Burgess Forest, Not That Far From Jack

Hina was sniffing the ground when she heard Jack's location howl. Her ears perked up and she howled back to him, telling Jack that she and the others were coming. Hina then let out a howl of her own that told Sleet and the twins that Jack had found something and that they needed to meet up with him.

The wolves immediately howled back and Hina then ran west to the location that Jack said he was at. On the way there, the she-wolf saw the forms of North and Bunnymund up ahead of her. "What are you two standing around for?" Hina barked at the Guardians who jumped in surprise, "We heard howl and are wondering where it came from." North told her and Bunny spoke up, "That's not what we were doin ya gumby, you wanted to call Tooth and Sandy and I already told ya that the howl was from the west." Hina sighed as the two spirits began to argue. The Guardians were morons, "I don't care who said what." Hina yipped, "That howl was Jack and he just said that he found something and he wants us all to come and check it out."

Hina then continued to run and North and Bunnymund followed in haste.

They continued to run until they came to a clearing where Jack was sitting along with his wolf brothers. Jack was clutching his staff closer to him in one hand while the other was holding something else, but Bunny and North couldn't tell what it was since his hand was closed so tight. Jack stopped crying a bit and sniffled as the twins licked his tear stained cheeks cheeks.

"What is matter Jack?" North softly asked as he approached the boy and gently placed his large hand on his shoulder, but he quickly drew it back as Jack snapped at him. "Don't snap at me Jack!" North scolded him, "Now, tell me what is wrong."

Jack then took a few deep breaths and then opened his hand shoved a piece of paper into the Guardian of Wonder's hands. "Read this, I can't read human." He murmured and hugged his closed hand closer to his chest.

North was silent for a bit, cleared his throat, and read the letter.

Dear Jack Frost,

I assume that this message is being read to you by the Guardians due to your inability to read human writing, but I shall continue. I am Pitch Black, surly you have heard of me, and I'm prepared to offer you a deal if you want your mother back, you must join me and become my Fearling Prince and abandon your duty as protector of forests. I will give you three weeks to make your decision.

Sincerely, Pitch Black

Everyone was quiet. What were they going to do? Jack couldn't join Pitch, but now that Ramoria was being held prisoner they didn't know what to do.