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~ My Sweet Prince ~

Three years. That was how long it had taken Thor to gather all the information. Even though he was often furious with himself that it had taken him so very long, he was still very pleased with the end result. He stared at the little green book - because green was Loki's favorite color - with a smile on his face. On the first page he found a picture of the man he hadn't been able to put out of his mind in so long. He trailed a finger over the smooth surface of the photo, taking in every detail. He saw the half-long raven hair that curled slightly near the ends. He admired the pale, porcelain skin and the ruby lips. He observed the sharpness of the cheekbones and the long, thin nose. What stood out most, however, were the light green eyes.

Thor had never before seen a man like him before. Perhaps that is why he'd never been able to put him out of his head.

Loki Laufeyson.

That was his name.

A beautiful name that fitted him well.

Whenever Thor stared at the photo - which had been taken without Loki's knowledge - he found himself filled with warmth he didn't experience otherwise. Slowly, he turned the page and saw Loki's name written in his own messy handwriting. The pages afterwards revealed descriptions of what must surely be Loki's favorite food inferring from the restaurants he visited most often, or what kind of coffee he preferred deducing from what he always bought at the local Starbucks.

Thor's smile grew. For three years now he'd been collecting every bit of information about Loki and soon, very soon he would gather enough strength and courage to actually strike up a conversation with him. He already had the moment entirely planned out in his mind. He knows Loki gets off of work at nine on Thursdays, then cuts through the park to head to the station and catches the train at nine forty-five. Thor would await him in the park and ask for the time. It would be the perfect excuse.

He replayed the event over and over again in his head for what must be a thousand times and he knew nothing could go wrong. He can get so very angry when things don't go his way. Then again, for three years now, Loki never once changed his schedule. Thor can't wait until Thursday comes because that would be his day. After all, he was named after the god of thunder and Thursday was his day.

Yes, Thor thought, in just a few days' time, he'll have spoken to the man he hasn't been able to forget about. Then finally his life would be complete.

~ 0 ~

Thursday came and Thor waited in the park for what must have been fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! It made no sense and as every second passed, he grew uneasy and uncomfortable because Loki never diverged from his schedule. Never!

He was beginning to think he'd made a mistake or perhaps the gods were against him. This was to be his day of triumph and instead he stood hiding behind a tree, impatiently waiting for his soul mate. He felt mocked and that made him furious.

Suddenly, Thor heard the voice of a woman. He would have thought nothing about it, but then he heard a second voice and he could recognize that one in a crown of a thousand men. Loki wasn't alone.

Carefully (as not to give away his hide-out), Thor leaned a bit to the left. His heart stopped when he saw them. He felt his blood run cold and the little hairs at the back of his neck stood up. Loki was accompanied by a woman wearing a bright red coat, her black hair spilling behind her back like ink. She was pretty, Thor dared to admit, with red cheeks and red lips. But what shocked him was how the fingers of her right hand were intertwined with Loki's.

They stopped in the middle of the park and Loki pulled her closer. Their lips met and Thor thought he was going to be sick. In the three years he'd known Loki, he had never imagined him with someone else. He'd certainly never seen him with someone else. No, Thor thought angrily, Loki didn't have a girlfriend. He would certainly never date such a…slut.

He could hear what they were saying.

"You'll pick me up at eight tomorrow?" The woman asked, a kind smile spreading across her face.

Ugh, she was ugly! Thor felt sick to his stomach, thinking he might actually vomit then and there. He wondered where on earth Loki would have met such an ordinary, plain woman and he definitely wondered what he saw in her.

"Of course," Loki replied with his usually smooth and kind voice. He brought her hand up and planted a quick kiss on the tips of her fingers. "You're freezing, you should get home already."

The woman chuckled. Like a child. A toddler! Thor wanted to snap her neck. Or he at least wanted to drag her away from Loki because she was definitely not worth being in his company. He'd be doing Loki a favor! He definitely needed to protect him.

"I'm looking forward to our date, Sigyn," Loki added.

Sigyn. So that was her name? What an ordinary name! Thor despised her with every fiber of his being. He wanted to crush her fingers for daring to touch his Loki.

"You should hurry if you want to catch your train," Sigyn replied and Thor couldn't stand her soft, sweet voice. He couldn't stand anything about her. Honestly, what did Loki see in her?

Thor had been so absorbed by his own thoughts that he missed what Loki said.

"I'll be fine," Sigyn assured him, "what's the worst that could happen to me here? Besides, my car is parked down the street. Now hurry, Loki, or you'll be stuck here in this dead town for another hour."

