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The arrow misses the target again. I sigh frustated. I have been all day trying to hit at least the target but it always misses it by an inch. I move to pick up the fallen arrow on the grass.

It is a sunny day, since we are in Spring, and there's a small breeze blowing the trees' leafs. I have been learning how to use a bow since I read this one book where there was a girl that hunted in the woods. It looked so cool and easy. Yeah right... I practice every day since I started last month and I never hit the target.

I walk to my place again and place the arrow on the bow. I lift the bow and -

"Boo!" I jump and the arrow flies, hitting a tree trunk.

I turn around. Peeta is standing there with a big smile.

"I could have hit the target." I snap at him.

He is startled by my reaction. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to say hi."

I sigh. "It's ok."

"What's wrong?" He touches my cheek.

"I can't hit the freaking target." I say exasperated.

He chuckles. I scowl at him. "Sorry." He scratches his hair. "Well... Position yourself as you were about to shoot." I look at him.

"Come on."

I do as he says and give a space between my feet. I lift the bow. "And now what?"

He comes behind me and circles me with his arms. I blush. With his both hands, he raises my arms to the right position. He moves his hands to mine and holds the bow with me. "Breath and relax." I feel his breath on the side of my face.

"And let go." I release the arrow. It hits the bull's eye. I stare at the arrow in the middle of the target. I hit the target.

"See?" Peeta says.

I turn around in his arms and give him a tight hug. He hugs me with the same force too.

"Thank you." I look at him.

He is smiling a genuine smile. He lets go of me and takes my bow from my hands. He positions it on the grass and then grabs my hands. He clears his throat.

"Katniss," He starts. "I... - ok this is hard to say." I squeeze his hands.

"Alright." He drops to one knee. My eyes widen. "I love you very much. I couldn't possibly not spend an entire day with you. You make me happy. Like a lot." I chuckle.

"Will you marry me?"

I want to answer but no words get out. This is so unexpected. A million thoughts are running through my mind.

I have live here for about an year. I love Peeta very much. I would never trade this life for my old one, just to live in loneliness. My father is also living here in the castle. Will he approve? Of course he'll approve. I have seen him and Mrs. Everdeen spend a lot of time together and talking. I think something will come out of there. I want to spend every possible moment with Peeta. I look at him. His big smile has turned into a small one. I take a deep breath.

"Yes." I nod.

His eyes light up and he smiles like the happiest man in the world. He suddenly picks me up. I wrap my arms around his neck because he is spinning us. He starts dancing around the garden.

"Peeta!" I can't help but laugh.

He stops and puts me down. I remove my arms from around his neck and place my hands on each side of his face. I smile too. He leans down and kisses me softly. We stand there, in the middle of the garden, holding each other.

This is a new beginning of our life together. On our wedding day, we promised to never let the other go. To love unconditionally. And when two years later I give birth to our precious little girl, I know that this love will never end.

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