The plasmavore needed to hide. She knew the Padrivolian Royal Family had sent the Judoon and possibly others after her. She was on Earth now, but the Judoon were stubborn. They would follow her even here. So she needed somewhere to hide and blend in. But where?

Why, somewhere with blood, of course.

Out on the street, so many humans were passing by. Such a mindless, herd-like species. Always moving in such big, noisy crowds. Dull and clueless as cattle. The whole planet was infested with them, which made it the perfect place to hide.

She walked up to one of them and gave him a pleasant, clueless smile. "Excuse me, I'm new in town, and I've been feeling a bit out of sorts. Could you tell me where to find the nearest hospital?"

The man looked thoughtful for a second. "Royal Hope Hospital's maybe a ten minute walk from here, but if you hurry you can catch the bus to St. Bart's."

Two options. A small choice that would change everything.

The plasmavore smiled agreeably. "Thank you, young man." Humans were so easy to fool.

"No problem, ma'am." With that, the man hurried off to wherever his dull little life needed him to be, leaving the plasmavore to her choice. Such a simple choice. Deceptively simple.

So, she thought to herself as she started off, he said there's a bus to St. Bart's?


Molly Hooper was already running late when she got a text from Sherlock. Holding back a sigh, she shifted her papers so she was cradling them with one arm as she took out her phone. The pathologist was outside St. Bart's, hanging around outside because there was no phone reception inside, painfully conscious of how late she already was.

The message skipped any form of greeting, fitting the detective's usual bluntness. "I need to see Henry Kerr's body tonight. - SH"

The pathologist hesitated. That body was going to be tough to get, especially since she'd already gotten in trouble for helping Sherlock only the week before. Struggling to keep her papers balanced, she hastily texted back, "Not sure if I can get that."

The reply was almost instantaneous, as though Sherlock been ready for her to protest. Although, Molly mused, it wouldn't surprise her if he was simply that fast at typing. "Kerr couldn't have committed suicide. The rope he was hung with isn't what killed him. There wasn't enough strain on the neck when I saw it, meaning he wasn't alive and struggling when he was hung, meaning someone set it up to look like a suicide, therefore it wasn't. I need to check if I'm right about what really killed him. - SH"

Even over text message, Sherlock's explanation left her slightly overwhelmed. Recognizing defeat, she sent him. "Sure." She'd have to ask a few favors to get the body, but she'd always been willing to go to far too much effort for the detective.

As she started to text her boyfriend Jim letting him know she'd be busy that night, someone knocked hard into her shoulder, sending the phone and all her papers clattering to the ground. Molly bit back a groan as she crouched down to collect her scattered things.

She looked up briefly to see what had bumped into her, but all she saw was a man dressed in all black leather and a biker's helmet heading into the hospital, not so much as looking back at her. With a sigh, she gathered the rest of her things and stood, hurrying towards the hospital herself. The metal doors gave her a slight shock as she pushed them open, but she didn't think much of it.

Just another day in her life.


After being briefly chewed out by her boss for being late, Molly went down to the morgue to get to work. It didn't take long for her to slip easily into the monotony of her work. She was the only one in so far, so the room was completely silent. Not that she would normally be involved in conversation with her colleagues. The metal clipboard she grabbed shocked her, which reminded her of the incident at the door. It just wasn't her day, she supposed.

A few hours later, the silence was broken by soft footfalls from the hallway. Molly turned to look at the door, expecting it to be one of her colleagues, but when the door was opened it wasn't anyone she recognized. The man was tall and skinny, with messy brown hair and a long brown coat not unlike Sherlock's. He blinked in surprise when he saw Molly in the room, then broke out in a bright grin. "Oh, hello! Didn't know there was anyone down here."

Molly was surprised by the man's cheerfulness. "Um, hi," she finally managed.

The man pulled a leather wallet from his coat and held it up for her to see. Credentials for a building inspector were on the paper inside. "John Smith," the man introduced himself briefly. "I'm just checking stuff around here, don't mind me."

"Oh." Molly felt a little awkward with the man grinning at her. "Er, alright." She turned quickly back to her work, trying to ignore the man as he pulled out a thin metal tool and starting scanning around the room.

