rose that erases his hope of ever fulfilling his wish.

Years have passed since that shameful day. He has fell into despair and misery, the past completely forgotten. He doesn't recall being human. How can he? A monster knows only anger and death.

And who can ever learn to love a monster?