One-shot written for the Anniversary of Entente Cordial, 04/08, which is today. :D

Fruk; implies shounen-ai, fluff, slice of life plus love and scientific theories (?)

Disclaimer: Hetalia Axis Powers and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. I don't own anything but the story.

[Let me love you]

"Did you know that apparently a love-story has a lifespan of only three years?"

When Françis pinned him against the wall, threatening to kiss him, Arthur had spurted out the first thing that came to his mind; it was something silly that he had read in a scientific magazine when he was sitting at the barber's waiting for a haircut, but for some weird reasons it worked: Françis stopped at stared at him in surprise.

"What?" He asked, bewildered.

Arthur immediately got avail of the unexpected opportunity and placed his hands on the Frenchman chest to push him away while blabbering the things he still remembered from the article.

"Yeah, they say that when we fall in love and our heart beats fast it's only because there's some narcotic being released inside our chest, but this substance is an error, so the organism stops releasing it after a period of about three years… So basically a love-story has a lifespan of three years." He explained, trying to sound serious and concerned. Françis was still staring at him, which made him pretty uncomfortable.

"So…" The Englishman gulped and forced himself to keep talking. "By three years from now, you won't be interested in me anymore, so it's useless to start loving me in the first place, you'd only be pained." He looked away, embarrassed and a little sad.

Their relationship had always been complicated: when they were children, Françis were the only one to care about him and Arthur looked up at him as a model, although he thought of him as an incredibly annoying fellow; then growing up they had always been friends, sometimes allies, enemies for centuries, but in a way or another they had always been together… Now Françis wanted more of him, but Arthur didn't agree. He thought things would be better left as they were if they wanted to stay together: once love was finished, everything would end.

"You're thinking too much" Françis interrupted the flow of his thoughts, grabbed his hands and pinned him again against the wall. Arthur trembled under his serious, loving expression.

"B-but it's just a system error! Something that shouldn't happen!" He insisted, trying to resist even if it was pretty useless. His head was a total mess. "I don't want things between us to end like that!"

"Stop worrying about this. So, love only last three years, right? Then it'll mean that I'll just have you fall in love with me again on the fourth year" Françis smiled a bit when he noticed that Arthur was broken-break by his words and leaned on him.

"Relax. Just let me love you" he whispered against hip lips, just before kissing him. Arthur let him do it and closed instinctively his eyes. When he re-opened them, Françis was smiling at him.

"Bon Anniversaire, mon chenille" he said.

Arthur sighed and hugged him. "Yeah, you too, frog" he muttered, and blushed furiously by realizing that for centuries he had continuously and hopelessly fallen for that French frog over and over again.