Thor was forced to watch the new couple kiss passionately before they (very reluctantly) pulled apart. Another moment passed where they stared into each other eyes (Thor thought he was going to throw up again), but eventually Sigyn left the park through one of the dozen exits. Thor thought he'd feel better now that he didn't have to look at her anymore, but he was still fuming.

Loki hurried through the park, rushing towards the train station that was still another ten-minute-walk from here. Thor knew (because he knew Loki like no other) that Loki did indeed hate spending time in this town. He wanted to move to the closest city, but he was stuck here due to his job for the moment.

For a moment, he wanted to chase after Loki then and there, but he was still too stunned to move. He didn't know how long he remained standing behind that tree, probably looking like a stalking murderer. Which he wasn't! He was simply concerned for the well-being of his soul mate.

He knew he had to do something about this situation.

Slowly, a plan was being formed. He would protect Loki from that woman and he would protect him from the world.

~ 0 ~

It was at times such as these that Thor was happy he worked in construction. There was always a winter-break, but this year the winter was exceptionally cold and biting so he had gotten an extra month off of work. It wasn't as if he really needed the money. He had extremely wealthy parents who often supplied him with money or anything else he needed.

But Thor liked to work (mainly because it kept him busy) and he'd learned a lot in the last six years. It had all been a blessing because five years ago, he'd inherited an old, abandoned house that once belonged to his grandfather. Thor had never met the man, but somehow, the old man had thought about him and left him his home. Working in construction had allowed Thor to gain knowledge and experience and so he'd set about rebuilding the house.

On the ground-floor, he renewed the living room, tossing out all the old furniture because Thor didn't want to sit in the same couch his grandfather had sat in for decades. Then he renovated the kitchen and added a little room where he could put a washing machine and a dryer. There was an old, prehistoric bathroom on the ground-level, but Thor rebuilt it, as well, until only a toilet, a sink, and a mirror remained.

On the first floor, there were three rooms. One was now Thor's bedroom which was spacious and felt like home. The second room was a guestroom, though it had never been used, and the third room used to be a storage room. That's the room he turned into a modern bathroom. It wasn't big, but it had two sinks, a shower and a bath. It was enough for Thor.

The second floor was the attic, but Thor had little interest in that space. There were only old cabinets and an old bed there, along with a desk that hadn't seen daylight in years. No, what interested Thor most was the basement. Thor might never have met his grandfather on his mother's side, but he knew he was a nutjob and that was mainly the reason why Frigga had kept herself and her family away from him. But because his grandfather was a fanatic believer in conspiracies, he built a bomb-shelter in the late sixties.

There was a cupboard at the far wall of the cellar which you could easily slide aside. Behind it was a large, heavy metal door. It led into a small and narrow underground tunnel that was perhaps thirteen feet long. At the end of the tunnel was another big, metal door. Behind that one was a room that could withstand any nuclear attack. It was completely soundproof and it had no windows because it was deep underground. There was only a small vent that supplied fresh, filtered air. Of course that had been broken when Thor first arrived here, but he'd fixed it. He'd renovated the shelter and turned it into a cell. The hidden room only had five square meters, but it was enough for one person to live in. Thor had placed a mattress on the floor and even installed a little sink with fresh, drinkable water. There hadn't been room for a toilet, though, so he'd put a chamber pot that had once belonged to his grandfather. Then he'd continued to give the walls a new color, but he had chosen for plain white. Without any windows, the room would be very dark and so he'd thought the color could lighten it a bit.

The metal doors could be opened from both ways, however, and that was a problem. An easily fixed problem. Thor removed the door latches on the inner side of the shelter/now turned cell, and also added half a dozen extra locks. There was no way his guest could escape.

And so, after working for a few weeks on the little room, Thor was ready. He could finally receive his guest. A chill ran down his back when he thought about that. He wasn't anxious or nervous, though, he was only excited because next Thursday, he would save his soul mate.

~ 0 ~

Thor liked routine. He liked predictability because it made him feel at ease. Even as a child, his mother had always made sure he knew just what would happen in a day, otherwise, he'd become the most horrible, badly behaved child in the universe. Loki was predictable and perhaps that was why Thor's eye fell on him in the first place. He always ordered the same coffee, always ate the same dishes on the same days and often wore the same clothes, though Thor didn't hesitate to think Loki had a large wardrobe at home.

It was also the reason why he knew that a little past nine, Loki would walk through the park. What Thor didn't know, however - and that unsettled him greatly - was whether he would be alone or not. If Sigyn would be with him, then Thor would need to adjust his plan. For a moment he'd considered murdering the woman, but he'd quickly discarded that idea. First of all, he wasn't a cold-blooded killer. Secondly, he wouldn't know how to go about murdering a woman and he certainly wouldn't know how to get rid of the body or any evidence.

