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Forest of Burgess

The night was cold and dark, a giant snow-white wolf walked through the forest and stopped at a frozen pond and gazed up at the moon. This wolf's name was Ramoria and she was an immortal spirit and protector of the forest who took on the appearance of a common gray wolf whenever humans saw her. She had four young pups, 4 boys the oldest being named Sleet the twins named Hiro and Jiro and 1 girl named Hina, and they all had their mother's appearance and powers, except for her youngest pup who she was extremely protective of. Jack Frost.

Jack wasn't exactly her pup, but 300 years ago she found the little one as a baby on the frozen lake alone, crying, and scared. She remembered that day so well that it seemed like it was just yesterday


Ramoria was curious and trotted over to the crying baby and sniffed him, he smelled immortal and of winter's cold air and fresh snow. Baby Jack then looked with his blue and innocent filled eyes at her and smiled and giggled as if she was his mother and it warmed her heart, maybe she could raise this boy as one of her own. Suddenly a dark figure appeared and reveled it to be Pitch Black.

Ramoria snarled at him and growled, "What do you want Pitch? This is my forest and you know that you are not welcome here." Pitch chuckled and casually said, "Hello to you too Ramoria, I haven't seen you since the Dark Ages. But don't worry, I have only come to claim what is mine and then I will leave." the boogieman started to walk to the baby who stared at him with a mixture of curiosity and wonder as if her wasn't sure if the man in front of him was good or bad.

"STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Ramoria barked to Pitch and stood protectively in front of the baby, "You cannot have this child," the wolf continued, "I know your ways Pitch and I know that you will only bring him lies, false care, and fill him with evil. I will raise him and keep him safe from you, I swear this on the moon." Suddenly the moon gave off a bright light and said, "Ramoria, your vow has been accepted. This boy shall be your son and his name shall be Jack Frost and he will be the Spirit of Winter. If you fail in keeping your word, then he will become vulnerable to Pitch's darkness."

Then the light that covered the moon shown down on the baby showing that the vow Ramoria made was official and then a wooden staff came out of the frozen lake showing that it would be Jack's staff. Pitch frowned and began to leave, "You may have won this battle Ramoria, but you have not won this war. Someday I will return, and that boy will join me." With that he disappeared.

End of Flashback

It had been 300 years since that day and Ramoria kept her word, she had raised Jack Frost control his winter powers and to be a wolf among his brothers and sister and he became as playful as a pup and a great warrior. But she was still worried about the dangers of the world and Jack's powers would surly bring attention to other spirits, but after a human shot Sleet and almost killed him Jack vengefully caused the Blizzard of 68 right on Easter Sunday and got in a fight with the Easter Bunny (Who he now called the Easter Kangaroo) she knew that she couldn't just keep him hidden.

So every time he would go out he would be accompanied by his brothers or his sister. As the years went by, Jack came to hate human adults due to what happened to his older brother but he admired human children and always made his snow days fun for them.

But now it was time for her to hunt, despite that her pups were old enough to hunt on there own, she caught a deer and brought it to her cave where Hina, Hiro, and Jiro were wrestling Jack while Sleet watched over them. "Mother!" Jack stated happily as he slipped out of his sibilings grips and ran twords the large female wolf, "Hello my pups." Ramoria said as she nuzzled her children and they began to feast on the deer.

"Mother," Jack started to say, "I was wondering, can I go out later?" Ramoria thought about it for a bit and then said, "Alright Jack but Hina must go with you, and remember the rules Jack." Jack sighed and said, "I know, don't take anything that could be missed, stay away from dreamsand, and make sure to keep away from other spirits, if they find me then leave at once." Ramoria smiled as her son and daughter ran off to the town of Burgess, unaware of the dangers ahead.