Family First Chapter 1: December 16 part 1

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Warning: This story (this chapter in particular) contains the disciplinary spanking of minors. You have been warned (twice now). I will also place a warning within the chapter when the actual spanking starts/stops.

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"Draco Lucius."

He froze at the sound of the voice. "Papa."

The room was dark. The only light was coming from the roaring fireplace. The floor was marble, and the furniture was mahogany wood, and black leather. The room held a distinct chill despite the fire, all the heat pulled out by the stone walls and marble floor. But of more immediate concern to the boy was the older man sitting on the armchair.

"Sit." He nodded slightly at the sofa sitting across from the armchair. As Draco walked around the chair his father was sitting on to the sofa he immediately noticed that the round accent table that normally sat next to his father's chair had been moved. Someone had placed it between the chair and sofa. Lying directly in the center of the round table was a well-worn, leather soled, bedroom slipper.

The slipper was old and ragged. It would be quite a shock to several people to see something like it in the Malfoy household. Draco knew exactly what it was though, and acted accordingly as he sat. He eyed the slipper as if it were a wild snake that might attack at any moment, and with good reason.

The slipper had belonged to his great-grandfather Septimus Malfoy who had received a pair of slippers as a birthday present from Lord Black. When they had become worn he had called an elf to throw them away. However no elf had responded. Angered and suspicious at the lack of response he had gone in search of the elves. They were in Abraxas room dealing with a tantrum, one that would become quite famous in Malfoy history. No one was exactly sure what Septimus Malfoy had walked in on, but he was said to have been furious. So instead of doing something he might later regret, he had charmed the slipper to take care of it for him. However the spell had not worked quite like he intended it to. Instead of just carrying out the one punishment, the slipper remained enchanted, and would at times fly off to handle a problem. To this day the dreaded slipper would swat any misbehaving Malfoy child in its vicinity.

"Your Godfather fire called me this evening. Naturally I ask him how you had done your first term. Do you know what his response was Draco?"

"No sir."

"Mmm. He said you're doing excellent academically, but there were the continued behavior problems. He seemed quite sure I would know of these problems. Draco, you wouldn't know why I haven't gotten any letters about rule breaking, would you?"

"Papa-" He paused trying to think of a possible lie to get him out of trouble. After all he most certainly did know of those letters. It had taken quite some plotting to make them disappear. His godfather, being the head of Slytherin had several protective measures in place to ensure that parents did, in fact, receive the owls he sent. Luckily, Draco had more access to the head of house, and as such, more access to his owl. The owl was nearly impossible to trace once he got into the air. So Draco did what any reasonable, scared for his backside, first year Slytherin would do. He placed a Confundus charm on the owl. The bird normally had spells preventing such tampering, but the protection spells only lasted 8 hours or so. Severus only cast them before taking his owl into public. Draco was not sure where the owl took the letters, but it certainly wasn't Malfoy manor. Just as he drew in a breath to tell his father that he had no idea why they didn't arrive his father interrupted him.

"Need I remind you that the slipper will immediately swat your backside if you lie?"

"Papa!" He half shouted half whined.

"Draco Lucius!" His fathers near shout made him open his eyes wide, and jump a bit. It was rare for his father to so much as raise his voice. "I suggest, young man, that you come out with it right now. A good Malfoy, much like every other good Slytherin, knows when he has been cornered.

"Papa, I didn't mean to."

"To do what, Confundo the owl, or behave so badly that a letter was sent home?" Draco pulled up both eyebrows and opened his mouth slightly. Clearly expressing shock that his father had known the spell he had used, and at the same time asking for an explanation.

"Severus and I were both young once Draco, and our head of house certainly wasn't Slytherin's most cunning member. There were quite a few times when I tried to get out of trouble with a well-placed Confundus Charm, and after your grandpa took Severus in, he soon followed suit."

"Did it ever work?"

"Never, word always got around. In my first year the Confundo merely made the owl go to the house down the lane. The old lady who lived there was quite happy to firecall the manor and inform my papa of the letter. He showed up the next day in the dorms, slipper in hand."

"Did the owl Uncle Sev send you go to the Buke estate?"