This went on for a few minutes. The man was babbling to himself in some sort of ongoing monologue. Molly tried to listen to what he was saying, but all she caught was some nonsense about plasma coils and electricity. She couldn't help but be interested in the man, though she didn't let it show. There was just something different about him. Maybe it was his slightly eccentric outfit, or his unusual cheerfulness, but whatever it was, it made her a bit bolder in trying to listen to him rather than minding her own business. She'd never heard of the things he was talking about, but the way he was going on, he was either mad or a genius. Somehow, she felt he might be both. And Molly Hooper had had plenty of experience with a man who was both.

Without warning, the ground under Molly's feet began to shake violently. The pathologist let out a yelp of surprise as she was thrown to the ground. She couldn't see Smith from where she was, but she could see some tools clattering to the ground beside her and could feel the way the ground rocked under her.

Finally, the shaking subsided. Molly waited before trying to move again, fearing aftershocks, but the ground seemed pretty stable now.

"You alright?"

Molly turned over to see Smith still on his feet, still hanging on to the counter that had probably kept him upright. The man was looking her with an expression that somehow mixed concern with excitement.

The pathologist got to her feet, wincing slightly. "Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, feeling a little foolish. "What was that, an earthquake?"

"Dunno." The concern was gone now, replaced by a grin as cheerful as before, except now it was tinged with excitement and anticipation. He gave Molly a conspiratorial grin as he suggested, "Let's find out!" With that, he turned and headed out through the doors.

Without quite knowing why, Molly followed him.


She followed Smith back upstairs, only to find the hospital in uproar. Patients were crowded around the windows, either staring outside in shock or sobbing onto each other's shoulders. A few of the staff were trying to calm the crowd, but they looked as confused and scared as everyone else. Molly was baffled. What happened?

Smith didn't seem too surprised. He bounded over to a less crowded window, pausing at what he saw. There was a staff worker already there; she turned to Smith and told him shakily, "I-it was raining, it was raining up, and then there was this white light. Oh god, what happened?!"

Molly followed more hesitantly, but when she could see out the window, she froze in shock, letting out a small, "Oh."

Through the window, they could see a great expanse of dusty gray rock, with a starry night sky in the backdrop. But what really completed the picture was, instead of the moon shining in the sky before them, it was the Earth, hanging in the sky in all its glory, and so very, very far away.

The staff worker, a nurse Molly didn't know all that well, had just turned to look out the window. She drew in a sharp breath at the sight. "No. No way. It can't be."

Molly found she couldn't tear her eyes away from the little blue-and-green planet, surrounded by stars. She'd never realized how beautiful Earth was before. Somehow, she wasn't afraid as she breathed, "We're on the moon."

She'd forgotten all about Smith until he spoke again. "Well," was all he said, "not quite what I was expecting."

The man didn't seem scared or awed, or even surprised. He still had that light of excitement in his eyes, but he was far more collected than anyone else. Molly remembered his strange behavior from earlier and asked with slight accusation in her tone, "Did you know this was going to happen?"

Rather than looking affronted, Smith turned to her with a look of amusement. "Why do you think I knew?" he asked curiously.

It didn't escape her notice that he hasn't answered the question, so she was cautious as she explained, "You don't seem that surprised, and I don't remember hearing about any building inspections."

He seemed oddly approving, grinning in delight. "Oh, that's clever, very clever." Molly was completely baffled at this point, but could do little but stare at him in silent confusion. His gaze grew thoughtful. "What was your name?"

Molly had to scramble to stifle her confusion before she could give an intelligent response. "D...Dr. Molly Hooper," she finally managed.

"Well then Molly Hooper," he said with a conspiratorial grin, "fancy a trip outside?"

The nurse looked shocked. "But there's no air outside!" She gasped.

Smith shook his head briefly. "This building's not airtight, but we're all fine and dandy. So clearly there's air coming from somewhere." He ignored her and turned back to Molly. "Coming?"

The pathologist hesitated a moment, considering. Smith still hadn't explained who he really was or what his part was in all this, but he seemed friendly enough. More than that, he reminded her of Sherlock. They both had that sort of whirlwind personality, a brilliance that left people's heads spinning. If he was truly anything like Sherlock, then he was probably their best shot at getting out of here. She nodded. "Alright."

Smith gave her an evaluating glance. "We could die," he warned her.