Luck was on his side, however, for Loki quickly came into view and he was alone. He wore his usual black shoes, black trousers and an emerald green coat. Not many men would choose such a colorful coat, but Loki could pull it off. It fit his black hair and green eyes. Loki's gaze was trained on the ground which Thor had learned meant he was deep in thought.

No doubt he was thinking about that woman!

Thor felt rage flooding him. He would soon make Loki forget about her.

Loki walked by Thor - who was hidden behind a tree he'd hidden behind for a thousand times already - his eyes never looking up. Clearly Loki had no idea he was being watched. Thor counted until three and then left his hide-out. Because Loki had a quick pace, he was already a few meters ahead. Still, he must have heard the movement because his head snapped up and he glanced over his shoulder.

For what must have been the first time, Thor's eyes connected with his soul mate's. It was at that moment that he knew he was doing the right thing.

Loki slowed down and Thor suddenly a jolt of fear course through his body. He'd never kidnapped a man before so he could only guess what would be the right course of action. At least the park was abandoned.

"Hey," Thor said. Loki came to a halt, his eyes narrowing which clearly meant he was on guard now. "Do you have the time?"

It was such a ridiculous question, but Loki seemed to relax. He grabbed deep into his pocket and took out his phone. All the while, Thor couldn't help but think that he'd just spoken with Loki. He'd actually said something to him. His fear subsided and became replaced with nothing but excitement. Adrenaline flooded his body.

"Ten past nine," Loki replied. He threw Thor a quick, polite smile and continued on again.

"Thanks!" Thor said even though Loki wasn't looking at him anymore. His hand tightened around the cloth in his right pocket. Rebuilding his home so it could receive a guest had been nothing compared to getting his hands on this stuff. What had unsettled him most was the fact that he'd been forced to break into his mother's practice. Frigga was a house doctor so she had all sorts of medicine. Thor had only needed one.


Thor quickened his pace, his footsteps echoing through the park. Loki no longer had any attention for him which dismayed Thor. He thought he would have left an impression on the younger man, something that would have made him look at him once more, but Loki continued to walk on, minding his own business.

Checking one last time to see if no one was around, Thor prepared to make his first move. It all came down to details in the end. He couldn't back down, and he certainly couldn't hesitate. The last thing he wanted was Loki to escape. He'd go to the police and he'd clearly seen Thor's face. No, now he had to push and get it over with. Wasn't this the hardest part after all?

As Thor got closer to the younger man, Loki appeared to sense something was wrong. He spun around and his eyes widened with confusion and fear at that moment, but Thor paid it no attention. He quickly put an arm around Loki's neck and pulled him closer. A high-pitched scream escaped Loki's thin lips, but Thor swiftly pushed the cloth with chloroform against his mouth.

Loki continued to scream and Thor grew terrified that someone would hear them. He glanced around, expecting men to run towards him to save his Loki, but there was still no one around.

"Keep still, Loki," Thor warned the man in his arms.

When he'd said the name, Loki's eyes had widened even more. His hands had previously tried to push away Thor's muscled armed, but he went for a different technique this time. Loki scratched Thor's face and Thor instantly felt blood well up in the thin wounds. He didn't release his prisoner, however, but only tightened his hold.

Loki struggled and fought and Thor began to think the chloroform wasn't working. Becoming desperate, he momentarily let go of Loki only to knock his elbow against his face. Loki lost his balance and fell back, but Thor moved quickly and caught the man. Not three seconds had passed before Thor pressed the cloth against Loki's face again.

Finally, the younger man began to lose his strength. Slowly, he fell into a deep sleep and Thor felt nothing but relief. He quickly glanced around again, thinking someone must have heard their fight, but he saw no one again. This park was always abandoned after nine. And even so, their struggle had been strangely silent since Loki had barely been able to scream and perhaps five minutes had passed.

Thor put away the cloth in his pocket and without hesitating, he grabbed Loki's cellphone. He threw it on the ground and stamped it three times. He felt a heavy weight fall from his shoulders. Carefully, almost lovingly, he picked up the unconscious man and fled from the park. He'd parked his car at the east exit because no one ever walked by there and there were no houses so there could be no witnesses.

Everything had gone exceptionally well and even though Loki had put up a bit of a fight, Thor hadn't expected anything less. Reaching his car, he opened the trunk and gently laid Loki down. The chloroform should work for a few hours, but Thor would take no chances. He put a long piece of duct-tape over Loki's lips, tied his hands behind his back and tied his feet together. Afterwards, he looked down at the man he'd just successfully kidnapped and smiled.

The gods were with him and they had granted him a beautiful man. He had his soul mate and now their journey could begin.

Though Thor knew the hardest part was over for him, it was only just beginning for Loki.

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