"No, luckily, wouldn't they have loved sharing the gossip? All that means though is that you get to tell me about the letters, both of them."

"Will I still get walloped for getting in trouble at school if I tell you without any trouble?"

"If what you did is deserving of being walloped."

"See! That's exactly why I didn't want you to know. I knew you were going to spank me."

"It was not your decision to tell me. All you gained from not telling me is an erosion of trust, and a definite sore backside. Because, young man, you will be punished for the deception." Draco stood at once obviously forgetting about the slipper.

"Well, that's stupid! I'm 11 years old, and you are not going to spank me." The slipper and Lucius rose as one. The man grabbed his son's upper arm, while the slipper landed 5 quick smacks to the boy's trouser clad behind.

"Enough! Straight to the green room Draco. Stay until I come for you."

Lucius and Narcissa had quickly learned that sending the boy off to his room while they calmed down meant play-time to the child. So they had begun ordering him to wait in the green room. With nothing in the room to distract the boy hopefully he would think of his behavior while Lucius moved the accent table back into its place near his chair with a well-placed spell. He then took the slipper into his hands, bending it slightly he asked the air.

"Am I being stupid? He is in Hogwarts after all." In one quick motion the slipper flew out of his hand and landed a stinging smack against his upper thigh.

The "oww" came out of his mouth before he could stop it, a quarter sting, and 3 quarters shock.

"You deserved that, just as Draco deserves what is coming to him." He looked up to the portrait over the mantel to see a middle-aged man with blond hair staring at him.

"Children are never too old to wallop if they deserve it."

"If you say so Father."

"I do, now get to the green bedroom and discipline my grandson, and be sure to give him a smack from me."

"Yes sir."

Draco had decided even though he was a mature, 11-year-old Slytherin, it was ok for him to be afraid this one time. At the end of the day what boy in their right mind wouldn't be when their father was going to give them at least one spanking. He was reassured that he had come to the right decision when he saw the door handle turn.

"Draco before anything, I want you to tell me the complete truth about what you did to earn the two letters home. I intended to do this downstairs, with the slipper as the 'truth serum' so to speak, but things got out of hand; and I know you well enough to know when you are lying. So help me Draco Malfoy if the thought of you leaving out so much as a single detail even crosses my mind I will fire call Severus. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Papa."


"They were for getting a detention, both of them. The first one was from our first flight lesson. Neville Longbottom fell off his broom, and broke his wrist. Madam Hooch took him to the infirmary; she told us all to stay on the ground. I grabbed the remembrall Longbottom dropped. Potter was being noble and whatnot, and demanded I give it to him. I didn't think he would be able to fly, so I grabbed the broom and told him to come and get it. He followed me up, and tried to knock me off my broom. I realized we had been off the ground for quite a while, and I didn't know if a different professor was coming to watch the class, so I tossed the remembrall. Potter flew after it and caught it; McGonagall saw it, but he didn't get detention. She even put Potter on the quidditch team! Uncle Sev was coming out to supervise the class and he saw it all too. Instead of putting me on the quidditch team Uncle Sev hauled me to his office, swatted me, and gave me a detention. It wasn't fair"

"No, it wasn't, but much of life is like that. Besides Potter is not Uncle Sev's responsibility, nor mine. Continue."

"Well, we were at breakfast the morning after the flight incident. I was upset that Potter was still in the school much less on the team. I challenged him to a wizards duel. I never intended to duel him." He added quickly seeing the rage on his father's face "Anyway Weasley accepted for him and named himself Potter's second, I don't even think Potter knew what a duel was. I left an anonymous tip outside Filch's door telling him that two students were going to be in the trophy room at midnight. I tried to sneak out of the dorms that night; I wanted to see Potter get in trouble. Uncle Sev has a spell on the exit from the common room, so he knows when any snake is leaving the common room after curfew. He gave me another detention."

Everything was quiet for a long moment. Lucius contemplating what he had heard and Draco preparing for what he was going to hear.