She shrugged. An entire hospital of people had been transported to the moon; her own death was the leash of her worries. "Like you said, there has to be air coming from somewhere."

He gave her that approving grin again. "Brilliant! Come on then."


Molly directed him to a balcony nearby, and the two soon reached it. They both hesitated slightly, sharing a quick glance, before pushing the doors open and stepping outside.

The first thing that registered for Molly was that they were still breathing. After that, she was struck by the beauty of what she was seeing. The night sky wasn't so clear anywhere on earth as it was here, and the Earth seemed almost ethereal in front of them. She crossed slowly over to the railing, looking out in wonder at the sight before them.

Smith was giving her that evaluating look again. "You okay?"

Molly nodded. "Yeah. It's... it's beautiful, isn't it?"

He looked amused. "Yeah? You think?" The man turned to look back at the moon's surface. "Well, we're still breathing at any rate. Let's see. It's got to be some kind of force field." With that baffling remark, he leaned down to pick up a rock. He straightened, then lobbed it out off the balcony. Mid-air, it smacked into a what looked like a strange blue surge of energy, then dropped to the ground. Smith looked pleased at the result. "Ah, see, I was right. Force field."

The pathologist turned back to the man, remembering their earlier conversation. "You never said. Did you know this was going to happen, Mr. Smith?"

Smith shook his head. "Nah, I didn't know what exactly was going to happen, but I thought something might. Why is there always trouble whenever I show up?" He looked a little sheepish as he added, "Oh, and my name's not Smith, I kind of lied."

Molly wasn't honestly that surprised. John Smith was basically the staple fake name, and he'd been mysterious from the start. "What is it then?"

"The Doctor," he replied absentmindedly as he stared out at the moon's surface, leaning on the railing.

"... just 'the Doctor?'" Molly asked tentatively.


Molly was starting to doubt her initial impression of his brilliance rather than madness. "Alright." After a few moments of awkward silence, she asked, "Any idea why we've been transported to the moon?"

Rather than answering, the Doctor just looked at her thoughtfully. "What do you think?"

"What, you're asking me?" Molly asked in surprise. When the Doctor just waited for her to answer, she grew flustered. "Er, I'm sure you know more about it than I do," she laughed nervously.

The Doctor shrugged. "Wellll, yeah, maybe, but I want to know what you think."

Molly flushed with embarrassment, but the Doctor's earnest expression told her he wasn't taking no for an answer. Reluctantly, she finally mumbled, "Er... aliens?"

The Doctor grinned encouragingly. "Good, good! Why aliens?"

Feeling more embarrassed than ever, Molly explained, "Well, I mean, no one on Earth has this kind of technology. We can't transport people from one place to another, let alone from Earth to the moon."

"There could be and you might just not know about it," the Doctor suggested.

The pathologist shrugged uncomfortably. "Maybe, but why transport a hospital to the moon? I mean, what's the point? We're not special or important. And they took us from the middle of London, so whoever did this isn't keen on keeping secrets."

The Doctor's grin grew even wider. "Oh, that is brilliant! I like you, Molly Hooper." The pathologist blushed, but the Doctor didn't seem to notice, as he was off babbling again. "Aliens is right, not quite sure who it is yet though. They used an H20 scoop to move the hospital – that rain that nurse was talking about, that was an H20 scoop. I only realized what was going on because I started getting readings of plasma coils around the hospital."

"You mentioned those before," Molly recalled. "You said something about a lot of electricity?"

The man gave her an approving look. "Oh good, you were listening. Yeah, there was a lot of electricity building up all day, preparing for the transport, and the metal in the building was trying to shed the excess power."

"I got shocked a few times earlier," the pathologist remembered.

"That was the plasma coil," the Doctor told her.

"But why? Why beam a hospital up to the moon?" She tried to keep the desperation out of her voice, but the truth was she was scared. Now that she was away from the other people in the hospital that she had to keep a brave face on for, she was starting to feel real fear. There were so many people in that hospital, so many young and sick. What was going to happen to them?

"Not sure," the Doctor admitted. "But we might want to figure it out soon."

"Why?" Molly asked nervously.

"Well," the Doctor said as he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, "if we're trapped in a force field, then this is all the air we've got."