"I certainly don't condone the breaking of school rules, especially when it is done in an effort to get another student in trouble, no matter how much you dislike them. If Potter had not been such a good flyer he could have been seriously hurt during your first little scrabble. However, you were at school when it happened, and it has very little to do with me. While I agree with your godfather, you absolutely deserved the detention, and probably more than the few swats you got, I don't think it merits any action from me. As for the second issue, if it was just the matter of sneaking out after curfew I would say the same thing. What worries me more is the fact that you asked someone to a wizards duel, regardless of if you intended to show up. Not only is it illegal for two minors to have a formal duel in Britain, but it is also extremely dangerous. Potter would have been well within his rights to demand you finish what you started, and the laws of magic would side with him. The fact that I won't allow you to duel, along with the fact that it is illegal for you two to do so, would mean I would have to take your place in that case; Albus Dumbledore would most likely take Potter's, and I would be forced into a very embarrassing situation. So for acting carelessly with the dueling matter you will receive a hairbrush spanking and 10 swats with the slipper for each letter you diverted. When it's done you will be forgiven as always, but I will expect you to write your Uncle Sev explaining the letter situation."

"Papa...I'm sorry."

"I know my little Dragon. Now come here."

~*~*~*~*~*~CP Warning~*~*~*~*~*

Draco stood slowly, hands grasping the legs of his trousers. He took a few short nervous steps to the chair his father was perched in by the bed. Lucius reached both hands up to the fastening on his son's trousers. Draco also reached both hands down between his father's hands and the button on his pants.

"N-" Lucius cut him off with a single look, and slowly Draco removed his hands. Lucius unbuttoned and unzipped his son's pants, reached for his son's left arm with his right hand, and hauled Draco over his lap. He yanked the trousers and boxers down, and laid his left hand on the small of Draco's back.


"How can Dobby help Master?"

"Dobby bring me Narcissa's hairbrush."

"Yes Master Malfoy!" With another pop the green creature disappeared. There was complete silence for a few seconds. Draco lay stiff over his father's knees. Bottom bared for the world to see. Meanwhile Lucius left hand rubbed small circles into his sons back. Suddenly there was a pop and an oak, flat backed hair brush popped into existence. Lucius snatched the brush out if midair, and rested the cool back of it against his son's bottom.

"Why are you going to get this spanking Draco?"

"For challenging Potter to a duel, and for deceitfulness."

"Never again Draco, I'll always be on your side, but you must tell me the full and complete truth, and you put yourself and your family in danger when you made the offer to duel. Now when the spanking is done, I will expect you to sit at your desk and write a letter to Severus explaining what you have done, and an apology letter to Mr. Potter.

If Lucius Malfoy had been facing his son's front he would have seen the slightest hint of a wince on his face. Sitting on the wooden seat with a freshly stinging bottom was not going to be fun.

"As you well know, you are always loved and when this is over the incident will be forgiven."

"Yes Papa" The brush was raised high up into the air and brought down with a hefty smack!

Swat! Swat! Smack! Swat!

Lucius was methodical when he spanked. All 5 swats landed on the right cheek. Then, he paused and followed with 5 swats to the right thigh.

Swat! Swat! Smack! Whop! Swat!

Then 5 to the left thigh.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Smack! Swat!

Five to the left cheek.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The last 5 with the brush where the hardest. Lucius spread them around the boy's bottom. Narcissa's brush was large, and heavy, it easily covered the boy's whole bottom. The firm swats had left the boy's bottom red, stinging, and sore. The blond-haired child let out a sob now and again to accompany the constant stream of tears running down his face.

"Almost done, little Dragon." He rubbed Draco's back gently. "Just 20 with the slipper left."

"Papa, please, no?"

"If you had not Confundoed the owl then that would have been it. But I promised you a spanking for the deception, so I must deliver." With that he summoned his own bedroom slipper, catching it immediately and swatting the bottom just as he had before. Five swats to each thigh, and five to each cheek.

By the time it was finished his son was limp and sobbing over his lap. He allowed Draco to lie there while they both caught their breath. Rubbing slow circles on the boy's lower back he was silent until Draco's breath slowed. Then he lifted his son and sat him on his lap, allowing the weight to fall to Draco's side, so he was not sitting directly on his bottom.

~*~*~*~*~*~CP Fin.~*~*~*~*~*

"It's alright my little Dragon. You are all forgiven. Shhh, shh, shh. Hush now it's alright. All done." The sobbing slowed, eventually stopping. The younger blond wiped away stray tears. Completely relying on his father for support, he molded himself to the older man's side.

"All done Draco"

"Yes Papa." The boy seemed quieter, more subdued, but completely fine.

"Listen closely son, I want you to lay down for a short nap. I will send a house elf to wake you later. Then I want you to get straight on writing Severus. I expect a well written, respectful, thoughtful letter explaining what happened. I am not a professor and as such will not assign a length, just however much or little space you think. Then I will expect the same with Potters letter. I will check them over before you send them, and if I am not satisfied with the work you will do it over again. Make me proud Draco, and have a good nap. I love you very much."

"Love you more" Lucius tucked his son in and walked out of the room, closing the heavy wooden door behind him.

Lucius knelt next to the fire in his office, sticking his head in.


"Lucius, I have told Cissy five times already, twice in writing, that I will be arriving on the 22, in time for the ball, and will spend the rest of the holidays with you. There was no need to have you fire call too."

"This is not about your visit, although Cissy has been nagging me to ask you to come earlier, it's about Draco. I never received your letters about his behavior."

The dark-haired man spun quickly to face his older brother in all but blood. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion, and drew in a breath to speak.

"Now he has told me all about it, and explains exactly what happened in this letter he wrote to you. He also wrote a letter to Potter, he was rude and spiteful towards the other boy without reason. Draco informed me Potter is staying at the castle over Winter Break, would you be so kind as to give it to him?"

"Potter intended to spend the Christmas break at the castle, but the headmaster forced him to go home. The wards around the house have fallen dangerously low. I'm sure he is spending his holiday being pampered, and indulged by obliging relatives. The boy has no discipline."

"Severus, you can't blame the boy for his lack of discipline, only the adults around him. At any rate, it may be better for Draco to hand deliver that apology himself. I will see you soon my brother."

"You as well Lucius."

Both Malfoy's looked around the muggle neighborhood with a hint of curiosity. The younger Malfoy had never been in a muggle neighborhood, to be truthful the older Malfoy hadn't either.

"Why do muggles have numbers attached to their houses?"

"So they can tell them apart, we're looking for number 4." After a few fire calls Lucius had easily found the place of residence for the boy who lived. It took quite a bit more work to discover if he could get into the wards. Eventually, with the help of the resident spy, he managed to discover that the wards would let anyone who did not wish harm to the boy or family to enter. Not the best wards if you ask him, and with their failing power anyone would be able to gain access if they wanted to. He and Draco walked up to the front door and gave a quick knock.

"Boy get the door!" The inferior wood of the door barely muted the order. Without any response the door flung open with clear annoyance from the person behind it. However, that quickly changed to nervousness when he saw just who was standing behind the door.

"Potter, Father insisted that it's only befitting of a Malfoy to apologize for getting you in trouble. Perhaps we should compensate you; you could use the money to buy new clothes." Lucius watched in shock as his son's attitude did a complete turn. Draco had become snotty, and superior, using the precise tone of voice that he knew his father despised. Looking down his nose at others in a way that Lucius did not approve of at all. Well, he would put a stop to this at once. He grabbed his sons left arm and landed three quick swats to his upper thighs, the area just under his buttocks. There were no yelps from his son, not surprising considering he hadn't been swinging very hard. The quiet hiss of "Father" let him know that he met his goal, his son had felt the sting of embarrassment, and knew that more swats were to follow if he didn't shape up.

The boy took a deep breath "Potter, I apologize for my previous actions. I've explained I all in this letter." His son had a much better attitude this time around.

Potter looked taken aback for a moment

"Well..." The dark-haired boy glanced at Draco, and then at Lucius. "Whatever Malfoy" Lucius was in the process of raising his eyebrows when the door was slammed in his face.


"It's all right Draco. Come."

"But Father!"

"You did well Son, and while what Mr. Potter did was extremely rude, he's not my responsibility. What's more I don't want you to hold what happened here today against him."

"Hump. I would have gotten slippered if I had done that."

"And that is exactly my point Dragon; Mr. Potter's relatives tell him that his behavior is acceptable when they do nothing to stop it. Come on, let's go home"

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