Cold fear gripped at Molly's heart. "We're going to run out of air," she realized. "All those people in there… they're going to suffocate." She turned desperately to the Doctor. "Can you stop it?"

Before the man in question could answer, the deep whirr of engines sounded overhead. Three huge spaceships flew in overhead, coming to rest on the rocky surface several yards from the hospital. "Heads up," the Doctor said with interest, "We've got a welcoming committee."

Platforms descended from the spaceships, and creatures dressed all in black with big helmets came marching out in lines. Molly drew in a sharp breath. "Aliens," she breathed. "Real aliens." She had only seen the cybermen from afar last time, and she hadn't been in London when plastic came to life, so this was her first time really seeing an alien. She couldn't help but feel a little excited. Aliens were actually real!

For once, the Doctor didn't seem to share her excitement. He frowned at the sight of the marching aliens, brow furrowing worriedly. "Judoon," he said in a low tone.

Molly shot him a confused look. "What?"

The Doctor leaned forward a little, frowning thoughtfully. "Those creatures, they're called the Judoon. They're not so bad compared to some, but I can't think of too many good reasons they could be here." A few moments passed, then he shook his head, shedding his serious mood. He shot her a grin as he suggested, "Well, miss Molly Hooper, fancy getting a closer look?"


Inside the hospital, Molly and the Doctor watched from afar as the rhino-like Judoon scanned and marked each human. The Doctor, however, seemed somewhat distracted. "Ooo, you've got a little shop, I love a little shop," he remarked delightedly.

Molly couldn't take her gaze off the Judoon. "They haven't hurt anyone," she observed quietly. "What are they doing? It almost looks like they're counting us."

"Close," the Doctor said. "They're cataloging. Making sure you're all human."

"Cataloging?" Molly asked in alarm. "Like livestock?"

"More like suspects," he corrected. "Judoon are basically police-for-hire. Well, more like thugs. Looks like they're specifically after a suspect that's non-human, which is very bad news for me."

The pathologist looked at him, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

He just gave her a meaningful look. Molly drew in a shocked breath. "What, you're saying you're…?"

"Yeah," was all he said.

Molly looked the man over, considering. He certainly looked human, but there had been something a little off about him from the start. He'd already proven he knew more about what was going on than anyone else, and he seemed to have seen it coming. Molly had just met the man, but for some reason she already trusted him. Perhaps it was the way he reminded her of Sherlock, or maybe it was just his friendly, sincere air. But she decided to believe him. "Alright," she said.

He gave a pleased smile. "Good." Without warning, he got up and headed over to somewhere else by the glass railing, trying to get a better look at the Judoon. Molly hurried quietly after him. "They're after a suspect that's non-human that managed to hide among the patients. Now it makes sense. They had to bring the hospital up here, they don't have any jurisdiction over Earth, but the moon's neutral ground."

Molly remembered what he's said earlier about him being in danger. "Hang on. Just 'cause they're looking for a non-human doesn't mean you're in danger, right? Shouldn't they know what their suspect looks like?"

The Doctor shook his head. "Nah, could be a shapeshifter."

"Alright. So, should you hide while we let them find their suspect, or...?"

"No, can't do that. If they decide the hospital was harboring a fugitive, they'll kill everyone inside." He stood. "We need to find them first. You coming?"

Molly nodded immediately. "I'll help however I can," she promised. Somehow, she knew this man, this alien, was smart enough to get them all out of this alive, and she wasn't sitting back when she could be doing something to help.

The alien grinned at her, full of excitement once again. "Alright then. Allons-y!"

Yes, I know, I know I shouldn't be starting another fic (again.) But I've decided to put both of my Warriors fics on hold until I know whether Bramblestar's Storm screws up my story or not, and I'm almost done with both TtoSM (sorta not reall) and TQBtS.

As you've probably guessed, this is a rewrite of Season Three of Doctor Who with Molly Hooper from Sherlock inserted in Martha Jones's place. This came from me both loving the idea of Molly being the Doctor's companion and my realization that Martha and Molly are both doctors of a sort and therefore Molly could be introduced the same way as Martha.

The episode is roughly the same, but as you can see from the dialogue, some things are changed. That'll be how it works mostly, as Molly is a very different person from Martha. I will also be including the Sherlock cast, and include some of the episodes.

Expect more soon.